Republican Racine County DA Rich Chiapete’s Excellent Adventure In Screen Shots


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From FOX 6:

Scott Walker Appointee Rich Chiapete 7

Black Flag PSA

Walker Appointee Rich Chiapete 1Walker Appointee Rich Chiapete 2Walker Appointee Rich Chiapete 5Walker Appointee Rich Chiapete 4Walker Appointee Rich Chiapete 3

Rich’s Run.

Richs Run

Rich’s BIG LIE:

From The Racine Journal Times:

Chiapete was issued the new citation because “Mr. Chiapete lied to the police,” Letteney said, such as saying he was sleeping when he hadn’t been.

According to police reports issued Wednesday, when officers first responded to Chiapete’s house after he was reportedly involved in the crash on Friday, he told police he had been sleeping for the past two hours.

“I reminded him that I just watched him walk in the front door about 10 minutes ago,” the officer who responded said in the reports, which totaled 25 pages.

Chiapete then said his wife woke him up so they could go to a neighbor’s house, according to the reports, and after the officer again asked him what happened he “then admitted that he was driving and that he was out earlier in the night and had a few drinks.”

A “Few Drinks”? He is a Body builder and rather LARGE. A Male with a lot of muscle mass. He only had a “Few Drinks”:


Who was being “Set Up” by Rich? Who was to be the designated Fall Guy?



Tell me more lies.




To All The Corrupt Racine Politicians And Officials


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It’s Saturday Night.

Time to Party on Down!

Get Your Groove ON!












Bonus Song. I walk the Line. Johnny Cash

And for the naughty members of the class of 1981.

VH. Somebody. GET. ME. A. DOCTOR.

The Screen Shots.

From FOX 6

Walker Appointee Rich Chiapete 1Walker Appointee Rich Chiapete 2

Walker Appointee Rich Chiapete 3

Walker Appointee Rich Chiapete 4Walker Appointee Rich Chiapete 5

County of Racine DA, Republican Rich Chiapete’s Big Nite Out


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April 9, 2014, from The Journal Times as reported by Stephanie Jones:

Police reports for DA’s alleged OWI reveal new details, inconsistency

RACINE — When police first responded to Racine County District Attorney Rich Chiapete’s house after he was reportedly involved in a drunken driving crash Friday, he told police he had been sleeping for the last two hours, according to police reports released Wednesday.

“I reminded him that I just watched him walk in the front door about 10 minutes ago,” the officer who responded said in the reports, which totaled 25 pages.

Chiapete then said his wife woke him up so they could go to a neighbor’s house, according to the reports, and after the officer again asked him what happened he “then admitted that he was driving and that he was out earlier in the night and had a few drinks.”

Video from FOX 6

Rich Chiapete Hit and Run

Running from the scene

A witness to the crash reportedly saw a car about a block behind him traveling northbound on North Main Street veer into the curb-side lane just before Melvin Avenue and hit the traffic signal and a tree with the front passenger-side corner of the car, according to the reports. That was at approximately 10 p.m. The witness then turned around to check if the driver was OK. He said the driver, later identified as Chiapete, didn’t respond to him and instead got back in the driver’s seat, closed the door and attempted to start the vehicle, according to the reports. When the car wouldn’t start, Chiapete reportedly got out of the car and started running northbound on foot from the scene.

Rich’s Run -

Richs Run

At his house

When officers arrived at the scene, they learned the vehicle at the scene was registered to Chiapete’s wife and based on the description of the fleeing suspect believed the driver could have been Chiapete, who lives about a block away from the scene of the accident.

While waiting for a supervisor, the officer who was close to Chiapete’s house, observed Chiapete and his wife outside. “The two appeared from between houses approximately two properties north of their residence,” the reports said.

Then when police made contact with Chiapete at his house, they observed Chiapete’s knuckles were bleeding and he had a greyish residue on his hands consistent with what happens when an airbag deploys in an accident, according to the reports.

When the officer asked what happened, Chiapete, who was wearing a grey sweatsuit, then initially asked back, “What about?”

2 Properties North

The sobriety test

The responding officer also could smell the light to moderate odor of intoxicants on Chiapete and could see his body language was slow and lethargic, the reports stated.

According to reports, Chiapete’s attitude was listed as “semi-cooperative” and his speech was “repetitive.”

It also states his initial blood alcohol concentration was recorded at .159, although the initial portable breath test is not admissible in court. Also during his field sobriety test, which was administered at Wheaton Franciscan-All Saints hospital, 3801 Spring St., so as to be in a controlled environment, he reportedly stepped off the line once during his “walk and turn” test and raised his arms three times for balance. Also when asked to count 1001, 1002, 1003 up to 1015, he instead reportedly counted 1,2, 3, up to 15.

He was then advised he would need an official breath test. But he reportedly refused both tests and at one point said, “I’m done, just take me to jail.”

He was then read his rights, cited for first-offense operating while intoxicated and hit-and-run and then transported back to his house where he was released to his wife.

Stunning. Simply Stunning!

Both eyes blind Rich Chiapete

In other disturbing developments, a search on April 9, 2014 revealed that while The Wisconsin State Journal, a LEE Enterprises publication associated with the AP under the leadership of Mary Junck,  indicates that  news reports of Rich Chiapetes arrest were finally reported (?),  comments were closed on most of the articles and only one article was released on The AP wire. Is this evidence of high level GOP suppression?

Click on image for BIGWSJ Montage

Here are the results of an April 7, 2014 search for Rich Chiapete at The Wisconsin State Journal. Quite a change from April 7 to April 9.


Even more distressing, performing a google search for The Journal Times headline, City attorney: DA refused alcohol tests,  revealed only 4 results! Is this evidence of high level suppression?

April 9 2014 4 pm search

Disturbing. Very Disturbing.


Screenshots from The Wisconsin State Journal from April 9, 2014 at 4:28 PM. Note that the story has not been released on The AP wire and reverts to Madison.Com.

Nothing to see here. Scott Walker and His Presidential Bid is #1

WSJ  April 9 1628

Look a little bit LOWER…

WSJ April 9 1628 a

From Madison.Com. Odd, because The Journal Times Reporter Stephanie Jones isn’t listed, and obviously it’s not going out on The AP wire.

Madison Com April 9

Versus The Journal Times:

The Journal Times

A new Map – Per demands, note the addition of the Robert K. Weber Residence.


*Superseded again*  Looks like College didn’t take, and GOP President Mike Ellis is a Douche bag. Bill Kramer disappeared from the headlines, for now, Rich Chiapete never made the headlines, and throwing Kelly Rindfleisch under the wheels of the bus isn’t even mentioned.


Wisconsin? Thank God!

WSJ Top Stories April 9

Somebody, Get Me a Doctor!


Racine County DA Rich Chiapete Arrested for Hit and Run and OWI


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From Racine Uncovered:

Date: April 5, 2014

No: 14-11
Subject: Elected Official Cited for OWI
Arrested: Rich CHIAPETE, Racine Co. District Attorney
Operating While Intoxicated 1st Offense – 346.63(1)(a)
Hit and Run – Property Damage – 346.69

On Friday April 4, 2014 at 10:04 p.m. Racine Police responded to a single vehicle accident at Melvin Avenue and N. Main Street (vehicle vs. traffic signal). Officers were advised that the operator of the vehicle left the scene.

Responding officers located an unoccupied 2004 Volkswagen at the scene. Further investigation revealed the vehicle involved in this accident struck a traffic signal and a tree near the intersection. Officers responded to the residence of the registered owner, at which time it was determined that Racine County District Attorney Rich CHIAPETE was the operator of the vehicle at the time of incident.

Based on information obtained during the preliminary accident investigation, CHIAPETE was arrested on the charge of 1st Offense OVWI, a Municipal offense in the State of Wisconsin. As a result of leaving the scene without making proper notification, CHIAPETE was issued a Municipal citation for “duty upon striking property,” also referred to as hit & run on/or adjacent to highway.

Yet, The Wisconsin State Journal is lacking coverage. Why?

Click on images for big.WSJ

The Capital Times, Your Progressive Voice, is also lacking coverage. Why?

Capital Times

The story is finally found at, but not one comment was recorded, and the second story allowed no comments.

Madison com

Not one comment? From Madison? Where is the high level suppression of this story coming from? Why wasn’t it a major news item at The Wisconsin State Journal? Where is the voice of J.B. Van Hollen and Robin Vos. How deep is the corruption in Racine, Racine County  and The Walker Administration? Clearly the Racine County GOP is pulling big strings.

Racine GOP

It’s just another feature of the alleged organized criminal activity being conducted under the color of law by numerous County of Racine and City of Racine officials. As documented repeatedly in Racine Exposed, Rich Chiapete dismissed citizen complaints of corruption in government and failed to act when he had knowledge of RCTL illegal gambling operations. He dismissed the complaints of a Racine Alderman concerning the numerous alleged illegal actions surrounding the awarding of a contract to operate Racine’s Cable Access TV Station. Now there is a massive Federal Lawsuit alleging that County and City officials committed numerous crimes, including money laundering, using public office for private gain, violating due process and civil rights, exceeding the bounds of their authority, bribery, and collusion. A Federal RICO action alleging massive organized criminal activity operating within Racine County and City government.  Yet, Rich Chiapete sees nothing and the ever increasing number of citizen complaints get dismissed. That is why he is Rich “Both Eyes Blind to Government Crime” Chiapete, and why corruption is rampant in Racine County.

Both eyes blind Rich Chiapete

Concerning the massive Federal RICO lawsuit that was filed against numerous Racine County and City officials,  Vince Bobot warned in The Journal Sentinel:

“The facts are only going to get worse for the city of Racine when it goes to depositions,” Bobot predicted. “It’s alarming.”


From Fox 6:

Rich Chiapete Hit and Run

Previously From The Root River Siren and reported at Racine Exposed, and now officially redacted by The Root River Siren

Racine County District Attorney, Rich Chiapete, found himself in some serious hot water this weekend when he crashed his car into a stoplight and a tree on Main Street after attending a birthday party and consuming a few drinks.

Thank God he didn’t hurt anyone. No one knows this better than perhaps Chiapete himself, who has prosecuted many drunk driving offenses in the District Attorney’s office, many which included injuries and/or fatalities.

Worse for Chiapete, after he crashed his car he ran home – which is also known as a “hit & run” offense. Police found him there after they identified his car when the tree’s owner called 911.

Ugh. A really dumb move.

Chiapete admitted to his crime – but only after he got caught. It doesn’t appear he tried to contact police before they showed up at his house – which would have been a much better plan of action and not quite so embarrassing.

Chiapete was promoted to District Attorney through a special appointment by Scott Walker in 2012 when previous DA, Mike Nieskes, ran and lost a bid as a candidate for circuit court judge. Chiapete got his old job. A few months later he ran unopposed as a Republican. The Walker/GOP connection is leading some to wonder if there will be pressure from Madison for him to step down since the mugshots are really beginning to add up.

Meanwhile, it gets worse.

April 7, 2014 from The Journal Times:

City attorney: DA refused blood draw

RACINE – Racine County District Attorney Rich Chiapete will likely end up having an ignition interlock device installed in his vehicle after he refused to have an official blood draw following his drunken driving crash, according to the city attorney’s office.

After police made contact with Chiapete, they administered a preliminary breath test at 12:02 a.m. which indicated he had a .159 blood alcohol content, nearly two times the legal limit, according to Deputy City Attorney Scott Letteney.

But the device used for the preliminary breath test is not a sensitive scientific instrument and is not admissible in court for determining a level of intoxication, Letteney said.

When police brought him to the police station for an official breath test, he said he would rather have a blood test, Letteney said. They then brought him to Wheaton Franciscan-All Saints hospital, 3801 Spring St., but there he refused the blood test too, Letteney said.

Downtown Racine Murder Victim Not Shot In Head


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With no disrespect to the Families involved, he may not have been shot in the head, but the Downtown Racine murder victim is still dead.

From the Kenosha News:

Downtown Racine 1

From The Journal Times:

RACINE — A Kenosha man killed in Downtown Racine early Saturday morning wasn’t fatally shot in the head, as originally alleged in the document charging a Racine man in his death.

From The Journal Times:


Strange days in Downtown Racine.

Yet only months before, On December 19, 2013, The Journal Times reported:

RACINE — Police took a man into custody Thursday morning following an all-night standoff on Harborview Drive that locked down the surrounding area including a Downtown hotel.

Much of Gaslight Pointe, including the Radisson Inn Harbourwalk, 223 Gaslight Circle, was on lockdown by Thursday morning. Racine police had closed Gaslight Drive east of Lake Avenue and created a secure perimeter.

Meanwhile The Downtown Racine Corporation has decided to cover up the problems in Downtown Racine by not submitting the reports of Metro Security, a private agency hired through the DRC to handle matters in Downtown Racine, to the Public Safety and Licensing Committee. Those reports are not public information, and by making them unavailable, the problem of violent crime in Downtown Racine is covered up. At least until the magnitude of the event becomes unmanageable, or a murder is committed, then RPD must intervene, and it becomes part of the public record.

From the January 28, 2014 Public Safety and Licensing Committee Minutes:

Metro reports

Until then, be advised when you are in Downtown Racine:


As reported Elsewhere:



Envy is also one of The Seven Deadly Sins:

7 Deadly Sins

From my Homeboy, Too Short:

Is Monte Osterman’s Lobbying Organization, (The) Root River Council Fraudently Claiming To Be Non-Profit?


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While the Root River Council peddles itself as a Non-Profit organization, new evidence suggests it is anything but a legitimate Non-Profit organization, and that it is in fact a front for a privately owned Corporation of Monte Osterman that is being used as part of an ongoing potential criminal enterprise, involving others who are  already involved in a Federal RICO lawsuit. Is there an ongoing  deliberate deception on the part of (the) Root River Council to fool the public as to the true nature of it’s intent, which is Lobbying for the private gain of Root River Council Chair Monte Osterman and other Board Members?

Can the Root River Council Inc. legitimately claim itself to be Non-Profit?

Below is a screenshot taken from the Facebook page of Copacetic, a business owned by Mary Jerger Osterman, on March 26, 2014 in which the Root River Council is described as a  Non-Profit Organization.

Copacetic Screenshot

In this August 12, 2013 WISN 12 article, 10 Ways to Volunteer for Clean Water, donations to the non-profit water protection organization, (the) Root River Council is suggested as a way to protect our precious waters.

10 ways to volunteer

John Dickert and Root River Council Executive Director Ben Lehner recently participated in this workshop:

SOI Region 2025 Industry Opportunities: What do the Numbers Miss?

March 7 and 14, 2014

Fifteen thought leaders from throughout the State of Ingenuity (SOI) region will share their insights regarding economic development opportunities and challenges in this six-county region that spans northeastern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin. Three areas will be spotlighted: Racine/Kenosha, Beloit/Janesville/Whitewater, and Rockford/Belvidere. By engaging leading economic development thinkers in key economic hubs in the SOI region, these workshops will generate ideas to expand and diversify the regional SOI economy that will be presented to the U.S. Economic Development Administration. The workshops will culminate with an Idea Lab discussion on Friday, March 14, to identify regional themes, issues, and action steps based on 2025 horizon emerging markets from across the three panels.

Here are their Biographies in which Root River Council Executive Director Ben Lehner claims the Root River Council is Non-Profit.

Click on images for Big.March 14

It is interesting to note that while the Root River Council , as shown above, presents itself as a Non-Profit Organization, when the Root River Council asks for donations on it’s website, it is careful to NOT claim that donations are tax deductible.  It’s a clever form of deception, but as proven in the previous post, RootWorks, Cui Bono?; Board Members Monte Osterman and Marty Defatte expect to profit from public monies gained by their lobbying efforts at the For-Profit Corporate Root River Council. Money collected for the Root River Council directly benefits members of the Root River Council. Why the deception?

Not for Profit Root Council

The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions reveals the history of the Root River Council.

Click on images for Big.Root River Council Inc a

The Root River Council Inc. was incorporated on 01/06/2012 by Monte Osterman. It is a FOR PROFIT Corporation, contrary to any claims otherwise.

Root River Council Inc

Performing a Search on Guidestar reveals that Monte Osterman’s private Corporation, (the)  Root River Council Inc. is not a legitimate Non-Profit as recognized by the IRS.

Guidestar search

Does the IRS have (the) Root River Council in it’s data base as a Non-Profit? Of course not, otherwise it would be a violation of IRS rules. The FOR PROFIT ROOT RIVER COUNCIL was organized for the private gain of Monte Osterman and it’s Corporate Board Members. It is a lobbying organization.

IRS Non-Profit

Checking with the IRS:  Exempt Organizations Business Master File Extracts. Updated data posting date: 03/10/2014,

IRS Master Files

Reveals, Root River Council in NOT a non-profit, tax exempt organization. It is a privately held lobbying firm of Monte Osterman. The Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network Inc., and the Roots Ethiopia Inc. are clearly listed as Non-Profits, but not the Root River Council.

Root River Council

And of course, while the Root River Council asks for donations, it NEVER claims those donations are tax deductible. That is because the Root River Council is the Private Lobbying Organization of Monte Osterman. Following below is the list of all 167 Non-Profit Organizations in Racine that can claim donations are tax deductible. Monte Osterman’s lobbying organization, (the)  Root River Council Inc. is not one of those.




The Board Members of this private Lobbying Corporation include Marty Defatte and Racine County Treasurer Jean Nikolai.

Root River Council Members

It must be noted that John Dickert, Monte Osterman and Mary Jerger-Osterman are all Defendants in a Federal Lawsuit brought under RICO statutes. In addition, Jane Nikolai is the Treasurer of Racine County while County Executive Jim Ladwig is closely linked to all the above in addition to being a Board Member of the Downtown Racine Corporation, which is also a Defendant in a Federal RICO lawsuit. A Federal investigation into (The ) Root River Council, it’s Lobbying efforts, public portrayal as a Non-Profit Organization, and connection to elected officials  is demanded as it was involved with recent actions taken by The City of Racine in it’s application for a Knowles-Nelson Stewardship grant. In addition, the true status of (The) Root River Council , as a Lobbying Organization of Monte Osterman needs to be fully disclosed to the public.


From the Root River Council FaceBook Page.

Root River Council Facebook

The Downtown Racine Corporation is also listed as being a Defendant in a Federal Lawsuit involving Organized Crime. Board Members are listed below:



RootWorks – Cui Bono?


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Racine Exposed asks, Is there yet another sweetheart deal in the works for friends of the mayor? A sweetheart deal to maximize profits and payouts made between RootWorks Board members, property owners and renters on the Mound Avenue Bluff, and City of Racine officials? A deal that is rife with corruption and was hatched between Racine City Hall officials and Insiders at a Racine Development Authority meeting on April Fools Day of 2013?

Click on images for BIG

April 1 a

April 1 b

The full extent of this behind the scenes scheme would not be revealed until March 18, when the truth could no longer be hidden, but starting on March 4, 2014, the details started to unfold:

March 4, 2014, from The JT:

RACINE — In July 2012, the Root River Council approached the City Council seeking support with an ambitious plan to transform 325 acres of the city’s Downtown Root River corridor into a modern live-work area replete with lofts, a boardwalk and a 1.75-mile-long recreation area.

The idea started with a $117,000, 35-page “RootWorks” Root River Corridor Redevelopment Plan. This led to the implementation of a “phase one” $120,000 plan, funded in part by the state and the SC Johnson Fund. Now, the Root River Council and its partner, the Racine County Economic Development Corp., are ready for “phase two.”

Where phase one provided “conceptual designs” for RootWorks projects like a bike trail along Mound Avenue, and the “west bluff overlook,” a scenic area above the river.

The Finance and Personnel Committee voted 3-1 to recommend that the City Council pursue phase two, at a cost of $40,000 to the city, with $80,000 coming from grants and other sources.

As for whether the City Council could find itself being asked for more planning funds a year from now, Sadowski said that, at least at this point, the city and RCEDC sees phase two as being the last extension of the plan.

The above article published in The JT on March 4, 2014, made it clear that it was the Root River Council who first approached the Racine Common Council in July 2012 to begin implementing RootWorks. Phase one had already been completed and the Finance and Personnel Committee had just approved recommending that the Common Council vote to begin implementing Phase 2 at a cost of $120,000. It is important to note that at this time no mention was made concerning property acquisitions or a potential DNR grant. So, just who is on the Root River Council and asking for this spending?

Click on images for BIG.Root River Council Members

Of the Board Members listed above, it is two members in particular,  Marty Defatte and Monte Osterman, whose role in advocating for RootWorks that is of concern and demands closer scrutiny. Are they involved in a behind the scenes scheme that is ethically questionable, and from which they will use their offices and positions to profit from the sale of Mound Avenue Bluff property?

It is also of special note that Racine County Treasurer Jane Nikolai is also a Root River Council Board member. She has powerful links to County Executive Jim Ladwig and the Republican Party, all the way up to Governor Scott Walker, who has been the target of numerous John Doe investigations and scandals involving government corruption.  How deep is Madison and Governor Scott Walker involved in the corruption that is slowly being unveiled in Racine County? After all, it was Scott Walker who appointed Rich Chiapete as Racine County DA.  Rich Chiapete was aware of the illegal gambling operations being run by RCTL members who are listed as Defendants in a RICO action, while he refused to investigate the claims of a Racine Alderman in  the obvious corruption that was committed in awarding Skies Fall Media a contract to operate Racine’s cable access TV station.

Jane Nikolai Scottie

Marty Defatte, in addition to being a Board Member of the Root River Council is also a retired RPD police officer and a Realtor for Shorewest.

Marty Defatte retired RPD

Monte Osterman, in addition to being a Board Member of the Root River Council, is also a County Supervisor, a campaign worker for Mayor John Dickert, and the owner of Osterman Granite and Marble which has a showroom at 300 Main St. in Downtown Racine. He is also the husband of Mary Jerger – Osterman who was John Dickert’s campaign Treasurer, a member of Racine’s Cable Commission, and owns a business in Downtown Racine at 409 Main St. along with a favorable “understanding” between Racine County Treasurer Jane Nikolai, Racine County Executive and DRC Board Member Jim Ladwig, and herself. In addition,  Monte Osterman previously had lobbied alongside his wife in a successful bid to award Racine’s cable access TV contract to Mayor John Dickert’s friends at Skies Fall Media Group.

Monte Osterman

In that March 4, 2014 article published by The JT, both Alderman Eddie Diehl and Alderman Sandy Weidner were concerned by the strong push from the Dickert Administration to force the project forward. City Administrator Tom Friedel and Assistant Director of City Development Matt Sadowski merely claimed that such situations are “fairly typical”. They didn’t realize that behind the scenes other schemes had been in play since at least April 1, 2013.

But not all aldermen are behind the idea of spending more money on RootWorks. At last week’s Finance and Personnel Committee, Alderman Eddie Diehl, as well as Alderman Sandy Weidner, who does not sit on the committee but was present for discussions, both questioned spending money to make plans for properties the city doesn’t own.

“Don’t you think this is not only putting the cart before the horse, I mean this is putting the cart a couple of cities away from the horse,” said Diehl, who ultimately voted against recommending the plan to the full council.

Sadowski and City Administrator Tom Friedel, however, argued that such situations are fairly typical when it comes to urban planning, and that while plans can change as projects advance, things do often fall into place.

The Finance and Personnel Committee voted 3-1 to recommend that the City Council pursue phase two, at a cost of $40,000 to the city, with $80,000 coming from grants and other sources.

On March 5, 2014, The JT published an article, Council OKs funding for next phase of riverfront redevelopment project, which again reiterated that there would be $40,000 available from the City alongside an $80,000 grant. Once again, no Mound Avenue Bluff property purchases or a potential DNR Grant were mentioned.

Aldermen supported the endeavor with $40,000 in intergovernmental revenue sharing funds that were used to match $80,000 in grants the Root River Council and its partner, the Racine County Economic Development Corp., applied for to fund the remainder of the contract. That was the case Tuesday with Phase 2 as well.

Where Phase 1 provided “conceptual designs” for RootWorks projects like a bike trail along Mound Avenue and a scenic overlook, Phase 2 will provide more detailed schematic and programmatic designs for such projects, as well as conceptual designs for other elements of the plan, like the river loop recreation area along Water Street.

On Tuesday, members of the Root River Council — including Racine County Board Supervisor and Root River Council Chairman Monte Osterman, Outreach Director Ben Lehner, and board member, State Rep. Cory Mason, D-Racine — encouraged aldermen to continue to support the project.

Then, out of the blue, on March 6, 2014 The JT published an article, City nets grant for RootWorks land, in which Assistant Director of City Development Matt Sadowski breathlessly announced the money miracle which City of Racine Officials and Mound Avenue Bluff property owners and renters had been eagerly anticipating – the City had been awarded a $242,000 matching grant from the DNR. The claims of Assistant Director of City Development Matt Sadowski are odd at best because the grant still needed to be approved and it also required a match from the City, so the deal wasn’t done. Then, why did he claim on March 6 that he knew the award had been granted during the last week of February? The official record evidences that the item was introduced on March 13. Discussion, votes, recommendations and official process still needed to take place. So why the sudden rushed and excited announcement in the The JT? Why was the approval of the item and the required match assumed by Assistant Director of City Development Matt Sadowski?

RACINE — The city has netted a state grant to purchase 3.2 acres of land along Mound Avenue as part of the RootWorks: Root River Corridor Redevelopment Plan. The $242,000 matching grant will be used to assist in the acquisition of five parcels designated under the plan as the future site of a bike path, scenic overlook and outdoor classroom.

The city applied for the Urban Green Space grant — a sub-program of the Department of Natural Resources Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program — last December. Officials got word that they had been awarded the grant late last week during a meeting with DNR staff, Sadowski said.

“We went to Madison to speak on behalf of the grant, and it was awarded,” Sadowski said.

While Assistant Director of City Development Matt Sadowski claimed that the City had just applied in December 2013 for “a sub-program of the Department of Natural Resources Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program,” that statement is contradicted by many official documents, but it’s the the May 1,2013 application from John Dickert that can’t be denied. When did the Common Council vote to approve this application and grant him the authority to do so? Especially since City funds would be expended in this endeavor. Racine Exposed found no such vote that would have granted the authority to apply for the grant and begin spending city funds on this.

May 1 2013 A May 1 2013 B

The first mis-steps which led to that  May 1, 2013 application by The City of Racine began on began on April Fools Day, April 1, 2013, at an RDA meeting. At the meeting it was decided to apply for a Knowles Nelson Stewardship Grant, allocate $25,000 for Appraisals and Surveys, and the following promise from Matt Sadowski: “Alderman Shakoor, II asked how the appraiser and surveyor will be chosen.  Assistant Director Sadowski explained that we would put out a Request for Proposals.”

April 1 a

April 1 b

After that meeting, the paperwork trail goes cold. Were proper, required, and legal procedures violated? A search was done to see if there was any other mention of the grant. Below are the results for 2013: 

Knowles Nelson Search 2013

Below are the search results for 2014:

Knowles Nelson Search 2014

Racine Exposed searched around some more and still couldn’t find any further information that the Common Council had approved having The City of Racine apply for the grant. Section 2-332 of the City of Racine Ordinances is quite clear that the Common Council must first provide approval prior to applying for grants. Shouldn’t the results of the April 1, 2013 RDA meeting, resulting in Resolution 13-05,  have been forwarded to the Finance and Personnel Committee for discussion and a recommendation, then up to the Common Council for a final vote prior to proceeding? It was never done. John Dickert and Matt Sadowski rushed through the process contrary to law and without the required approvals submitted the paperwork to the DNR on May 1, 2013.

RDA Authority

Here is the section of the City of Racine Ordinances that govern  ordinances, resolutions and communications, section 2-108.

Ordinances and Resolutions

How about the RFP’s for Appraisals and Surveys that was promised by Matt Sadowski?  The final costs had not yet been determined, and according to the April 1, 2013 MINUTES, “Assistant Director Sadowski stated that there are approximately six properties  involved and we are not anticipating the work to cost more than $25,000″; yet official records document that Phase One costs had come in at $66,122. The statutes are clear, an RFP was required. While the work would be awarded to  Southern Wisconsin Appraisal, and performed by Gene A. Bock, Racine Exposed could not locate the corresponding RFP.  The appraisals were conducted on April 18, 2013 and April 19, 2013. The final report was completed on April 22, 2013. Three days work. $15,700 for appraisals, $4,944 for surveys,  Attorney Fees of $2,000 and Title for $1,500,  for a total of $24,144. How did they know?

Costs “to date” shown from official City documents

Appraisals A

City of Racine Ordinances Section 46-28:

Bid Statutes

There is NO RFP for Appraisals and Survey on record at Purchasing:

Appraisal and Survey

Proof from official documents that the  appraisals were completed and submitted before June 15, 2013.

Appraisals 3

RDA Resolution 13-05 provided an anticipated cost of no more than $25,000 for appraisals and surveys, with an RFP promised by Matt Sadowski as documented in the meeting minutes. This was done at the April 1, 2013 RDA meeting in a vote of: FOR 4 ; AGAINST 0 ; ABSTAIN 0. Voting were James T. Spangenberg, David Lange, Q.A. Shakoor II, and Robert Anderson.

RDA Resolution 13 05

Appraisals 4

Below is a summary of the official appraisals submitted by Gene A. Bock of Southern Wisconsin Appraisal to the City of Racine in order to obtain the grant. The cost for Phase Two appraisals “to date” is $15,700, surveys is $4,944, Attorney Fees is $2,000 and Title is $1,500 for a total of  $24,144. It is important to note that this official document indicates that those are the costs as of “to date”, so more costs are anticipated. Where are the RFP’s and why is it costing so much? Does Gene A. Bock have any special ties to City officials?

Appraisals 2

Despite a plethora of official documents and evidence to the contrary, it was in a March 6, 2014  article published by The JT that Assistant Director of City Development Matt Sadowski claimed they had applied for the Stewardship grant in December and, “We went to Madison to speak on behalf of the grant, and it was awarded,” Sadowski said.

However, official documents indicate that it was actually six months earlier, on September 18,2013, when Matt Sadowski received the following letter from the DNR stating that his request for a Stewardship grant in the amount of $271,540 had been tentatively awarded in which the DNR warned him, “You should not purchase any land for your project prior to returning your signed land agreement to us unless you are willing to assume the risk of  absorbing those costs”

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September 18 ASeptember 18 B

Now the DNR on December 2013 did release the following as a news release, but it never materially changed the application of John Dickert on May 1, 2013. Why the deliberate obfuscation from Racine City Hall?

City of Racine Grant

And the DNR News Release links to a DNR Public Safety Review that is dated November 27,2013! So how could Matt Sadowski claim to have just applied for the grant in December 2013, and who gave him that permission? Where did the Common Council approve it? The FACTS don’t fit the story being woven by Racine City Hall, again and again!

November 27

It was at the  March 18,2014 Racine Common Council Meeting when the Knowles Nelson Stewardship Grant in the amount of $242,261 for property acquisition was officially announced as an agenda item. The introduction of that item caused a great deal of confusion and some heated discussion at the March 18 Common Council. That discussion is available at BelleTV and can accessed by clicking HERE. The time frame begins at 28:20 and ends at 1:55:48 mark. Some of the Alderman make claims to remembering events that Racine Exposed can find NO evidence for! Those Aldermen need to be held accountable or PRODUCE the evidence that PROVES their claims.

The Common Council voted to refer Accepting the Knowles Nelson Stewardship Grant to the Finance and Personnel Committee for discussion and a vote. The Master Detail Report clearly lacks a proper fiscal note which is troubling, because accepting the grant requires a match from the City. The City of Racine Ordinances are clear on this, and the DNR made it clear that the City MUST match the grant in order to accept it.

DNR Grant

Here is the section of the City of Racine Ordinances that govern  ordinances, resolutions and communications, section 2-108.

Ordinances and Resolutions

Meanwhile, in the official City documentation, the match that the City proposed in the May 1, 2013 application was for cash and donated land. The City of Racine is planning on Mound Avenue Association, LLC  donating 1231 mound Avenue with an estimated value of $113,800. However, the City has not yet taken ownership of 1231 Mound Avenue and the acceptance of the award is contingent upon a dollar for dollar match.

Sponser Match

From the March 6, 2014 article published in The JT, Matt Sadowski goes on to make statements that project into the future, while official documents and events reveal that many of the steps and decisions had already taken place, as part of the process in obtaining the grant. He mentions that the City needs to supply an additional $70,000 to cover the required match. How does he obtain that figure?

While there is always a chance that a key property owner could hold out and decide not to sell, Sadowski that the owner of the largest of the five parcels — Mound Avenue Associates — has agreed to donate its property.

As soon as a deal has been struck with property owners, staff will approach the Redevelopment Authority and City Council with a proposal to purchase the land.

Staff plan to ask the RDA and aldermen to take the $70,000 needed to cover the city’s cost out of the intergovernmental revenue sharing fund, which is specifically earmarked for redevelopment projects and infrastructure improvements.

Although it’s possible that the city could own the land by the end of the year, work to actually transform the property into the bike path, outdoor classroom and overlook, will have to wait until final plans for the areas are available, and the city is able to obtain construction grants, Sadowski said.

In the above article, Matt Sadowski states, “While there is always a chance that a key property owner could hold out and decide not to sell…” Why is Matt Sadwoski suddenly talking about a key property owner holding out? Who might that owner be? Do they want top dollar plus a big bonus? And with the  power of eminent domain, why is Matt Sadowski suddenly afraid of not being able to acquire the properties at a reasonable price? While Matt Sadowski is concerned that a key property owner might hold out, he didn’t express those concerns to the DNR  when he signed the grant application documents on May 1, 2013. In fact, he claimed to anticipate “NO PROBLEMS”. Why did Matt Sadowski contradict information he previously provided to the DNR, shown in the clips below?

Holdouts Holdouts 2 Holdouts 3

Once again, from The JT, Assistant Director of City Development Matt Sadowski claimed that the assessed value of the properties is $348,000. A claim that is dubious at best in a City where assessed value often is tens of thousands of dollars higher than people actually sell their property for. Of course, unknown to readers of The JT and many on Racine’s Common Council, the monetary figures Matt Sadowski was providing in The JT’s March 6, 2014 article were the exact figures he had provided to the DNR in the City’s application for the grant on May 1, 2013, almost ONE YEAR earlier!

While the total assessed value of the properties — located in the 1200 block of the roadway — is $348,000, the total project cost, including appraisals and surveys, is estimated at $484,000, he said.

The  $348,000 claim of Matt Sasdowski is tested against the actual 2013 data from the official City of Racine’s Property Information website. 

Address                Building Value     Land Value       Total Value

1287 Mound Ave    $26,200                $8,800             $35,000

1281 Mound Ave    $12,400                $19,600           $32,000

1269 Mound Ave.   $0.0                      $10,000           $10,000

1251 Mound Ave.   $119,800              $30,200           $150,000

1231 Mound Ave.   $11,900                $98,100           $110,000

Total 2013 assessed  value:  $337,000. This amount is $11,000 LESS than the amount of $348,000 claimed by Matt Sadowski. Matt also provides a figure of $484,000 as a total cost to acquire the properties, including appraisals and surveys. And while Matt Sadowski appears to be talking about “the future”, most of this work was already completed, almost one year earlier.

Once again, here is the data that the City of Racine provided to the DNR in it’s application, and it was submitted BEFORE June 15,2013! That’s not some fuzzy unknown date as implied by Matt Sadowski in the article!

Appraisals 2

The City of Racine also claims to have submitted the above data BEFORE June 15, 2013.  That is not a future unknown!

Appraisals 3

The official documents show that all five Appraisals, performed by Gene A. Bock of Southern Wisconsin Appraisal, took place on April 18, 2013  and April 19, 2013, with the Final Report on April 22, 2013.  The documents also show that the five appraisals cost $15,700 and additional costs brought the total, “to date”, at $24,144, however future costs would likely be incurred. Was that the best bid received from the RFP’s Matt Sadowski promised to send out at the April 1, 2013 RDA meeting? Where are those RFP’s? Below is a screenshot of a cover page from one appraisal.


To add to all the ethics violations committed during the process at the City level, on November 7, 2013, Retired Racine Police Officer, Root River Council member and Shorewest Realtor, Marty Defatte, listed 1251 Mound Ave as “For Sale“, while he is a Board member of the Root River Council which sent a letter dated April 25, 2013 to the DNR in support of the Phase 2 property acquisitions. This letter was signed by Root River Council Chair Monte Osterman, who is also a County Supervisor and a tenant with a financial interest at 1251 Mound Avenue. This is a complete violation of basic ethics and the blatant use of public office for private gain,  failure to disclose a financial interest, and misconduct in office. This turn of events demands an investigation.

April 25 2013 AApril 25 2013 B

While the City has the property assessed at $150,000 in their database, they appraise it at $169,100 and Marty Defatte is asking $189,900. Shouldn’t he step down and refuse to profit? Does the tenant, Monte Osterman, plan to  receive compensation for being forced to relocate or compensation for adding value to the building as a tenant? Are these the “HOLDOUTS” Matt Sadowski is referring to? Do they want TOP DOLLAR plus a premium? How is this scheme even remotely legal, much less ethical?

Published on Nov 7, 2013

For complete property details or to apply for a mortgage visit:

MLS Number: 1334418
Property Address: 1251 Mound Ave, Racine, WI 53404-3335
Property Type: Commercial Property
County: Racine

Marty Defatte
Phone: (262) 884-7321

Let Marty Defatte show you this commercial property at 1251 Mound Avenue in Racine. This property’s current design has room for two tenants. This property includes 3 two-ton cranes and one 5 ton crane. Three phase electrical service is available. Contact Marty Defatte to arrange for a personal showing of this commercial property.

Current design has areas for two tenants: 7200 square feet and (currently vacant) and 3744 square feet ($750 per month.) Tenants pay CAM and utilities; owner pay real estate taxes. Property has three-two ton cranes and 1-5 ton crane 600 and 800 ampere. Three phase electrical service available. Also available for lease (7200 square feet unit) at $1,000 per month.

This property is listed by Shorewest REALTORS.
Shorewest – Racine
1557 S. Green Bay Rd.
Racine, WI 53406

So does Marty Defatte expect to profit from this sale? Have secret negotiations already taken place?  Will other realtors be involved and be taking a cut of City money? What about John Dickert’s position as a Broker at First Weber, a position he claimed as late as April 28,2012? Is there a conflict of interest? Is he using his position as a public official for private gain of himself or others? Did he properly claim his outside economic interests that may affect his actions?


 On March 4, 2014, Root River Council Board Member, Racine County Supervisor and owner of Osterman Marble and Granite spoke before the Racine City Council to advocate that public money be spent on RootWorks. Will he also profit from this project?

Partial Transcript:

Monte Osterman: Thank you very much for allowing me time tonight. Monte Osterman, County Board Supervisor and Chair of the Root River Council.

Except Monte Osterman neglected to mention that he also owns a  private business named Osterman Granite and Marble which is located  at 1251 Mound Ave and therefore he also has a personal financial interest in the proceedings. The same building that his fellow Root River Council member Marty Defatte is selling, while asking for tens of thousands of dollars above the assessed value with $41,170 available for “other eligible costs”, bringing the estimated total for 1251 Mound Avenue to $210,270. How much of that does Monte Osterman expect to receive?

Relocation Costs

Here is a question for Marty Defatte and Monte Osterman’s fellow colleague and Root River Council Board member and Racine County Treasurer Jane Nikolai:

Jane Nikolai

Why, in a City that is filled with properties that already aren’t paying their property taxes and are OVERDUE for tax foreclosure, is it so important to remove these properties from the tax-rolls? Properties that are productive and current and whose taxes will be shifted onto the backs of already struggling taxpayers? 

Mound Ave

The only conclusion that can be drawn is that Racine is insidiously corrupt, and that Racine City Hall has morphed into a lawless criminal syndicate. Violations of the laws governing The City of Racine are rampant and even commonplace.

From The City of Racine Code of Ethics:

“The proper operation of democratic government requires that public officials and employees be independent, impartial and responsible to the people; that government decisions and policy be made in the best interest of the people, the community and the government and in the proper channels of governmental structure; that public offices and employment not be used for personal gain, and that the public have confidence in the integrity of its government. To assist in attaining these goals, there is established a code of ethics for all City of Racine (“city”) officials, including members of boards, committees, commissions, the mayor and employees, whether elected or appointed, paid or unpaid.”

Below are some of the most commonplace violations committed, as witnessed by the acts taken by City of Racine officials:

Sec. 2-580. (penalties for) Failure to disclose economic interests

Officers and employees. The city clerk shall advise the finance director of any officer or employee who is required to file a statement of economic interests and fails to do so in accordance with the requirements of this article. The city treasurer is directed to withhold the salary and compensation of all kind from any such person until the officer or employee complies with this requirement.

Sec. 2-581. Prohibited conduct

a)  Violation of work rules. Appointed officials and employees shall adhere to the rules of work and performance standards established for their positions. Officials and employees shall not exceed their authority or breach the law or ask others to do so. They shall cooperate with public officials and employees from other governmental bodies, agencies, or jurisdictions unless prohibited by law from doing so. They shall not disclose confidential information or privileged information gained in the course of, or by reason of his/her official position or official activities.

(b) Use of office for private gain. No public official may use their public position or office to obtain financial gain or anything of substantial value for the private benefit of themselves or their immediate family, or for an organization with which they are associated. This includes the acceptance of free or discounted admissions to athletic or other entertainment events.

(d) Taking action affecting a matter in which an official has financial interest. A public official may not take any official action that substantially affects a matter in which the official, a member of their immediate family, or an organization with which the official is associated has a substantial financial interest. Nor, may the official’s office be used in a way that directly or indirectly produces or assists in the production of a substantial benefit for the official, or one or more members of the official’s immediate family, or an organization that the official is associated with.

Misconduct in office.(f) Public officials and employees are prohibited from:

(1) Intentionally failing or refusing to perform a known mandatory, nondiscretionary, ministerial duty of their office or employment within the time or in the manner required by law.

(2) Performing an act knowingly in excess of their lawful authority or one in which they know they are forbidden by law to do in their official capacity.

(3) Whether by act of commission or omission, exercising a discretionary power in a manner inconsistent with the duties of their office or employment or the rights of others and with intention to obtain a dishonest advantage for themselves or another.

(4) Intentionally falsifying an account, record book, return, certificate, report or statement in the officer or employee’s official capacity.

(5) Intentionally soliciting or accepting anything of value, known by the officer or employee to be greater or less than is fixed by law, for the performance of any service or duty.

Conduct prohibited by state law.( i) Except as specifically provided in this chapter, the provisions of all applicable Wisconsin Statutes, including, but not limited to, Wis. Stat. §§ 19.41—19.59, 66.0501, 125.51, 946.10, 946.12 and 946.13, are adopted and by reference made a part of this code and shall apply to public officials whenever applicable. Any act required to be performed or prohibited by any statute incorporated herein by reference is required or prohibited by this code.

 946.72 Tampering with public records and notices.

(1)  Whoever with intent to injure or defraud destroys, damages, removes or conceals any public record is guilty of a Class H felony.

(2)  Whoever intentionally damages, alters, removes or conceals any public notice, posted as authorized by law, before the expiration of the time for which the notice was posted, is guilty of a Class B misdemeanor.


The entire process of purchasing the Mound Avenue Bluff is flawed and  the brakes need to be applied now! An investigation needs to opened and inquiries made. Who knew what, and when. What was discussed behind closed doors?  What about the ethics of Root River Council Board members Marty Defatte and Monte Osterman being involved with 1251 Mound Ave? Shouldn’t there have been full disclosure by both parties?  Does Monty Osterman stand to profit from the sale of Mound Avenue Bluff property? Why was the use of eminent domain not discussed? Cui Bono from these government decisions and taxpayer funds? Is this just part of another scheme to use public office for private gain? The  over-taxed people of Racine deserve answers.

1251 Mound Avenue

1251 Mound Avenue


Alderman Eddie Diehl was absolutely right, and the official  RDA minutes show that City Administrator Tom Friedel was at that April Fools’s Day meeting. He knew the truth, but chose to contradict it.

March 19, 2014, from The JT

Eddie is Right

Mound Avenue Associates is a holding company of SC Johnson

SC Johnson

Additional Notes:

On April 30, The Executive Committee held a closed session to discuss property acquisitions. The Authority of the Executive Committee is defined at Section 2-77 in the City of Racine Ordinances:

Executive Committee Governing Ordinance

The April 30, 2013 Meeting of The Executive Committee prior to the grant application being sent on May 1, 2013. Official Minutes from the Finance and Personnel Committee along with the Common Council for April of 2013 evidence that the Stewardship Grant approved at the April 1, 2013 RDA meeting never went to either body for approval prior to John Dickert and Matt Sadowski spending money on appraisals and surveys or sending in the Grant Applicatgion on May 1, 2013.April 30

 All this was done in April 2013 in complete violation of City of Racine Ordinances. The Executive Committee: It shall meet at the call of the mayor, or acting mayor, to consider such matters as may be referred to it by the mayor or common council, and its report shall be made to the council in accordance with sections 2-84 through 2-96 of this Code.

The ongoing violations started with section 2-84. John Dickert and Matt Sadowski sent the completed application in on May 1, 2013.

Section 2 84

Root River Council Inc.

Root River Council IncMonte

RRC employees

The Daily Kos Weighs In On Jerry Bloom and John Dickert


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From The Daily Kos, which is described in Wikipedia, as:

Daily Kos /ˈkoʊs/ is an American political blog that publishes news and opinions from a liberal point of view.  It functions as a discussion forum and group blog for a variety of netroots activists whose efforts are primarily directed toward influencing and strengthening the Democratic Party with a particular focus on progressive policies and candidates. Additionally, the site features a participatory political encyclopedia (“DKosopedia”), glossaries, and other content.

So imagine the shock and amazement at Racine Exposed, when it was discovered that The Daily Kos had published an article by Giles Goat Boy which painted Jerry Bloom as a virulent, angry white racist and Racine Mayor John Dickert as his “sweetheart”.

His writings are racist, sexist, and offensive in almost every imaginable way.

Here’s one more detail. Bloom’s Christian book and retail business was so successful that he decided to build an 80,000 square foot facility in Racine in 2009, and he got a nice sweetheart land deal arranged by Racine’s mayor.

The article, which was published on July 26, 2011, even credited Racine’s  Hard-Core Democrat, The Root River Siren, as a dedicated and tireless researcher in revealing the truth about this group of angry white men in Racine who were not only intimately connected to Mayor John Dickert and Downtown Racine, but who were also; Racist, sexist, and offensive in almost every imaginable way.

From The Daily Kos:

Click on images for big.

Daily Kos

Who’s the Pleasant Prairie man that The Daily Kos fingers as making outrageous statements, being an angry white man, and one ugly donor? Once again, it’s Jerry Bloom, John Dickert’s sweetheart! The same Jerry Bloom that hosted a John Dickert Fundraiser at Doug Nicholson’s Downtown Bar and rubbed elbows with the white, rich, and powerful who elected John Dickert as Racine’s Mayor. The same Jerry Bloom who controls the warehouse in Mt. Pleasant which is the new home of CAR 25/ Belle TV. And the same Jerry Bloom who is described by Giles Goat Boy as; “A very sad individual who seems to be the Tea Party nightmare that most Republicans running for office are quick to shun, and much of his support comes from people associated with Religious Right causes. ” 

Daily Kos 3

Many of Steitz’s contributors are affiliated with a Christian church that serves three communities in the Racine/Kenosha area. That isn’t surprising, considering that Steitz and his family seem to be very devoted to his religion. It’s not clear that Steitz is a member of that church, but their clergy have faith in Steitz and have donated money to his campaign. The church is affiliated with One Church Ministries, and here is what they believe.

Some of the church’s services are held in a Christian book store, whose owner also donated to Steitz.

Steitz also has accepted money from one man who I believe should be offered a refund. I will not name that individual in this diary, because my intention is only to show that Steitz’s campaign has attracted at least one person who could politely be described as outside the mainstream. The donor writes a blog attached to one of the local newspapers in District 22, and he has a racist and sexist view of society, to say the least. Here is a sample of some rants from the self-described “angry white male”:

Daily Kos 2

It’s bizarre, but then that’s Racine politics, where John Dickert, in his day job, claims to be a Democrat and is described as a “Rising Star” by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. From Right Wisconsin:

“Rising Star” Racine Mayor John Dickert Sees Credit Rating Downgrade

Last week at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) convention in Oconomowoc, Racine Mayor John Dickert was listed among a group of four “rising stars” that are “poised to play prominent roles as members of the next generation of Wisconsin progressive leaders.”

Yet, the same John Dickert who is a “Rising Star” of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, also moonlights as a Senior Advisor at Heartland Solutions Group whose  President, Kevin Richardson, is involved in GOP politics in a major way. Here, Here, Here, and Here.

And when hes’ not moonlighting at HSG, then John Dickert is busy being a Political Advisor at TrendPo, unless he has his Broker Hat on as an employee of First Weber! WHEW! When does he find time to be John Dickert?

Talk about having to walk a tightrope! And while John Dickert and the City of Racine are attempting to deny being racists and acting out under the color of law, The Daily Kos and The Root River Siren intimately connect John Dickert and Downtown Racine to people they claim are:  Racist, sexist, and offensive in almost every imaginable way.

Back to the article at the Daily Kos: Black slavery in the early times of the U.S.A. was an act of compassion by white people:

A large percentage of the Steitz donors are associated with One Church Ministries and with Living Light Church, which holds services in three locations. One of those locations is Treasures Christian Books in Racine, Wisconsin. Root River Siren pointed out today that the co-owner of Treasures Media and Treasures Christian Books, Jerry Bloom, was convicted and served time in prison for shooting a rifle into an African-American church across the street from his residence in 1988. (The other co-owner of Treasures Media and Treasures Christian Books is Tracey Bloom, Jerry’s wife. Mrs. Bloom donated $200.00 to the Steitz campaign.)

Others described Bloom at the time as a skinhead and suspected or assumed that he was part of a neo-Nazi group, accusations Bloom denies. Bloom claims that he has since found religion.

And what about that sweetheart deal arranged by Mayor John Dickert?

Here’s one more detail. Bloom’s Christian book and retail business was so successful that he decided to build an 80,000 square foot facility in Racine in 2009, and he got a nice sweetheart land deal arranged by Racine’s mayor.

“If the company stays on the site for 10 years it will receive the 5.4 acres of land for free. Normally it would cost $35,000 per acre.”

That’s your free-market capitalism, the kind Jonathan Steitz says he supports. 

Does that make John Dickert an angry white man, who is a Racist, Sexist, Skinhead, Free-Market Capitalist and a Closet Republican to boot? Because The Daily Kos clearly links Mayor John Dickert and Downtown Racine to some very Un-Democratic Party like behavior while being intimately connected with those who are: Racist, sexist, and offensive in almost every imaginable way.

And in an OMG! Moment that can only be described as strangely prescient,  a Daily Kos commentator remarked:

Daily Kos 4

From The Root River Siren:

Root River Siren 1

While The Root River Siren added “Creepy” to the list of activities associated with an angry group of white people who are: Racist, sexist, and offensive in almost every imaginable way. and intimately connected to John Dickert and Downtown Racine, the Racine Post took a much more professional approach.

Racine Post

While the explanation provided by The Racine Post is reasonably plausible, Alderman Michael Shields raised some of the very same questions that have plagued many of the decisions taken by the Dickert Administration. 

Michael Shields, president of the local NAACP and a member of the Racine City Council, said he was concerned city officials rushed the project through the approval process. The proposed development in the Southside Industrial Park was basically approved before it ever went public, Shields said. It should have gone through the same review other developments are subject to, he said.

Bloom hopes to build his $3 million to $4 million building on the former Jacobsen-Textron site by next October. If the company stays on the site for 10 years it will receive the 5.4 acres of land for free. Normally it would cost $35,000 per acre.

While that deal fell through, it is apparent that John Dickert hatched yet another deal for Jerry Bloom, and that would be to move CAR 25/ Belle TV to his warehouse in Mt. Pleasant, in yet another process that was plagued by scandal; and that even though Racine County DA Rich Chiapete claimed that there were no wrongdoings committed, many still believe that it was outright criminal, and the evidence is everywhere to be seen. Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here.

January 4, 2013, from The JT:

Alderman Fair’s bid-rigging claim called unfounded

RACINE — Embattled Alderman Keith Fair’s claim that the city rigged proposals to run its cable access channel was roundly criticized on Friday, with two fellow City Council members even calling it “absurd” and “nonsensical.”

Fair submitted a stack of documents to the Racine County District Attorney’s Office on Friday along with a letter stating that “there is a fraudulent and deceptive process to determine who is the contracted provider for CAR25.”

Some aldermen have raised questions about the process used to find such contractors, but Fair is the first person in power to publicly claim wrongdoing.

Alderman Greg Helding said Friday that he believes Fair’s reasons for filing the complaint have everything to do with politics. Fair is feeling the pressure and this is blatantly political,” Helding said.

Yet, while Alderman Greg Helding would claim that the CAR 25 bidding wasn’t rigged and that Keith Fair’s motivation was blatently political, ironically, it was Alderman Greg Helding and Deputy Attorney Scott Letteney who had earlier schemed together in an attempt to organize a political lynch mob, with no regards for the right to due process, against Alderman Keith Fair, who is a Black Man, less than 31 hours after he was arrested in Downtown Racine, which according to The Daily Kos, is intimately connected with those who are; Racist, sexist, and offensive in almost every imaginable way.

Alderman Keith Fairs arrest was first reported in The Journal Times on Oct. 02, 2011, at 10:58 am:

October 02, 2011 10:58 am from The JT:

RACINE – Details began to emerge Sunday afternoon about an alleged altercation Friday between Racine Alderman Keith Fair and a female employee at his bar, prompting Racine County sheriff’s investigators to arrest him early Sunday morning at the establishment.

The initial report was followed up by The Journal Times 27 hours later:

October 03, 2011 1:58 pm from The JT:

RACINE – Racine Alderman Keith Fair was accused of three crimes on Monday following an alleged assault of a female employee he reportedly has a relationship with.

In a stunning flurry of events, in less than 31 hours after the story of Keith Fairs arrest was announced in The Journal Times, an ad-hoc political lynch mob was being organized at Racine City Hall. Leading the charge was Alderman Greg Helding who was  publicly calling for Fairs removal from office, while Deputy Attorney Scott Letteney was soliciting citizens to come forward and file complaints against Keith Fair and Racine County DA Mike Nieskes was explaining that Keith Fair would lose his elected position upon conviction! Carpe Diem! They could hardly contain their excitement at the prospect of immediately bringing Alderman Keith Fair to a trial before The Racine Common Council over which Mayor John Dickert would preside. In their rush to Judgement, they ignored the fact that Alderman Keith Fair, even though a much maligned Black Man, still had a right to due process.

October 03, 2011 5:45 pm from The JT:

What is needed to remove Fair from office?

RACINE – Following news of Alderman Keith Fair’s arrest for alleged strangulation, City Council President Greg Helding said he is reviewing the possibility of removing Fair from office.

If Fair is convicted of a felony, he will automatically lose his elected position, said Racine County District Attorney Mike Nieskes.

But even without a criminal conviction, a city resident could file a complaint with the city clerk’s office to start the removal process, said Scott Letteney, the city’s deputy city attorney.

Then the City Council could conduct a removal hearing to determine if there is cause for removal. Cause is defined as “inefficiency, neglect of duty, official misconduct or malfeasance in office,” Letteney said, citing state statute.

There are not good definitions for those terms, Letteney said, but generally they have to relate to the particular office the person holds.

To remove someone from office, a three-fourths majority of the City Council would need to determine there is cause for the removal, Letteney said. The mayor would preside over the hearing, Letteney said. The elected official would have the right to an attorney.

In yet another ironic twist, this same group of people had  already worked together to violate the right to due process of Thomas Holmes, a Black Man, by applying a defective and questionable legal process against him in order to take away his liquor license. This scheme would involve then Chief of Police Kurt Whalen, who refused to properly swear to his complaint against Thomas Holmes. Why? Police Chief Kurt Whalen and City Attorney Rob Weber knew that the statute required a sworn statement.

From the complaint:

At the December 20, 2010 due process hearing, Wahlen admitted he did not properly swear to the complaint filed on December 8, 2010. The Licensing Committee nevertheless voted to recommend revocation of Park 6’s license to the Common Council. On January 4, 2011, based on the recommendation of the Licensing Committee, the Common Council voted to revoke Park 6’s Class B liquor license, effective January 11, 2011.

Considering that it only took less than 31 hours from the arrest of Keith Fair to the announcement by Racine City Hall that Alderman Greg Helding and Deputy Attorney Scott Letteney were organizing an ad-hoc political lynch mob; remembering that Keith Fair was still an innocent Black Man in the eyes of the law and has a right to due process; how else could the unprecedented actions of Alderman Greg Helding and Deputy Attorney Scott Letteney, in this unique set of circumstances that would only involve a Black Man, and contrary to due process, be described as anything less than an attempted modern day lynching? And why does Deputy Attorney Scott Letteney still have a job with the City and why hasn’t Alderman Greg Helding been removed from office? That’s tacit approval of their actions by Racine City Officials, and therefore all share in the crime.

Its Real.

Its Racist.

Its contrary to Law.

Its Racine City Hall.

Perhaps the Daily Kos and The Root River Siren are right. After all, it’s the Democratic Party which is the arbiter of who is racist and who is not, and they have spoken.  Who is Racine Exposed to question their wisdom and authority? John Dickert and Downtown Racine are intimately connected with people who are: Racist, sexist, and offensive in almost every imaginable way. Their words to the contrary are betrayed by their actions.

So when does the  Racine City Fathers begin to right the wrongs and start the process of removing Alderman Greg Helding and Deputy Attorney Scott Letteney from their positions of trust and profit? The good old days of “lynch first, and question later” ended in the mid half of the twentieth century. A lynch mob has no place in Twenty-First Century America, so why is it still present in spirit at Racine City Hall? The obvious can’t be denied.  When does Keith Fair and Thomas Holmes get Justice, or in Downtown Racine, do Black Men need not apply?

Was The “Fix” In For Skies Fall Media Group and Jerry Bloom?


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In the last post, it was revealed that Jerry, or Gerry Bloom, was a Contributor and Fundraiser to the John Dickert campaign for mayor. In addition, he just so happens to control a warehouse in Mt. Pleasant that Skies Fall Media Group, with the approval of Racine’s Cable Commission, is moving Racine’s cable access TV station to.  Racine Exposed has just obtained a copy of the contract between The City of Racine and Skies Fall Media Group and from the contract, it would appear that the “fix” is in and that John Dickert campaign contributor and fundraiser, Jerry Bloom, knew in advance that he was set to be paid rent once the move to his warehouse was made. Further, it would appear that the amount of rent may not even need oversight or approval by the Common Council, while the residents and taxpayers of Racine wouldn’t be any the wiser.  From the Skies Fall Contract:

Skies Fall Contract

The move being discussed as evidenced in the official Cable Commission minutes:

Oct 21 CC Move

The video below is a  compilation of various events that occurred during the process of awarding Mayor John Dickert’s friends at Skies Fall Media Group the contract to operate the City’s cable access station. In an amazing moment of candor, Ben Kasica of Skies Fall Media Group admits that he was approached by the City, told how much to bid, and even seems uncomfortable with accepting a contract for the amount dictated by the City. Is this criminal?

Paul Ancona: The agreement is stipulated that it would be no more than the budgeted amount, and so the contract would be negotiated based on that $100,000 budget amount.  

Alderman Terry McCarthy: So that would then indicate that the approach would then be eliminating all current staff as well as taking the professional service amounts and putting them towards the contract then, correct? Thank you.

Ben Kasica: Yeah, that was one of the things when we were first approached. Um, We were told, we were told like, this is what the station spends now, and you know, you want to present a proposal for this? And so we’re like, we do, but there are so many things to talk through and budget is one of those things where, you know initially, you know where we did have a higher budget, but we were never told we couldn’t have a higher budget, we just, you know, If we can ask for more money why not? So we can do a better job. Um, good thing there’s obviously financial; it has to make financial sense    

Chairman Ron Thomas addressing Skies Fall: Just to clarify, you said you were approached, to submit

Skies Fall: Yeah.

Ron Thomas: Thank you

The below screenshot from the above video doesn’t do justice to watching Alderman Dennis Wiser appearing to catch himself from laughing out loud when Alderman Terry McCarthy announces that,  “The approach would then be eliminating all current staff”. Is that funny? It was a contentious battle, to say the least.

Skies Fall Contract negotiations

Even more amazing is that the City’s purchasing agent, Sam Aiello, claimed that he sent out eight bid packages and only received two back. One was from Badger Video Group, who didn’t need to be approached by the City or coached through the bidding process, while the other was from Skies Fall Media Group, who were approached by the City and coached through the bidding process. Various City officials engaged in numerous discussions with Skies Fall Media Group during the bidding process, and even told Skies Fall Media Group what the bid needed to be. Is this criminal?

Below is the actual cable bid document from purchasing agent Sam Aiello. In another amazing coincidence, Sam Aiello was to retire shortly after the bidding was completed.

Cable Bid

Given that Skies Fall Media Group had no experience in operating or managing a public access cable TV station, how could they even meet the meet the stated ‘purpose’ of the bid, which was to Operate and Manage Cable Access Racine (CAR 25)?

Skies Fall Media Group also failed to submit a prequalification statement as required by City of Racine Ordinance Sec. 46-29, yet they were still awarded the contract.

Sec. 46-29. Bidding procedure.

(a) Prequalification. Before delivering any form for bid proposals, plans and specifications pertaining thereto to any person who has not previously been found qualified under the provisions of this article, excepting delivery to materialmen, suppliers and others not intending to submit a direct bid, the purchasing agent shall require such person to submit a full and complete statement, sworn to before an officer authorized by law to administer oaths, of financial ability, equipment, experience in the work prescribed in the proposed bid, and of such other matters as the purchasing agent may deem necessary for the protection and welfare of the public in the performance of any contract for such purchase. Such statement shall be on forms to be furnished by the purchasing agent. Such statements shall be filed with the purchasing agent not less than five days prior to the time set for opening of bids. The contents of such statements shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed except upon the written order of the person furnishing such bid, or for necessary use in qualifying such person, or in cases of action against or by such person or the city. The purchasing agent shall evaluate the sworn statements and shall find the maker of such statements either qualified or unqualified. No bid shall be received from any person who has not submitted the statement provided in this section and has been found qualified.

(b) Notice to bidder. Whenever a contract is awarded to any person other than the lowest responsible bidder, the person submitting the lowest bid shall be given written notice within 48 hours of the award of the contract, indicating the action of the common council and setting forth the reasons for awarding the contract to other than the lowest bidder.

Racine Exposed has also received unconfirmed reports that “old equipment” belonging to CAR 25 may have been improperly disposed of by Skies Fall Media Group. It is alleged that Open Records Requests which have been made to verify what has happened to the “old equipment”, have not been answered by The City of Racine. Where is the equipment and has it all been accounted for?The City of Racine of Racine Ordinances are very specific on this matter:

Sec. 46-32. Disposal of personal property.

(a)Any personal property no longer usable in or suited to a particular department shall be turned over to the purchasing department to be disposed of in the manner provided in this section. The purchasing agent may assign any such property not exceeding $1,000.00 in value to any city department for further use, or may sell such property and pay the proceeds into the city treasury. No such property having a value in excess of $1,000.00 shall be assigned or sold without the approval of the mayor.

(b)The purchasing agent shall hold an annual auction sale to dispose of all surplus personal property not otherwise disposed of during the year.

In the video clip below, Racine Alderman Ron Hart attempts to get clarification on the process used in evaluating the proposal submitted for RFP 15, which was to Operate and Manage Cable Access Racine (CAR25), and gets no answer from the committee members. This results in numerous bouts of laughter while Paul Ancona just looks irritated at being questioned.


Alderman Ron Hart: I know there was an ad hoc committee put together to go through the RFP’s and come up with a recommendation. Um, I just would like to ask the members how they came up with a recommendation and was a rating system, what system did we use to come up with a recommendation on this?

Cable Commission Chairman Ron Thomas: It was a rating system with input from Mr. Ancona

Paul Ancona: We looked at the RFP, the last section of the RFP is the evaluation section its standard. (We Can’t hear you back here)  Did you look at the RFPs’ though? You’ll see the last section is the evaluation criteria, that’s standard for our RFP process, and those were the things they were rated on.

Alderman Ron Hart: I uh, I don’t think you answered the question. (Laughter) I was going to ask the committee members who were on that committee that sat in and  (?) on this how they came up with a recommendation, whether the recommendation was for which one? How did they come up with that recommendation?

Cable Commission Chairman Ron Thomas: Based on a point system and a comparison of responses from the RFP.

Alderman Ron Hart: And what was the point system? (Laughter)

Paul Ancona: I don’t know (COME ON PAUL!) I don’t know the exact points right now.

It’s long past due for a full criminal investigation into the case of CAR 25.

Tools Or Fools? The Tragic Irony Of Racine’s Cable Commission


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The Tragic Irony of the Racine Cable Commission – Are they Tools OR Fools?

March 11,2014, from The JT:

Fuzzy reception: A year after getting city contract, Belle TV struggling to attract producers, sponsors

RACINE — When Mayor John Dickert began pushing to hire a contractor to run the city’s cable access channel, one of the key reasons he gave for wanting to see such a move was revenue. Aldermen eventually supported the move, voting last February to allow City Hall to sign a one-year contract with Skies Fall Media Group of Mount Pleasant and Kenosha. Skies Fall Owner Ben Kasica says the company and Belle TV staff have tried to attract sponsors, but local businesses simply aren’t interested.

With the City Council considering whether to renew Skies Falls contract, Kasica and city officials say the channel and city may have to look elsewhere for the revenue they say the channel needs to flourish.

The city’s nine-month contract with Skies Fall, which began on April 1, contained a number of different “responsibilities” for the contractor. One of them was the “development of additional revenue for (the channel) through advertising/sponsorship and other lawful means.”

Asked about Skies Fall’s failure to fulfill that part of the contract, City Administrator Tom Friedel said the situation is disappointing but not overly concerning.

“It hasn’t gone as well as any of us had hoped,” Friedel said.


From the article:  (The)  city may have to look elsewhere for the revenue they say the channel needs to flourish.

Car 25 Vote

The following is a closer look at some of the events that have occurred ever since Mayor John Dickert successfully “pushed” to outsource the cable contract to his friends,  in a process that came dangerously close to resembling outright bid-rigging: 

The current list of Racine’s Cable Commission members: Ald. Ron Hart, Ald. Ray DeHahn, Robert Krug, Laurence Gregg, Ron Thomas, Walter Feldt,  Tom Rolfson, Mary Jerger and Kimberly Kane

On February 24, 2014, Racine’s Cable Commission held their regular meeting at Skies Fall Studio, 2745 Chicory Road, Mt. Pleasant, WI.,  to act outside their statutory authority and discuss the Ethics Complaint against Mary Jerger Osterman;

Feb 24 Cable Commission

In a warehouse which is owned by Real Estate Investments Ventures LLC.;

2745 Chickory Rd

Whose Principal Office is located at 375 30th. Ave, Kenosha WI.;

Real Estate Investment Ventures LLC

Which is a Kenosha County residential property located in the Village of Somers and is owned by Gerry Bloom;

375 30th Avenue

The same Jerry Bloom who was a John Dickert campaign Contributor and Fundraiser Host;


The same Gerry Bloom who is also the President of Treasures Media and a St. Catherines alumni;

Jerry Bloom

The same Treasures Media that with much fanfare, opened Treasures Bookstore at 512 Main St. in Downtown Racine, on September 15, 2012;


September 15,2012,  From The JT:

 RACINE — A key Monument Square storefront, one of Downtown’s largest retail spaces, will soon be filled by the Christian-based bookstore Treasures.   “We’d like to serve the community a little better — while not losing who we are,” Bloom said. The roughly 5,000-square-foot store will likely be split by a long center aisle running from Monument Square to Wisconsin Avenue, Bloom said. Books will be on the north side and gifts and art on the south side.

“We’re very excited to have (Bloom),” said Downtown Racine Corp. Executive Director Devin Sutherland. “A bookstore is something many of our Downtown shoppers have asked for. And his particular style of bookstore is new.” Sutherland also said he welcomes getting another proven retailer. “It’s a big space on an important street; we have a lot of events on Monument Square,” he added. “It’s nice to have those spots filled.”

There were numerous reasons for moving Downtown, said Bloom, an active member of Living Light Christian Church, 740 College Ave. “We as a church felt led to the east side of Racine,” where they built their church and community center in the former YWCA.

He said he also wanted to help raise Downtown’s fortunes.

The same Treasures Bookstore that (coincidentally?) opened during the heated debate over CAR 25. A mere 6 months later, on February 20, 2013, the decision was made to award Skies Fall Media Group a contract to operate the City’s cable station;

Car 25 Vote

The same Skies Fall Media Group  that lists the address of their Headquarters and Creative Studios as 2745 Chicory Road, Mt. Pleasant, WI.; and their recording studio as 3215 60th. St. Kenosha, WI.; and was directly involved in the Cable Commission decision finalized on October 21, 2013, to move Racine’s Cable TV Station, over the objections of a user,  to 2745 Chicory Road, located in Mt. Pleasant WI.

Oct 21 2013

The same Cable Commission that loudly and proudly proclaimed at their last meeting of 2013 (according to the Legislative Calendar); held on November 18,2013;  that the Cable Commission meetings would be moved to the Skies Fall Studio located at 2745 Chicory Ave, in Mt. Pleasant.  They also claimed that there would be a substantial savings in rent from the current claimed amount of $1,200/month to a proposed $300, but no final figures were ever provided. Paradoxically, the former home of CAR 25 at 800 Center St. is owned by the City, and is property tax exempt, so all rents paid go directly back to the City. That is NOT the case at 2745 Chicory Road, which pays property tax to Mt. Pleasant. Of course, only the low introductory rent proposal is mentioned, not one word about future increases. Why the obfuscation from the Cable Commission?

November 18 2013

The map below show the location of the out of business Treasures Bookstore at (A) 512 Main St.; the new location of Racine’s cable access station at (B) 2745 Chicory Road in Mt. Pleasant, and the former location of the Racine’s cable access station at (C) 800 Center St.


The same 2745 Chicory Ave. that is located in Mt. Pleasant, not Racine; owned by Jerry Bloom of Somers, located in Kenosha County; the same Jerry Bloom who, in an astounding coincidence, would announce the closing of his business located in Downtown Racine at 512 Main St., in the same month that Racine’s Cable Commission would begin having their regularly scheduled meetings at the new location of Belle TV,  Treasures Media Inc. warehouse located at 2745 Chicory Road, Mt. Pleasant WI.


The same Jerry Bloom who on January 31,2014, in an article from The Journal Times, discussed his decision to close his Downtown Bookstore located at 512 Main St: 

From The JT:

Christian bookstore leaving Downtown as Treasures Media shifts focus

“We gave it a shot for just under a year and a half. It’s a nice location, a nice store but we just can’t drive the revenue there,” Bloom said. “I don’t know if it’s Downtown, if it’s Racine,” he said, noting a pop-up store a couple of years ago at Regency Mall didn’t work out.

So Bloom has set his sights on outlet malls.

“(The) Pleasant Prairie outlet doesn’t have any vacancies right now so not there, but I’m going to Nashville (Tenn.) next week to look at some properties,” he said, also mentioning interest in Tanger Outlet Centers.

“What we really want to not do is move a bunch of inventory from there back over to our warehouse,” Bloom said. “It’s hard to go through that kind of inventory. We’re not used to processing single items like that; we’re used to truckloads.”

Go figure. Downtown Racine blows. Not very god-damn Christian-like of him. But Jerry Bloom had just coincidentally secured for himself a sure source of cash-flow from The City of Racine Taxpayers who are now paying the rent (unspecified) for space at his warehouse in Mt. Pleasant. Lots of taxpayer funded equipment would also be kept there.

Below is a brief video clip of the February 24, 2014 Cable Commission meeting, held at 2745 Chicory Road and Ron Thomas is speaking:


The next item on your new business, I put on is the Ethics Complaint. I want to stress right now that we’re not here to sit there and talk about yea, nay or anything in regards to it. But I will say this I am aware that there was no money involved, no payment involved whatsoever, I am also aware that, um, in support of Mary. That ever since she’s been here she’s been doing her damnedest to promote Downtown. I’ve got a Business, there’s other Businesses,  and to my mind, the fact that we got somebody on the Commission who has a Business, and has been eager to sit there and promote Downtown, is nothing but a positive thing as far as that’s concerned.

Mr. Thomas,

The tragic irony is that while you whine about supporting and promoting Downtown Racine, YOU:

1. Are on a Cable Commission that helped to forcefully take away local control of Racine’s Cable Access TV station, and outsourced it, under great controversy, to a group from Kenosha.

2. Decided to move Belle TV out of its Downtown Racine location at 800 Center St. to a facility located in Mt. Pleasant, that pays property tax to Mt. Pleasant.

3. Pay rent to the owner of that Mt. Pleasant warehouse property, whose principal office is located in Somers, in Kenosha County, and is located on property that is owned by Jerry Bloom, who was a John Dickert campaign donor/fundraiser.

4. And the owner of that Mt. Pleasant warehouse property made a decision to close his business in Downtown Racine after only 1 1/2 years, because Downtown blows.

5. I’m confused about the claimed savings on the rent. The City of Racine OWNS the Annex, so doesn’t any rent paid come directly back to the City of Racine? How does sending money outside of the community “save money”, because Real Estate Investment Ventures LLC isn’t going to send it back to the City taxpayers.

6. And you are already whining for MORE money. The promise was that awarding the cable contract to Skies Fall Media Group would save money, they would be self-sufficient, and they would in fact GENERATE revenue for the City. You have repeatedly claimed to be working on advertising and sponsors,  NOW you want the City Administrator to ask surrounding communities to fund you? You want the taxpayers to continue funding YOUR failures?

7. It is now claimed by The City of Racine that Skies Fall Media Group received an initial contract for 9 months, and that contract is now coming up for renewal. City Administrator Tom Friedel has just claimed that Skies Fall Media Group failed to fulfill it’s contractual obligations. Why was there a rush to sell off the old equipment, purchase new equipment, and move the facility to 2745 Chicory Road? Where is the equipment sales and purchasing accounted for? Who paid for the move? What if the contract isn’t renewed?

8. Mr. Thomas, in light of the above, are you a Tool, or a Fool?

9. Have criminal acts been committed?

Ron Thomas SCAM-O-RAMA

Play Tool OR Fool by voting below. Be sure to vote early and vote often, like many of your fellow Wisconsin voters.


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