Former Racine Police Chief Kurt Whalen – Just Following Orders?


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From the Amended Compliant – a disturbing Pattern, or Practice emerges concerning Kurt Whalen. From his abuse of power as Racine Police Chief, to his selective willingness to oppress others, based upon the color of their skin,  while under the direction of Mayor John Dickert, who sued his own City and whose  legendary troubles have been covered widely in Racine Exposed, to Former Mayor Gary Becker – whose ultimate goal in life was to make hot sluts out of 14 year old girls.

Gary Becker 1

Gary Becker 3

GOOD GRIEF RACINE! Is Racine City Hall actually a WHOREHOUSE? The answer may actually be YES! But I digress….

Every Racine wanna-be Caligula needs a willing accomplice to enforce his edicts, and it appears that Kurt Whalen was the willing go-to man. Having retired, he’s now moved onto Mount Pleasant to be the Village Administrator, where he now does the bidding of “King” Mark Gleason and wanna-be Tea-Tard David DeGroot,  but that’s a story for another day.


So let’s review what The JT refuses to print. But Racine Exposed will…. Adults only.

Kurt Whalen Retires


From the Amended Complaint:

Click on images to enlarge.Vipers 1

Ho Hum. Kurt Whalen and the RPD just weren’t interested. What did Wilber Jones pay property, income, business and sales taxes for? To be hounded out of Business by The City of Racine in racially motivated acts?

With Liberty and Justice for All? Why does the City of Racine and The Village of Mount Pleasant  even bother to mouth the words at government meetings – if they aren’t put into action?

Kurt Whalen makes no bones about it – taken from HIS OWN DEFENSE!

Wahlen: At best, the allegations against Wahlen indicate that Wahlen engaged in racially motivated actions (though that, too, is tenuous).  However, such actions cannot constitute predicate acts under RICO. See, e.g., Jennings, 910 F.2d at 1438 (holding that violations of “civil rights and constitutional law” are not predicate acts under RICO);
And, even if these were predicate acts, there is no plausible scenario in which these actions, which occurred, at most, over six months, allege a “pattern of racketeering” against Whalen. (See supra, at Section II.B.1, collecting caselaw indicating that the commission of a few predicate acts committed within a short period of time is not a “pattern of racketeering”).

It’s more like,  Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer. It’s not that Kurt Whalen didn’t commit a number of predicate acts, he just didn’t commit enough to be a Racketeer! Or so he pleads.

A Predicate Act means:

An earlier offense that can be used to enhance a sentence levied for a later conviction.

A crime, which is composed of some of the elements of a more serious crime and which is committed for carrying out the greater crime.

Under RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) one of two or more related acts of racketeering necessary to establish a pattern. Predicate acts are related if they have the same or similar purposes, results, participants, victims, or methods of commission, or otherwise are interrelated by distinguishing characteristics and are not isolated events. Extortion and blackmail are examples of RICO predicate acts.

And now Kurt Whalen Pleads,  Plaintiffs’ claims to remedy any such harms caused by the alleged “scheme” undoubtedly sound in civil rights actions pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1983, which they have brought, and which
the Municipal Defendants concede should proceed!

Plaintiffs, however, have also asserted claims for a “civil rights” conspiracy under 42 U.S.C. § 1985(3) and, in an attempt to turn this otherwise typical civil rights action into something much more, claims under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”) (18 U.S.C. §§ 1962(b), (c) and (d)).

Ho Hum. Just another typical “civil rights” action here – brought under Title 42 U.S.C. § 1983 is also known at the Ku Klux Klan Act.

While the existing law protected all citizens in theory, its protection in practice was unavailable to some because those persons charged with the enforcement of the laws were unable or unwilling to do so.

That’s Racine in a nutshell. White Privileged Elites get a free pass and can do no wrong! Drive into Racine, Wis. from the north and the first thing you notice are the cheap strip malls and dilapidated houses. Between fast-food joints, Cigarette City sells discounted Marlboros. Almost every storefront on State Street is boarded up. Kids on push bikes hustle passersby for coins outside a Walgreens.

Curtis Johnson

Straight outta Compton? Hell NO! Straight outta Racine – the breeding ground of dysfunctional and perverted White Privileged males. And Uncle Toms… Like Q.A. Shakoor *WINK* *WINK* A breeding ground for hate, violence and crime. Niggers With Attitude! How dare they sue local corrupt officials and expect the same protections as the White Privileged males of Racine!


But Vipers Lounge and Kurt Whalen’s pleadings are just the tip of the iceberg. Kurt Whalen is obviously an important lynch pin in the corrupt John Dickert machine.

Vipers 2

 Pay for Play? Of course, being forced to hire off-duty Police Department officers is the equivalent of a bribe. Just another added cost to a local business. Did these Police Officers also report this income on their Tax Returns? Or was it cash – under the table? And WHO are these Officers?

Vipers 3

Imagine that. Inconsistencies in a list between Racine Police Chief Kurt Whalen’s RPD and the Licensing Committee.  Wonder how that could have happened….. ? Meanwhile, as Gary Becker is chasing 14 year old girls to turn them into Hot Sluts… Will your daughter be next?

Gary Becker

Vipers 4

While former (retired) Police Officer Bob Mozol and Licensing Committee member Bob Mozol got a break – a big break from Mount Pleasant Police Department. See the post, Get It On Racine!


Bob and Melissa

But hey! Fair is Fair! Mount Pleasant Police Chief Tim Zarzecki got an even bigger break after a domestic violence arrest. HEY! What’s a guy to do when his wife is off her meds? Maybe she had it coming.  But – HEY!  The Bitch Came Back for more!

Tim Zarzecki

Not even a “dismissed” on his record!

Zarzecki CCAP record

Want proof that women like to be abused? Just ask Tim Z.!


And Rich Chiapete’s arrest for OWI 1? Did it even happen, or did it get lost under the table?

rich chiapete

Both eyes blind Rich Chiapete


And how about Jennifer Chiapete? Speedometer violation? LOL!

Jennifer Chiapete 1

Jennifer Chiapete 2

Same record, except a Speedometer Violation is Wis Stat. 347.41 while a speeding violation of 11-15 MPH over the limit is 346.57(4)(gm). How did that happen?

Meanwhile…. A deliberate indifference……

Vipers 5

And so we must conclude… unless Justice is forthcoming in the Federal Court, under the Ku Klux Klan Act, NWA was Right!


It’s all those God-Damn Niggers causing all the troubles in Racine. Not those child molesting, tax evading, tax Farming, wife-beating, wife cheating,  drunk, high, Business extorting, Business killing,  and money chasing Privileged White Men. Just ask Kurt Whalen. But he won’t swear to it. What a sniveling coward! HEY! But he was just following Orders.

John Dickert at Bar

Sin City

Is Retired RPD Police Chief Kurt Whalen Corrupt and Criminal?


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Pictured below are former Racine Police Chief Kurt Whalen alongside Mayor John Dickert. Both men are currently being sued in Federal Court under Title 42 U.S.C. § 1983, aka “The Ku Klux Klan Act“. Are these men the face of the modern high-tech Ku Klux Klan that hides behind the authority of government positions?

Corrupt Kurt Whalen

The FACT that Retired Racine Police Chief, and current Mount Pleasant Village Administrator Kurt Whalen is CORRUPT, seems a certainty, but is he also a criminal, who should be prosecuted as such?

corrupt definition 1

Has Kurt Whalen violated the rights of others and engaged in unlawful and rogue acts? The evidence says – YES! So will the State of Wisconsin hold him accountable for his actions? It seems unlikely, since Racine County, under Republican District Attorney Rich Chiapete and The State of Wisconsin, under Republican Attorney General  J.B. Van Hollen apparently refuse to prosecute corrupt government officials and instead, turns a blind eye. Therefore, it is left up to the United States Federal Courts to begin to right some of the wrongs that have been perpetrated against the People by those hiding behind official government titles and the color of law.

Federal Law, Title 42 U.S.C. § 1983

Section 1983 was enacted on April 20, 1871 as part of the Civil Rights Act of 1871, and is also known as the “Ku Klux Klan Act” because one of its primary purposes was to provide a civil remedy against the abuses that were being committed in the southern states, especially by the Ku Klux Klan.  While the existing law protected all citizens in theory, its protection in practice was unavailable to some because those persons charged with the enforcement of the laws were unable or unwilling to do so.  The Act was intended to provide a private remedy for such violations of federal law, and has subsequently been interpreted to create a species of tort liability

 The Wisconsin Court of Appeals has already determined, in an unanimous decision,  that Kurt Whalen did not act according to law resulting in others acting to deprive another person of their right to due process, and thus their property. Kurt Whalen’s actions are profoundly disturbing to those who believe in the Rule of Law. NOTE: The Rule of Law is  evidentially dead in Racine County – which is why Racine and Racine County are so corrupt, driving out businesses. Who wants to do business with criminals hiding under official titles and extorting monies under the color of law?


Which brings up the question – Why would Kurt Whalen refuse to swear to a Complaint which he initiated? Perhaps because he is Untrustworthy and corrupt? Or is willing to engage in criminal acts for monetary gain? Or is Kurt Whalen a sniveling coward, afraid to face the consequences of his own actions? Since False swearing is a FELONY. Does Kurt Whalen hide behind the authority of his position and act under the color of law to harm others? The Wisconsin Court of Appeals says – YES!

Kurt Whalen a

All Kurt Whalen had to do was swear that his words were true – and somehow he suddenly couldn’t remember?  What was he afraid of? He was the Racine Police Chief!

From the Wisconsin Court of Appeals


 But The City of Racine argues that:


OR, ANYTHING GOES! At least according to the seemingly lawless City of Racine.

A long time ago in a Foreign Land, there were hearings conducted to try men for war crimes. Those men used the defense of “Only following Orders”.

The “Nuremberg Defense”

These trials gained so much attention that the “superior orders defense” has subsequently become interchangeable with the label, “Nuremberg defense”. This is a legal defense that essentially states that the defendant was “only following orders” (“Befehl ist Befehl”, literally “an order is an order”) and is therefore not responsible for his or her crimes.

However, U.S. General Telford Taylor, who had served as Chief Counsel for the United States during the Nuremberg trials, employed the term “Nuremberg defense” in a different sense. He applied it not to the defense offered by the Nuremberg defendants, but to a justification put forward by those who refused to take part in military action (specifically America’s involvement in the Vietnam War) that they believed to be criminal.[15] Used in this way, “Nuremberg defense” refers not to the position that “an order is an order”, but rather to the opposing (and rebutting) view that only lawful orders are binding. (This latter use of the term has apparently fallen into disuse, perhaps in part as a result of the United States’ subsequent abolition of the draft.)

ONLY Lawful orders are binding…..

But in Racine and Racine County… ANYTHING GOES!


Foreclosure of a Dream (or stealing another Man’s Business through extortion, taxation, and abuse of power – what a Racket!)

Rise so high, yet so far to fall
A plan of dignity and balance for all
Political breakthrough, euphoria’s high
More borrowed money, more borrowed time
Backed in a corner, caught up in the race
Means to an end, ended in disgrace
Perspective is lost in the spirit of the chase

Foreclosure of a dream
Those visions never seen
Until all is lost, personal Holocaust
Foreclosure of a dream

Barren land that once filled a need
Are worthless now, dead without a deed
Slipping away from an iron grip
Nature’s scales are forced to tip
The heartland dies, loss of all pride
To leave ain’t believing, so try and be tried
Insufficient funds, insanity and suicide

Foreclosure of a dream
Those visions never seen
Until all is lost, personal Holocaust
Foreclosure of a dream

“The congress will push me to raise taxes and I’ll say
‘No, read my lips, read my lips, read my lips’ “

Now with new hope, some will be proud
This is no hoax, no one pushed out
Receive a reprieve and be a pioneer
Break new ground of a new frontier
New ideas will surely get by
No deed, or dividend. Some may ask “Why?”
You’ll find the solution, the answers in the sky

Rise so high, yet so far to fall
A plan of dignity and balance for all
Political breakthrough, euphoria’s high
More borrowed money, more borrowed time

Foreclosure of a dream
Those visions never seen
Until all is lost, personal Holocaust
Foreclosure of a dream


Isn’t that what happens when government officials, acting under the color of law, and abusing their power, take away another man’s Business? Depriving that man of his property and ability to make a living? Because he has something another man wants? Like a liquor license…….? Or because he’s an easy “Mark”, like a person of color, or from a disadvantaged background?

And when certain Men, of the same color and background, contributed $$$$ to put that person in place?

Is that Racine and Racine County? Exclusive and not inclusive. Pay for play and at a high VIG. Is it any wonder why Racine and Racine County have  a Third World  Country look to them – with high unemployment and empty businesses?


 The abuses of power in Racine County include:

Recent List of Accomplishments by the City and County of Racine – with more yet to be Discovered!

1. RICO lawsuit defendants use public taxpayer money to defend themselves and their friends in a widespread corruption and RICO lawsuit, and try to avoid involvement from the insurance companies who might uncover more wrongdoing and deny claims.
2. City of Racine changes ordinances to restrict and limit business signage despite many businesses speaking out against the restrictions, while the one business that was complained about will be exempt from the ordinance.
3. John Dickert threatens, lies and slanders local Alderman on the radio with false claims about having a tape that does not exist, involving side negotiations that the Alderman states were done by John Dickert himself. Dickert admits that he lied, but says he feels sorry for the person he lied about.
4. City of Racine proposes to cut bus services further and completely eliminate evening and Sunday bus service, and raises rates for students and people with disabilities without any other cost-saving measures proposed.
5. City of Racine grants a special use liquor license to John Dickert’s friend Doug Nicholson in downtown without any side agreements or review of other licenses in the area.
6. City of Racine pushes for a Dialysis Clinic to move from downtown to West Racine despite over 100 local residents and businesses signing a petition against it.
7. City of Racine issues special use liquor license for the owner of Ayra’s to sell liquor, beer and cigars out of a county managed Reef Point Marina Gift Shop.
8. The Reef Point Marina Gift Shop managed by Racine County and connected to Monte Osterman, mysteriously begins selling Hats from Copacetic owned by Mary Osterman.
9. County of Racine Ethics Board dismisses complaint against Root River Council members who will directly profit and benefit from the Machinery Row project, while also soliciting donations despite questions about the non-profit status of the organizations involved.
10. City of Racine gives special access for John Dickert’s friend and campaign supporter Doug Nicholson to profit from installing an ATM machine at Horlick field for football games and other events.
11. City of Racine Ethics Board dismisses complaint against Cable Commissioner for receiving free advertising and video production services even though Ethics Board members had expired terms and personal conflicts of interest, suppressed evidence, and admitted it was both valuable and illegal.
12. Racine District Attorney Rich Chiapete drives drunk and out of control on Main Street in Racine, then takes out an entire set of traffic lights and hits a tree, then tries to drive away but cannot, then runs away from bystanders and witnesses toward his home, then meets his wife outside to fabricate a story, then hides inside and changes his clothes, then lies to the police that he had been sleeping for hours, then lies again about the crimes, delays and avoids all official tests, and gets escorted around the city then back home to his wife with a quick plea deal and small fine of less than $1000, while the City, County and newspapers all condone the act and work together to influence the story, minimize the coverage, and silence the concerns from the community
13. City secretly extends or renews the rigged contract for over $100,000 a year to manage CAR25/BelleTV to friends of the Mayor without Common Council approval, or any notice at all
14. Making Rootworks deals that directly benefit Root River Council Board Members, including payments and commissions to Marty Defatte and Monte Osterman, who also has been promoting a non-profit entity called Root River Council that is actually a for-profit business in his name, and there are many more questions and concerns regarding the Rootworks and Uptown plans.
15. Applying for grants and initiated projects and assessments for Rootworks properties without proper notice or approval from Common Council
16. City and county join forces to push potential water bottling company out of the county due to extreme water fees, and continue to raise fees further
17. Another tragedy occurs on Main St. in downtown Racine, this time involving patrons of Envi, a bar owned by a close friend of Mayor Dickert, Doug Nicholson who is also white, and all attempts are made by the city and newspaper to refer to the 300 block of Main St. instead of the associated bar, and both the investigation and media coverage were questionable, with other strange occurrences including Monte Osterman cleaning up the crime scene.
18. RICO lawsuit against Racine Mayor, Aldermen and other officials charged with serious crimes including racketeering, corruption, money laundering, bribery, discrimination, civil rights violations and additional damages in a federal lawsuit filed by former Racine bar owners
19. Mayor Dickert does lobbying and consulting on the side without Common Council knowledge for firms in Chicago and Washington DC where he travels to often, still possibly working as a real estate broker as well, and somehow all while being Mayor 24/7
20. Wasting hundreds of thousands on Launchbox to give more money and resources to friends of Mayor Dickert, and after several years they still can’t even give away Free Memberships (less than 30 members at last count), with no actual jobs or businesses that have been created from it, and then declare it a success and push it off to Gateway where they can waste more tax dollars
21. Borrowing more money to give themselves raises in 2014 and pat themselves on the back for systematically tearing Racine apart and destroying our financial outlook
22. Increasing taxes and fees by the absolute maximum amounts allowed
23. Giving at least $100,000 in cash for a liquor store in the ghetto as a desperate attempt to create any kind of development in Racine
24. Poverty level has increased to make Racine one of the most impoverished cities in America while the mayor assumes no responsibility
25. Substantial increase in local burglaries in both residential and commercial areas
26. Creating new ordinances to specifically deter public comments and feedback
27. Allowing friends to get another backdoor deal for half price grave sites on sacred Indian Burial Grounds (despite the cemetery commission saying no)
28. Giving those same friends a real estate deal on a building downtown when a minority-owned business was discriminated against when they tried to buy it
29. Competing as a city, connected to mayor’s best friend’s business no doubt, in headstone sales against long-standing local businesses
30. Highest unemployment in the state for years running with no change in sight
31. Bid rigging, discrimination and unfair business practices
32. Unfair property taxes and assessments (and resulting lawsuits)
33. Removing streetlights (still going through despite all the opposition)
34. Cutting bus schedules and services to an absolute minimum
35. Increased recycling and service fees (still going up despite promising it would not)
36. Added more unnecessary restrictions for businesses including limitations on signage
37. Increased permit and business fees by double or triple the amount
38. Unnecessary cuts to essential services like Police & Fire (despite all the opposition)
39. Porters $1.2 Million Giveaway (nothing to show for it)
40. Giving more money to Porters without informing the community
41. Delta Hawk Giveaway (nothing to show for it)
42. CAR25 Giveaway and increased spending (see bid rigging)
43. Giving friends that run CAR25 even more money than promised (another 30k)
44. Uptown demolition and wasteful spending (more bid rigging)
45. Unnecessary City Hall Bathrooms & Renovation (paying friends)
46. Excessive Zoo subsidies while still increasing fees (paying more friends)
47. Unnecessary City Hall roundabout (paying friends yet again)
48. Excessive charges to residents for streets, sidewalks, and landscaping
49. Failing school system (and failing school board)
50. Suing local nonprofit organization Project New Life for issues created by the city
51. Changing the rules for zoning and blight to rig real estate deals
52. Unnecessary cuts to public transportation (where are bus ad revenues going?)
53. Mass exodus of residents and businesses (with outdated population signs)
54. Elitism and special rules to favor Aldermen (including guns in Council Chambers)
55. Censorship, slander and libel against community members
56. Suing our own city to cover personal legal expenses for the mayor
57. Begging local churches and nonprofits to donate money to the city
58. Excessive cronyism, favoritism, and back room deals
59. No real plan for recovery (see bond rating downgrade)
60. Hiring consultants for jobs that should be done by staff
61. Incompetent City Administrator and Finance Director
62. Pushed through union contracts (plus legal fees) without waiting for Act 10
63. Lost potential contracts for water service due to arrogance
64. Unnecessary hurdles for local businesses
65. Violation of open meeting laws
66. Violation of city ordinances and state statutes
67. Complete lack of ethics, even by the Ethics Board itself
68. Overpaid positions and benefits for City Staff, Mayor & Aldermen (plus unapproved changes to contracts and questionable raises)
69. Continuous and excessive debt service (over 25 cents of every dollar)
70. Excessive tax rates to deter any new residents and businesses
71. No new development (besides liquor stores and discount shops)
72. Massive amounts of foreclosures and pending foreclosures
73. Free fall of home and property values toward ZERO for those that remain
74. Rampant corruption and disregard for the community
75. Lies

That is what happens, when the written Rule Of Law is dead.

Both eyes blind Rich Chiapete

 Racine County…. Come on RICH! Play that Funky Music White Boy! Or SOBER UP and do your job.

JOHN DICKERT, et al., Concede That Civil Rights Actions Pursuant To 42 U.S.C. § 1983 Should Proceed


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From The Defendants Motion to Dismiss, submitted to the Federal Court on 09/10/2014:

Defendants Brief

Defendants Brief 2



And just exactly WHAT is an “otherwise typical Civil Rights Action“?

Is that Business as Usual in Racine and Racine County? Is that part of the Pattern, or Practice that seems evident to astute observers in Racine and Racine County?

After that, the Defendants Motion completely ignores the MERITS and FACTS surrounding the case along with the Defendants CONCESSION,  and INSTEAD, argues Case Law to support their Motion To Dismiss…….


From The Journal Sentinel:

Feds likely already on the Racine liquor licensing case

Vincent Bobot, a Milwaukee lawyer who represented two of the plaintiffs during their earlier battles with Racine over their liquor licenses, also had little to say when asked about any interest from outside law enforcement.

“I can’t answer that. I’m not at liberty to say,” Bobot said. “You can take from that what you will.”

Bobot did say that he has warned Racine officials repeatedly that the way they were handling liquor licenses was wrong and unlawful. “I told the coucil ‘you’ll get sued and it will cost the city tons of money Dont’ do it.'”

“The facts are only going to get worse for the city of Racine when it goes to depositions,” Bobot predicted. “It’s alarming.”

The “Ku Klux Clan Act” aka:





42 U.S.C. § 1983, commonly referred to as “section 1983″ provides:

Every person who under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, Suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken in such officer’s judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated or declaratory relief was unavailable.  For the purposes of this section, any Act of Congress applicable exclusively to the District of Columbia shall be considered to be a statute of the District of Columbia.

42 U.S.C. § 1983 (emphasis added).

Section 1983 was enacted on April 20, 1871 as part of the Civil Rights Act of 1871, and is also known as the “Ku Klux Klan Act” because one of its primary purposes was to provide a civil remedy against the abuses that were being committed in the southern states, especially by the Ku Klux Klan.  While the existing law protected all citizens in theory, its protection in practice was unavailable to some because those persons charged with the enforcement of the laws were unable or unwilling to do so.[1]  The Act was intended to provide a private remedy for such violations of federal law, and has subsequently been interpreted to create a species of tort liability.[2]

The number of cases that have been brought under section 1983 has dramatically increased since 1961 when the Supreme Court decided Monroe v. Pape.[3]  In Monroe, the Supreme Court held that a police officer was acting “under color of state law” even though his actions violated state law.[4]  This was the first case in which the Supreme Court allowed liability to attach where a government official acted outside the scope of the authority granted to him by state law.  Since Monroe v. Pape was decided, an extensive body of law has developed to govern section 1983 claims.  This article is intended to provide an overview of that extensive body of law, and will include seminal precedent from the United States Supreme Court and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals–a comprehensive study of all law related to section 1983 is beyond the scope of this article.

ADDENDUM: The  Mt. Pleasant Village Board comes under scrutiny:

Village Board 3

Did Monte Osterman, at the behest of John Dickert “Shake Down” Racine’s Hot Dog Man?


, , , , , , ,

From The JT, Feb. 5, 2013:

Top Dog Hot Dogs closes Downtown store

RACINE — Top Dog Hot Dogs owner Caleb Robinson has closed his store on Monument Square, but the head of Downtown Racine Corp. hopes to eventually get him another storefront.

Top Dog’s last day at 520 Main St. on Monument Square was Friday. Without elaborating, Robinson said he had loans and tax obligations that required him to slash overhead.

“It seemed like for every step I took forward, I was taking two steps back,” he said Monday.

Robinson said he does intend to bring the business back this summer as a hot dog cart — its origin — and will also continue to run Smoke on the Water, his other food business at Festival Park. Like the cart, that one is seasonal and weather-dependent. Robinson said he has four years left on a five-year lease there


Caleb’s statement that:   “It seemed like for every step I took forward, I was taking two steps back,”  is backed up by actions taken against him by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development and the Wisconsin DOR. Witness:

Click on image to enlarge.Top Dog

Caleb Robinson CCAP

But even more shocking, is that statements in a Federal Lawsuit allege that Monte Osterman, at the behest of John Dickert, attempted to shake Caleb Robinson down! From the Complaint:

Page 67

Page 68aPage 68 b

Page 87

Page 88a

Page 88b

Shocking allegations – but are they true? With the recent acceptance by the Federal Court of the RICO lawsuit, and with Discovery being the next item on the agenda – The People of Racine will soon learn the truth!

Monte Osterman II

From The Political Environment, by James Rowen:

Federal Judge Redefines Political Obligation In Wisconsin

“Openness and fairness and doing the right thing.”

Write that down: it should be the new State of Wisconsin motto.

It is ironic to the nth degree that J.P. Stadtmueller – – appointed US Attorney in Milwaukee in 1981 by President Ronald Reagan, and then elevated to the US District Court bench by Reagan in 1987 – – has clearly enunciated in the current political environment the perfect frame for the recall efforts against Gov. Walker and Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald, and more importantly, for all political campaigns, public policy work, and taxpayer spending in the state – – from now on.

This is a good thing for Racine.

AN Open Invitation for Kurt Whalen’s current employer, the Trustees of The  Village of Mt. Pleasant to do the right thing.

Village Board Message

Plaintiff’s Amended RICO Complaint Moves Forward To The Pre-Trial Conference Phase


, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

On September 4, 2014, Judge J.P. Stadtmueller, in Case No. 14-CV-208-JPS, ORDERED:

court order

Which, in Layman’s language, means that the RICO Complaint has been accepted by the Court and that it will proceed to the next phase – which is that of Rule 26, or DISCOVERY. Rule 16 merely states that a conference between all parties will held first, to discuss how the DISCOVERY process will be governed.

Those interested in learning more about Rule 16 can find the information HERE: Rule 16. Pretrial Conferences; Scheduling; Management

It also means that the previous Motions to Dismiss by the Defendants have been dismissed, and that any new Motions to dismiss, at this time, will not be accepted. The Complaint has been perfected, accepted, and now MUST be ANSWERED to.

Rule 26 states: (in part)


(a)            Required Disclosures; Methods to Discover Additional Matter.

(1)            Initial Disclosures.

Except in categories of proceedings specified in Rule 26(a)(1)(E), or to the extent otherwise stipulated or directed by order, a party must, without awaiting a discovery request, provide to other parties:

(A)            the name and, if known, the address and telephone number of each individual likely to have discoverable information that the disclosing party may use to support its claims or defenses, unless solely for impeachment, identifying the subjects of the information;

(B)            a copy of, or a description by category and location of, all documents, data compilations, and tangible things that are in the possession, custody, or control of the party and that the disclosing party may use to support its claims or defenses, unless solely for impeachment;

(C)            a computation of any category of damages claimed by the disclosing party, making available for inspection and copying as under Rule 34 the documents or other evidentiary material, not privileged or protected from disclosure, on which such computation is based, including materials bearing on the nature and extent of injuries suffered; and

(D)            for inspection and copying as under Rule 34 any insurance agreement under which any person carrying on an insurance business may be liable to satisfy part or all of a judgment which may be entered in the action or to indemnify or reimburse for payments made to satisfy the judgment.

Or, once again in Layman’s Language: (Thanks RUSD!)


Racine RICO Case

No Laborfest 2014 in Mayor John Dickert’s Empty and Moribund Downtown Racine


, , , , , ,

Empty, Empty Downtown Racine.

A Festival Hall paid for with taxpayer dollars – but closed and locked to the Public, on Labor Day 2014. Too expensive for Labor to rent, yet they pay the taxes that operate it 24/7.


Just another episode in the Dickert Disaster on the way to Racine’s Bankruptcy, with a dead and moribund Downtown that has become The  Welfare Queen of Racine.

john hostage

Not a person to be seen in Downtown Racine, or at the empty and locked Festival Hall – on Labor Day 2014.

Festival Hall Racine WI

Not a word about Labor day 2014 in The JT either (or is it The John Dickert Times) – ODD……

Labor Day 2014

Instead, Labor Fest has moved to Franksville, which is outside of The City of Racine, and outside of the coverage of The JT. The torch has been passed to Racine County Eye. Is it any wonder why John Dickert and his misdirected policies and plans,  The City of Racine, and The JT are becoming increasingly less relevant with each passing day? Where is the voice of Labor? It’s NOT in Racine!

Racine County Eye

What: Racine County Labor Fest 2014

When: Monday September 1, 2014

Time: Noon – 5pm

Where: Caledonia Mt. Pleasant Memorial Park – 9416 Northwestern Avenue in Franksville, WI 


Non-perishable food donation entitles you to one food ticket and two beverage tickets.
(additional tickets available for $5 for food and $1 for beverage)

Voter Judged American Made Car & Motorcycle Show

Children’s Activities

Meet Our Local Representatives & Politicians

Awards Given to:
Mr. & Mrs. Solidarity
Retired Labor Person of the Year
Labor Person of the Year

Sponsored by Racine Area Labor Festivals, Inc.

But NOT a single celebration in Racine! The People of the City of Racine are dumb Cows to be milked. Period.


The Truth is…

Unionized Labor is dead in Racine Mayor Dickert killed it


TID 18 is on the way!

merry-christmas-christmas-Racine foreclosures

While The Dickert Disaster runs rampant!

Addendum: Met the Civic Center Commission Members:

Civic Center Commission

Who, according to the 2014 Budget, require an incredibly large Tax Levy of $326,750 (while Police, Garbage, and Streetlights are cut), $35,000 from Room Tax Revenues, and as additional $250,000 transferred in from fund 994.

2014 Budget 1

A NEVER talked about operational subsidy – which in 2014 was $270,000, or almost FOUR times the Management Fee of $71,750! While additional losses are merely written off as depreciation – to the tune of $278,000.

2014 Bidget 2

While they spend like drunk Sailors – on Tables, Booths, Chairs, Carpet, Drapes, Lighting, Dance Floors, HVAC, interior redesign, vinyl tent sides… etc. etc.

2014 Budget 3

And after all the bills come in, it is reported in the Audited Financial Statements that the losses are even greater than projected! From the 2012 Report: The Civic Center lost $705,528 AFTER taking $299,728 in depreciation – so the loss was actually $1,005,526!

2012 Civic Center AFS

Enjoy your Racine Kringle, HERE!


Are City of Racine BUS Pensions and OPEB Headed Towards Bankruptcy?


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On This Labor Day Weekend: While the City of Racine continues to play Real Estate Games and Failed Developer, there has been a quiet disaster building in the background – that of it’s seriously underfunded BUS Pensions and OPEB, which stands for Other Post Employment Benefits. These alarming financial facts come from the 2012 Audited Financial Statements, which can be found HERE.

On page 83 of the 2012 Audited  Financial Statements, it is revealed that the funding of BUS Pensions, in only three years, has fallen from 63.41% in 2010, to 53.9% in 2012. 80% is the generally accepted minimum funding for pension plans, according to the National Association of State Retirement Administrators.  That alone indicates that The City of Racine is approaching severe financial distress and will likely be headed towards a future Bankruptcy, unless BUS Pensions are renegotiated and reduced, or funding monies suddenly become available. It is unlikely that any monies to properly fund the BUS Pensions will become available.

Click on image to enlargeBUS Pension Funding

It gets even worse when the Fair Market Value of the BUS Pension Assets are considered, which suffered a drop of $1,892,166,706 from 2010’s value of $19,542,042,104 to 2012’s new value of $17,649,875,398.

FMV of BUS Pensions

Meanwhile OPEB (Other Post Employment Benefits) costs continue to be severely under-funded and are growing out of control. Can the City of Racine really promise 100% healthcare costs to certain retirees and their dependents? Especially when the required contribution of City Employees is between 0% – 5%?


From Page 10; OPEB costs exceeded contributions by $18.5 M. Remember that City Employees ONLY contribute between 0%-5% of OPEB costs! While healthcare costs exceeded revenues by $2.5M. But not to worry – because the Mayor found $2M from TIF’s so the City could continue to play real estate games and Failed Developer.

Racine Governmental Activities

From Page 7; The City of Racine’s assets, from 2011 to 2012 decreased by $18,000,639, capital assets increased by $4,422,084, the OPEB deficit  increased by $36,867,706, and the OPEB obligation increased by $21,380,085.


These are the exact same sort of unfunded promises that led Detroit to Bankruptcy. It will be no different in Racine. This is Racine’s future:

Detroit Pensions

Detroit pension board endorses deal to cut benefits, eliminate COLA

A Detroit pension board on Wednesday unanimously endorsed a deal to cut monthly pension checks for thousands of the city’s general retirees by 4.5%, and a board member for the police and fire pension fund expects a similar approval today for that pension system.

In addition to the 4.5% cut, the deal also calls for the elimination of cost-of-living adjustments, or COLA, to retirement benefits.

The cuts are specific to civilian active and retired city workers and still must be approved by nearly 18,000 members of the General Retirement System. Ballots to vote on pension changes will be sent to all of the city’s active and retired workers later this month.

“Every retiree has their own unique circumstance,” said Michael VanOverbeke, the pension board’s general counsel. “I think it’s the best deal that we’ve been able to put together through the mediation process that represents the best scenario for the retirees.”

Unless funding for BUS Pensions and OPEB finds itself to be a recipient of a Miracle out of Nowhere. You just have to BELIEVE!


Followup from The Wisconsin State Journal and Chris Rickert:

Chris Rickert: City’s health insurance is at least one good reason for Act 10

Act 10, which basically stripped most public sector unions of their collective bargaining rights, was a mistake.

But if there’s an argument in favor of the controversial 2011 law, it may well be the out-of-this-world health insurance benefits the city of Madison has until recently been bestowing upon its employees.

Not only were they a bad deal for Madison taxpayers; they may have precluded better wellness care for employees and — in the unfortunate absence of universal health care — are the type of thing working against a sustainable American health care system.

Act 10 prohibited municipalities from bargaining with workers over anything but base wages and required municipal employees to start paying a portion of their health insurance premiums out of their own pockets.

In 2011 before the law passed and again in 2013 when it was held up in court, Madison city managers used these coming changes as leverage when the unions came to them asking to have their contracts extended so as to spare them from the act’s most drastic effects.

First the city started making workers pay some of their premiums; now it’s looking to force employees to cover even more of their health insurances costs by instituting co-insurance payments toward an annual deductible.

If this sounds hard-hearted, it’s worth noting that most in the private sector and plenty of those in public-sector jobs outside of Madison have long been doing both. On the whole, Madison’s elected leaders have been an extremely union-friendly lot.

The line among public-sector unions has been that they’ve opted for good health insurance and other benefits over the big salaries their members could be getting for doing similar jobs in the private sector.

There’s at least some truth to this. On the other hand, the lowest-paid full-time Madison employee with health insurance benefits makes $17.23 an hour, or $35,856 a year, working as a parking cashier, according to the city’s Human Resources Department — not exactly poverty wages. The highest Madison salary is that of the city attorney, who makes $73.47 an hour, or $148,055 a year.



Gateway Issues Another $3M in GO Bonds!


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Slowly but surely, and one GO (General Obligation) Bond at a time,  Bryan Albrecht and his unelected Board are making progress towards borrowing the $49M  requested by Gateway in a Referendum, and which the Taxpayers of the Gateway District rejected.

Ever since April 2, 2013, when District voters turned down Gateway’s referendum to borrow $49M, Bryan Albrecht and his unelected Board have been making steady progress to turn their failed referendum into a reality through back-door borrowing that goes unreported in local media channels.

Gateway Vote April  2, 2013

RACINE — On Tuesday, residents across three counties voted down a $49 million funding request from Gateway Technical College for a package of construction projects.

The $49 million package would have funded seven renovation and expansion projects at the college, including a $15.6 million public safety training facility and a $13.5 million expansion and renovation at the Elkhorn campus.

Albrecht said that the referendum’s defeat means those projects are no longer a reality for Gateway, which can only approve projects worth $1.5 million without placing an item in front of voters.

Since the defeat of Gateway’s $49M referendum on April 2, 2013, Bryan Albrecht’s “one piece at a time” strategy has managed to borrow $22.1M without District Taxpayers approval to fund equipment purchases and various construction projects. From Moody’s:

Gateway Borrowing

The latest $3M in borrowing will fund Remodeling and Construction Projects and brings the Districts GO Debt to $58.2M.

July 3 Gateway Bonds

August 12 Gateway GO Bonds

Meet the unelected, fiscally irresponsible, and arrogant  Gateway Board.

Gateway Robber Barons

Gateway Board

It’s long past due for The State of Wisconsin to abolish the Gateway Technical College District and turn it over to the private sector. Let Bryan Albrect and his unelected Board stand on their merits, and not their questionably legal borrowing authority!

Get It On Racine!


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From The Journal Times:

Bars refile case against city

RACINE – The owners of five shuttered Racine taverns have filed an amended civil rights lawsuit in federal court.

In the amended complaint, dated Thursday, they maintain that Mayor John Dickert and other local leaders conspired to drive minority-owned bars out of the city.

The city and accused local officials have about three weeks to respond to the 115-page complaint.

We here at Racine Exposed eagerly await the replies. Meanwhile, there is an incident that has been unreported in The JT and which begs the question – Who was getting it on? And what is going on at Racine City Hall?

Former City of Racine Alderman and retired Racine police Officer Bob Mozol is named as a Defendant in the lawsuit…

Courtesy of The Journal Times:

Serious Allegations

However Bob Mozol found himself involved in  a situation that involved Mt. Pleasant Police in an after hours incident at Sanders Park.

Bob and Melissa

Now, Racine Exposed requested a copy of the supplemental report, however, the Mt. Pleasant police Department claimed that the referenced report did not exist.

What did the Officer Witness? It can only be left up to the imagination, absent the supplemental report. Hopefully the Officer wasn’t traumatized or forced to witness something like this!

Parked Car 1

Or this…

Parked car 3

And certainly, not this!

Parker Car 2

What would lead to a Divorce?

mozol divorce

Without the referenced Supplemental Report – Racine Residents will never know the answer.

But it’s Saturday Night! So Get It ON Racine!

Disclaimer: But not in Mt. Pleasant Parks after Closing Hours.



Meet The Defendants Part II


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Case No.: 14-CV-208-JPS, Filed: August 21, 2014


Read the Entire Complaint HERE

From The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Racine tavern owners re-file discrimination suit

Just weeks after their first effort was thrown out of court, several minority bar owners have filed a new lawsuit that accuses Racine city officials and the tavern league of violating their civil rights by corruptly conspiring to run them out of business.

The new suit sharpens its accusations that white tavern owners bribed the Racine mayor to tilt the city’s enforcement efforts in their favor.

A federal judge just last month dismissed the plaintiffs’ first lawsuit, calling it so broad and vague as to be “virtually functionless.” But U.S. District Judge J.P. Stadtmueller said their underlying claims may have merit, and should be investigated further through the discovery process. He allowed them to amend, narrow and clarify their complaint.

At 119 pages, the new complaint would not appear much narrower or more focused, though it has fewer plaintiffs and fewer defendants. The length comes from the extra detail that purports to show a conspiracy among some Racine officials and area business owners to make it harder for minority-owned bars to make it in the city, including claimed cash bribes and false campaign finance reports.

The suit contends that since 2006, the city has “waged war” on downtown businesses owned or patronized by minorities, purportedly over crime issues, while turning a blind eye to similar conduct at white-owned and patronized bars. In notes that by the end of 2013, there were no minority-owned bars downtown.

Pattern Or Practice:


150 years ago, Racine, Wisconsin was an important stop on the Underground Railroad. But times change, and so do cities. This is the story of change for one upper Midwest town that took away the welcome mat and hung out the “no vacancy” sign for Blacks and Hispanics.

Pattern or Practice peels the veneer off that shoddy pretense and provides a stark view of what institutionalized racism looks like. Racine, Wisconsin, once a manufacturing powerhouse, is a backsliding, post-industrial community with a race problem so pervasive that disbelief is nearly always the observer’s first reaction. By the time the final credits are rolling, that disbelief is replaced by anger, disgust, perhaps shame and hopefully a desire for change.



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