Racine County Executive Jim Ladwig and Racine Mayor John Dickert Are Working Together To Rip Off Racine Taxpayers – A Review Of The Tax Delinquent Azarian Marina and Rick Olson Properties


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While Racine’s Common Council has voted to loot the Racine Sewer Utility of $6.3M to, once again, speculate in Real Estate – an act which may be illegal and is open to legal action by signatories to the Sewer Agreement –  see the previous post, Is It Illegal For City Of Racine Officials To Violate The IG Sewer Agreement And Use Sewer Funds For Machinery Row? – why is it suddenly so important for taxpayers to pay top dollar PLUS for properties that have little to no actual market value, some of which have previously been on the Market at much lower prices,  have met no buyers, and some of which are Tax-Delinquent and can be acquired now, or shortly in the future by Racine County Executive Jim Ladwig for the cost of back-taxes? Why is Jim Ladwig one again failing in his duty to protect Racine Taxpayers and foreclose on these properties?  Is it because that is the low cost option and that there is no profit in that for Racine Mayor John Dickert’s Realtor friends? There is no reason to take Sewer monies and pay top dollar for properties where no development might occur – City of Racine Administrator Tom Friedel admitted as much, saying “Should FDP be unable to complete its financing package, City Administrator Tom Friedel said the city would own the land and seek another developer.”

Racine City Administrator Tom Friedel 2

Racine Exposed now reviews the status of some of the Water Street Properties that Taxpayers will be paying top dollar PLUS for.

AN aerial view of Azarian Marina and the Industrial Canal which runs through it. Azarian Marina

The Water Street Properties, from The City of Racine Property Assessments

Water Street Properties Racine

Performing a Tax Delinquent Search at Racine County’s Land Records System reveals the following – and Remember – Racine County Executive Jim Ladwig can tax foreclose on these properties for taxes only:

1010 Water St. – Owned by Sam Azarian – Tax Delinquent since 2010, Current payoff $30,132.06

Click on images for large1010 Water St

404 Water St. – City owned, tax-exempt.

470 Water St. – Owned by Sam Azarian – Tax Delinquent since 2010, Current Payoff $22,810.11

470 Water St.

481 Water St. – City owned, tax-exempt.

482 Water St. – Owned by SW Income Properties – Current on taxes.

502 Water St. – Owned by SW Income Properties – Current on taxes.

512 Water St. – Owned by AZAR LLC – Current on taxes.

601 Water St. – Owned by The Ulinski Rev Trust – Current on taxes.

621 Water St. – Owned by The Ulinski Trust- Current on taxes.

701 Water St. – Owned by William P Van Der Zee – Current on taxes.

702 Water St. – Owned by AZAR, LLC Tax Delinquent since 2012, Current Payoff $50,187.79

702 Water St

712 Water St. – Owned by Sam Azarian – Tax Delinquent since 2010, Current Payoff $38,402.24

712 Water St

800 Water St. – Owned by Sam Azarian – Tax Delinquent since 2012, Current Payoff $8,427.34

800 Water St

820 Water St. – Owned by BJJ, LLC – Current on taxes.

900 Water St. – Owned by Rick Olson – Tax Delinquent since 2012, Current Payoff $89,387.97

900 Water St

And the two additional properties that the City of Racine plans to purchase from tax deadbeat Rick Olson (see above, 900 Water St.) by stealing another $1.8M from the Sewer funds (Don’t worry – the PSC will only raise your Sewer and Water rates when  Mayor Dickert whines he is broke and doesn’t have the money to maintain/repair the Sewer system because he spent it speculating on worthless Real Estate)

December 20,2014, from The Journal Times:

Officials ponder options in Machinery Row

RACINE — In what could become a landmark vote for this city, on Wednesday evening the City Council approved a $4.5 million loan to a developer to propel the $65 million Machinery Row project forward.

A less-discussed aspect of that vote was another critical piece not publicly disclosed until Dec. 12: authorizing the city to buy two large buildings just outside the actual development zone for $1.8 million.

Rick Olson, owner of both buildings, at 526 and 615 Marquette St., had insisted on their purchase as he also sells a 500,000-square-foot Water Street building in the actual development area to Financial District Properties, the developer. Davenport, Iowa-based FDP plans to redevelop that building into loft apartments and commercial space in Machinery Row’s first phase.

Soon, city officials will have decisions to make regarding the two buildings to be purchased outside the actual project area, 20 acres of riverfront property that stretches north of Water Street and east of Marquette Street. But they have some time; City Administrator Tom Friedel said the city has up to six months to close on the purchase and is likely to do that in about May.

The purchase will be made using money from the city’s intergovernmental revenue-sharing fund, which is fed by dollars from neighboring communities and not city property taxes.

The first step, Friedel said, will be a historical review of the two properties to see if they contain contamination needing to be dealt with. If that was the case, the job would fall to the city – not some past owner, as those entities are long gone.

“We would have to clean it up,” Friedel said. “Because who else is going to clean it up?”

615 S. Marquette St. – Owned by Rick Olson – Tax Delinquent since 2013, Current Payoff $37,989.25

615 Marquette St

526 Marquette St. – Owned by Rick Olson – Tax Delinquent since 2013, Current Payoff $33,086.19

526 Marquette St

There is no reason why County Executive Jim Ladwig can’t begin the tax foreclosure process on a couple of the Azarian Marina properties – the rest will follow suit in the near future. Further, County taxpayers have already been paying the property taxes for the delinquent taxes owed by Azarian properties and fellow tax deadbeat Rick Olson.  Now, Mayor John Dickert the Racine Common Council and County Executive Jim Ladwig want to reward these tax deadbeats with MILLIONS ($6.3M to be exact) in taxpayer money? For these unsaleable and worthless properties?

By Stealing Sewer monies – which were meant to maintain and repair the Sewer system? Meaning that Mayor john Dickert will once again whine that he is broke and ask the PSC to raise Sewer rates? AGAIN? He just raised water rates – because he is looting the Water Utility for Real Estate Speculation!

Racine County Suburb Officials


When is enough enough? Racine County under Jim Ladwig is #1 in corruption, while The City of Racine under John Dickert is #1 in Corruption.

Jim and John 2

Jim and John – A couple of Racine Gangsta’s running the game on taxpayers – except they be acceptable ’cause the color of their skin is acceptable by TPB In Racine.


LET ME RIDE! Jim and John are taking taxpayers on a ride! Stealing and dealing with taxpayers money!


WHEE! City of Racine Realtors agree! Thanks to Racine County Executive Jim Ladwig and Racine Mayor John Dickert!  Racine County taxpayers are dumb Cows to be milked and bilked!

What's on RUSDs Mind

 SNoop Doggy Dog!

Is It Illegal For City Of Racine Officials To Violate The IG Sewer Agreement And Use Sewer Funds For Machinery Row?


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Now that the smoke has cleared and the City of Racine Common Council has voted to lend Machinery Row developer Rodney Blackwell $4.5M; who will undoubtedly pay top dollar to bail out property owners stuck with parcels of questionable actual market value and hand out large Christmas Bonuses to select  individuals (FOJ’s)* involved in the realty transactions; it is time to ask the question:

*Friends of Realtor/Lobbyist/Adviser and occasional Mayor of Racine, Jim John Dickert Ladwig.

Mayor Jim Dickert

Is it even legal for The City of Racine to use monies from the IG Sewer Fund to fund the Machinery Row land purchase?

December 17,2014, from The Journal Times:

City approves loan — Aldermen agree to lend Machinery Row developer $4.5M

RACINE — Financial District Properties will receive $4.5 million in city funds to launch its $65 million redevelopment of the city’s Downtown riverfront dubbed Machinery Row.

After more than an hour of debate with impassioned pleas from those for and against the agreement, the City Council voted 11-4 on Wednesday to approve lending the developer the funds.

Machinery Row stretches over 20 acres of riverfront property north of Water Street and east of Marquette Street. The development area encompasses all of Azarian Marina, 726 Water St., and two large former industrial buildings constructed by J.I. Case Co. between 1908 and 1915.

The $4.5 million loan to FDP will come from money in the city’s intergovernmental revenue-sharing fund. Fed by dollars Racine receives each year from neighboring communities via a sewer agreement, the fund is intended to help Racine spark development within its borders. No city property tax dollars will be used.

FDP will use the money to buy the properties of three separate owners and gain full site control. FDP needs site control to meet a Dec. 31 deadline and finish its business with the state of Wisconsin to obtain $9 million in historic tax credits that are a crucial part of the complex financing package.

The council’s vote also cleared the city to borrow $1.8 million in intergovernmental revenue-sharing funds to buy two other buildings in the Machinery Row corridor: a warehouse at 526 Marquette St. that houses a motocross track and the former Case Plow Works at 615 Marquette St.

The agreement with property owner Rick Olson had originally included those buildings, but Olson changed course later on, saying he wouldn’t sell the building inside the project area unless he received more money for the two outside the project area, officials explained.

Note that The JT reported the unattributed remark: “No city property tax dollars will be used”. Why did JT Publisher Mark Lewis – who sits on the RCEDC Board alongside Jim John Dickert and John Jim Ladwig feel compelled to include that remark? And of course – it is completely false! Plenty of City of Racine property tax dollars have been spent on staff time, planning, meetings and preparation. Much more will be spent in the future. City Administrator Tom Friedel admitted to as much when the Porters project failed – “hard money v. “soft money”. Staff time is NOT free time.

Janurary 31, 2014, from The Journal Times:

No financing district money to remove Porters building; no city dollars were spent

RACINE — Porters of Racine property owner Micah Waters will not be using tax increment financing money when he begins “deconstructing” the historic building to make a clear development site.

Waters told The Journal Times Thursday he was dropping plans for a $6 million historic renovation of the former high-end furniture store at 301 Sixth St. The project would have converted the 80,000-square-foot building into 37 market rate apartments and enough ground-floor retail space for up to seven storefronts.

Both Waters and City Development Director Brian O’Connell said Friday that Waters’ company, Signature Architecture, will not tap into TIF money to remove the Porters building.

“That’s not what the development agreement was for,” O’Connell said. “So, no. And he has not approached us for anything like that.”

Nor has Waters used any City money to this point, he and O’Connell pointed out. The development agreement provided for about $1.1 million in financial assistance for the Porters redevelopment project and another $160,000 in facade grant money, O’Connell said.

But none of that would have been available until after a development agreement was completed.

It was recently finished, “But, because (Waters) never signed the development agreement, he has never drawn any money from us,” O’Connell said. “So we don’t have a dime out the door.”

“There was a lot of staff time, but no hard dollars,” added City Administrator Tom Friedel.

“We never received any funds from the TIF or facade grant,” Waters said Friday, “and the project was done entirely at our own cost.”

Who pays for Staff time? Does City Administrator Tom Friedel  even know? Or does he believe it is The Tooth Fairy? Of course the Taxpayers pay for staff time – through their noses with the outrageously high property taxes levied in Racine! And if Waters didn’t receive any monies from the TIF or facade grant – did he receive monies from OTHER funds? Where is the evidence that no funds were provided?

As for Brian O’Connell’s claim – “(Waters has never drawn any money from us,” O’Connell said. “So we don’t have a dime out the door. ” which is backed by…. nothing but his word – it has already been proven that Brian O’Connell is a Champion Level Liar and Kickback Artist.

- see the post:

Play The Game! Kickbacks and Lies From Racine Director Of City Development Brian O’Connell

Brian O'Connell

Then Publisher Mark Lewis of Journal Times – who also is a Board member on the taxpayer funded RCEDC and sits alongside fellow Board Members Jim John Dickert and John Jim Ladwig; is an employee of LEE Enterprises whose headquarters in Davenport Iowa are owned by FDP’s Rodney Blackwell, who also purchased the Lee Enterprise corporate jet from LEE Enterprises Mary Junck; prints the baseless claim that:  The $4.5 million loan to FDP will come from money in the city’s intergovernmental revenue-sharing fund. Fed by dollars Racine receives each year from neighboring communities via a sewer agreement, the fund is intended to help Racine spark development within its borders.

REALLY? JT Publisher Mark Lewis claims that:the fund is intended to help Racine spark development within its borders”  What does Mark Lewis base his claim on?

It’s time to look past the lies being promoted by The JT, Mark Lewis,City of Racine Officials, John Dickert, Brian O’Connell, and actually see what the IG Sewer Agreement limits The City of Racine to spending IG Sewer funds on.

The creation of the IG Sewer fund can be found in the City of Racine Ordinances, Division 9, Sec. 46-268 through Sec. 46-269 and reproduced below:


• Sec. 46-266. – Created.
There is hereby created a fund to be known as the intergovernmental revenue sharing fund, into which fund shall be placed all revenue sharing contributions disbursed to the city from the wastewater commission in accordance with the Racine Area Intergovernmental Sanitary Sewer Service, Revenue Sharing, Cooperation and Settlement Agreement dated April 25, 2002, (the “agreement”) and all interest payments from loans of funds under this division.
(Ord. No. 4-03, pt. 1, 2-19-03)

• Sec. 46-267. – Funding.
Any and all monies received under section 46-266 shall be retained in the Intergovernmental revenue sharing fund and disbursed only for use for capital projects specifically required by the “agreement”, which shall not be subject to section 46-268 below, and for capital projects and associated costs and expenses where such projects have private investment and result in taxable real estate development or job creation/retention, or are unique tax exempt projects that eliminate blight and result in tangible indirect increases in taxable real estate or job creation/retention. Monies from this fund shall not be used for any other purpose and shall not be transferred to any other fund.
(Ord. No. 4-03, pt. 1, 2-19-03)

• Sec. 46-268. – Administration.
The intergovernmental revenue sharing fund shall be administered by the common council. The common council shall solicit the recommendation of the redevelopment authority of the city regarding the eligibility of proposed projects. Projects resulting in tax base creation shall have a minimum ratio of $5.00 in net new tax base for every $1.00 of public investment in projects where there is not a loan payback to the city. No minimum ratio of tax base creation for loan capital shall be required. Commercial and industrial projects shall be eligible for consideration if a project creates a minimum of one full-time equivalent job for every $50,000.00 of non-loan capital granted under this division or one full-time equivalent job for every $100,000.00 of loan capital provided under this division. Funding requests that do not meet the standards may be considered and granted upon two-thirds vote of the common council.
(Ord. No. 4-03, pt. 1, 2-19-03)

• Sec. 46-269. – Earnings.
The earnings upon the deposit, loan or investment of the intergovernmental revenue sharing fund shall remain in and become part of such fund.

Note the last half of City of Racine Ordinance Sec. 46-267, which states: : and for capital projects and associated costs and expenses where such projects have private investment and result in taxable real estate development or job creation/retention, or are unique tax exempt projects that eliminate blight and result in tangible indirect increases in taxable real estate or job creation/retention. Monies from this fund shall not be used for any other purpose and shall not be transferred to any other fund.

Where did The City of Racine find the authority to write this portion of the Ordinance? If it is in violation of the IG Agreement – it is NULL and VOID – was this deliberately written to fool the People? And where is the objections and enforcement actions from the outlying Communities whose Sewer monies are being used outside of the limits prescribed in the IG Sewer agreement?

As for the entirety of Sec. 46-268 –  it is also almost completely NULL and VOID – except for: “The intergovernmental revenue sharing fund shall be administered by the common council” – which allows the Racine Common Council to disburse IG Sewer Funds as proscribed by the “Agreement“.

Which means that it is time to review the “Agreement”  and see what it actually allows – and disallows – and if The City of Racine can use IG Sewer Funds to loan money to Rodney Blackwell for Machinery Row – or even Facade Grants to local Tavern and Business owners such as Joey LeGath and Doug Nicholson – whose wives also sit on the Civic Centre Commission and where Millions of $$$ disappear down a black hole.

Download your own copy of the latest 187 page Racine Area Intergovernmental Sanitary Sewer Service, Revenue Sharing, Cooperation and Settlement Agreement dated April 25, 2002 by clicking HERE.

IG Agreement Title Page

 Racine Exposed cuts through page after page of definitions and specified performance and gets you to the good stuff – where it is explicitly spelt out what The City of Racine can and cannot do with IG Sewer money which is collected from Mount Pleasant, Sturtevant, Caledonia, and other outlying Suburbs.

IG Sewer Agreement 2

From  page 67 – 68 (76 – 77  in the PDF due to blank pages)  of the “Agreement”,  which specifies a “Joint Impact Zone” and “Three Mile Road Improvement”.

Page 67-68 IG Sewer Agreement

And from Pages 68-69 of the Agreement:

IG Sewre Agreement 3

IG Sewer Agreement 4

So, according to the IG Sewer Agreement, the only current legal expenditures by  The City of Racine, in regards to IG Sewer money are limited to a maximum of $600,00 per year and to be spent on:

1. The Racine Public Library

2. The Racine Zoological Gardens

3. Charles A. Wustum Museum.

While all other monies are reserved for the benefit of the Wastewater Utility. However, there is a Sunset clause also inserted which expected these payments to end by 2007. It is now 2014 – and those payments should have ended.

Which means that the action taken by Mayor John Dickert and The City of Racine Common Council is ILLEGAL, in violation of the “Agreement” and Wisconsin State Statutes – but will be allowed to stand – unless properly challenged!

So which Community will be the first to challenge The City of Racine’s illegal use of IG Sewer money? Mount Pleasant? Caledonia? Sturtevant? Aldermen from The City of Racine? Other smaller communities who are parties to the agreement?

Racine County Suburb Officials

And where is the voice of Republican Robin Vos? The silence is deafening! Sure – his legislation limited the ability for Municipalities to raise the property tax rates on their Residents and Businesses –   he has silently allowed The City of Racine to impose more onerous property taxes – via Sewer and Water rates – upon the Suburbs they serve, driving out more Businesses and Residents to fund projects (illegally) like Machinery Row.

One Wisconsin VS.  Boss Vos

Warren Zevon:

And where is the voice of silently complicit Mount Pleasant Village Trustee John Hewitt and Village of Sturtevant Trustee Chris Larsen – both on the Wastewater Commission?

Wastewater Commission

 Werewolves of London?


NAH. They are Werewolves of Racine – sucking the life out of Businesses and Residents who are not politically connected.

Racine Politics


BAU – Business as Usual. City of Racine style.

See also the post by Belle City Reporter: Fear at City Hall or get me my Money so I can get the hell out!

*BONUS* Updates:

From The JT via the AP:

Wisconsin budget faces $824 million hole

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin’s state budget would be $824 million short just to continue the current level of services.

That is according to a new analysis released Friday by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

It looked only at what it would cost the state to continue funding levels over the next two years at their current levels, making no concessions for expenses like new tax cuts or potential cuts that would save money.

The state constitution requires the Legislature to pass a balanced budget. Gov. Scott Walker is in the process of putting together his tax and spending plan for the next two years, which he will introduce to the Legislature early next year.

New revenue estimates will be released next month, which could improve or worsen the state’s budget picture.

Walker's Budget Deficit

Meanwhile, Former Racine NAACP President, George Stinson has been arrested and charged with  Felony 1st Degree Child Sex Assault – Sexual Contact with Person under Age of 13

George Stinson Arrest

RU George Stinson

Remember to play the Game of Racine!

River Bend Lofts – Racine Mayor John Dickert’s $15.3M Failure


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City of Racine Condo’s for rent…. except Nobody wants them…..


November 21, 2009, from The Journal Times:


In May 2006, Walter celebrated the opening of a finished model condo unit with more than 100 local people present, and speeches by politicians.

With condos ranging from $65,000 to $203,000, Riverbend was expected to attract a market of young, urban professionals.

But, just 13 condo sales later, the housing market went into hibernation, turning Walter’s plans topsy-turvy. He said Harvest had about 26 presales, but only half actually closed; some potential buyers backed out, others never obtained financing.

By early this year, the Riverbend experiment was in foreclosure. The initial mortgage holder, M&I Bank, obtained a default judgment against Walter for $5,125,869.29.

But M&I wanted no part of Riverbend Lofts as a foreclosure and put the note up for sale. Miller, president of The Kendal Group Ltd., bought the note from M&I on July 1.

Since then, the company has continued finishing condo units and common areas. About 20 of the 44 are now finished, and the rest have been partly finished.

Miller said his six-year plan for Riverbend Lofts is to put all but six of the 44 unsold units up for rent until the housing market brightens. As units sell, more will be put on the market.

But first comes the sheriff’s auction on Dec. 8.


Taking a look at who currently owns the Condo’s at River Bend Lofts from The City of Racine Property Assessment Page:





Machinery Row prediction

More Predictions from Carnac The Magnificent!:



However, residents of the County and City of Raine Racine have become accustomed to the same-o-same-o tricks pulled by the Fascists and Socialists that dominate Racine politics.


Racine Politics

The BEAT goes on in Racine!

Scandal Plagued Racine Mayor John Dickert’s Chosen Proposed Machinery Row Developer, Rodney Blackwell, Is Now The Subject Of Multiple Lawsuits


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Machinery Row Picture

Rodney Blackwell, Mayor John Dickert’s chosen Developer for the proposed Machinery Row; who also purchased the Lee Enterprises (Journal Times Publisher Mark Lewis’s Employer and RCEDC Board Member)  Corporate Jet from CEO Mary Junck:

Rodney Blackwell Image

December 17, 2008 from the River Cities Reader:

Going Up: Meet Rodney Blackwell, the Developer Behind the $40-Million Kone Project

A Bit About Blackwell

As a developer, Blackwell keeps a low profile.

“Used to,” he corrected.

When asked how much real estate he owns in the Quad Cities, Blackwell vacillated between trying to figure it out and not wanting to divulge it. He settled on secrecy.

“I do not know of anyone else that owns as much real estate in the downtowns in the Quad Cities as I do,” he did admit. He also said he closed on $27 million in real estate in September.

Beyond that, he said, “I don’t think you could figure it out.” When working alone, he does business as Financial District Properties, but he also has business partners.

In downtown Davenport, he owns the Quad Cities offices of Lee Enterprises, Ryan Companies, RSM McGladrey, Kone, Wells Fargo bank, and Lane & Waterman. In downtown Moline, he owns the Fifth Avenue Building – home of the Brown Bottle restaurant, and former home to the FIVE restaurant in which Blackwell was an investor.

He also owns the Waterloo, Iowa, building of Fortune Brands, whose products include Jim Beam bourbon, Titleist golf balls, and Moen faucets. And he’s part-owner of Carver Aero aviation company in Davenport. In addition, he purchased the Lee Enterprises plane. He’s an investor in the West Gateway health-clinic project where downtown Moline meets the Floreciente neighborhood.

He likes tall buildings – tall by Quad Cities standards, anyway – as well as older properties. “I enjoy buying these buildings and working them,” he said. “There’s a lot of issues that happen with buildings that are 40, 50, 60, 80 years old,” especially HVAC dysfunction. He said he buys them “mildly not working” and fixes them.

A 1989 graduate of Augustana College (in painting), Blackwell said he put himself through school selling cars. He explained one component of his auto endeavors was to sell to people in Saudi Arabia Chevy Caprices (“It’s their Ferrari”) with four-gauge dashes. “We had a registration for everybody in North America who had them,” he said. The buyers “didn’t care about the miles.”

While that concept isn’t analogous to real estate, there’s a similar philosophy at work, in that there are often opportunities that aren’t obvious or easy.


A proposed Development heavily dependent upon being funded by taxpayer dollars and which seemed to suddenly come out of nowhere and only proposed building more retail and apartments  in a moribund Downtown Racine which already has an excess capacity of empty storefronts, failing businesses, and low income apartments -

From the Milwaukee Business Journal:

There is still quite a bit of heavy lifting to do on the project, including getting the financing in order from state, local and federal sources, and doing the environmental clean-up of the site as some of the property has asbestos in the panels, Blackwell said.

Key to getting the project off the ground was the state’s newly created Historic Tax Credit.

Getting those “Historic Tax Credits” from Taxpayers to Rodney Blackwell  was so important to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker that his Office took the unprecedented step of assuring Jim Bowman that he would receive the credits prior to being reviewed and approved by Walker’s scandal plagued WEDC!

From The Milwaukee Business Journal:

Machinery Row Tax Credits

 July 16, 2013, from One Wisconsin NOW!

Gov. Walker’s WEDC Pays Off Big… For His Campaign Account

Job Creation for Us? Not so Much. Campaign Cash Cow for Governor? You Bet.

Madison -A review of campaign finance records by One Wisconsin Now has found that Gov. Walker’s campaign and the Republican Governors Association (RGA) have raked in over $614,000 in donations from individuals associated with businesses receiving tax credits through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). Walker serves as chair of the board entrusted with overseeing the operations of the quasi-private WEDC.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “Gov. Walker touted the creation of this quasi-private agency as key part of his strategy to create jobs. While WEDC has failed to perform as advertised for us, it sure seems to have been a useful tool in his quest for campaign cash.”

The review of campaign finance records revealed that the employees and owners of companies receiving state tax credits authorized by the economic development agency between January of 2011 and March 2013 donated $395,930 to Gov. Walker’s 2010 campaign and through 2012. The Virginia-based Republican Governors Association, that has been extremely active in supporting Walker to the tune of an estimated $5 million in 2010 and $9.5 million in the 2012 recall election, received $218,899 from individuals associated with these same businesses over the same time period.

Since its inception, serious questions have been raised about the lack of accountability and potential for improper dealings by the agency. Many of those fears were realized when an independent audit of the agency revealed millions of dollars in state economic development funds were going untracked, basic business audit and compliance procedures were being ignored and employees were using public funds to purchase items like itunes gift cards, football tickets and alcohol.

In addition under Walker, Wisconsin has consistently been rated as one of the worst states in the nation for job creation and wage growth.

The list of tax credit recipients and their donations to Walker can be found here: http://www.onewisconsinnow.org/files/walkerwedc.pdf

Walker's Budget Deficit

NOW – City of Racine Machinery Row Developer Rodney Blackwell is now being sued multiple times in the Quad Cities for various alleged financial offenses.

December 4, 2014, from the Dispatch-Argus:

A lawsuit against Quad-Cities’ developer Rodney Blackwell alleges he misappropriated funds from an aviation company in which he was a partner and seeks more than $1 million in damages.

RKA, LLC, and Blackwell Aviation, LLC, both Iowa limited liability companies, filed suit against Mr. Blackwell on Oct. 28, in Scott County District Court.

According to the lawsuit, Blackwell Aviation was formed on Sept. 8, 2008. An operating agreement effective Jan. 1, 2009 says Mr. Blackwell and RKA are each 50 percent members in Blackwell Aviation, an   entity wherein Mr. Blackwell and Gregg Ontiveros are the two managers.

According to the lawsuit, on Aug. 1, 2014, Mr. Ontiveros took over management and control of the bank accounts of Blackwell Aviation.

The lawsuit alleges Mr. Blackwell breached his contractual obligations, oral agreements and fiduciary duties owing to RKA and Blackwell Aviation.

The lawsuit alleges Mr. Blackwell is indebted to RKA and Blackwell Aviation for $1,061,612 and other further sums, “as may be determined as a consequence of RKA’s and Aviation’s ongoing investigation into Blackwell’s acts and omissions to act.”

Among the allegations is Mr. Blackwell misappropriated to his own use approximately $165,000 from Blackwell Aviation, along with unpaid aircraft use of $72,730 for 2013 and 2014, and unpaid monthly operating expenses of $171,600 related to the aircraft and hangar facility.

The lawsuit alleges Mr. Blackwell is also indebted to RKA and Blackwell Aviation $500,771 for aircraft maintenance.

In an unrelated lawsuit, a Muscatine man is suing Mr. Blackwell for an alleged delinquent loan and unpaid property taxes in Rock Island County.

Roy J. Carver Jr., is suing Mr. Blackwell for $323,375, which includes principal and accrued interest.

The lawsuit, filed Nov. 25 in the Iowa District Court for Scott County, alleges Mr. Carver and Mr. Blackwell agreed the loan would bear interest at five percent per annum from and after Jan. 29, 2013.

“There have been no payments on the loan,” the lawsuit said. “Plaintiff (Carver Jr.) has demanded repayment of the loan and payment has been refused.”

Shortly afterwards, TWO more lawsuits were filed – making a total of 4 lawsuits involving Rodney Blackwell.

December 9, 2014, from the Dispatch Argus:

Rodney Blackwell 2

The Scott County suit alleges that, since Aug. 6, 2011, Mr. Blackwell has used the proceeds of numerous loans from Carver Blackwell Piehl Motors for personal expenditures and operating capital in other businesses. Mr. Blackwell is an officer and shareholder in the company.

The three-count lawsuit states the loans were to be repaid with interest by Mr. Blackwell. The suit alleges breach of contract, breach of contract implied and unjust enrichment.

The first count claims Mr. Blackwell defaulted on the loans. The second alleges the loans were not made gratuitously, “but with the expectation that the loans would be repaid to Motors (Carver Blackwell Piehl Motors) by Blackwell.” The third count alleges he unjustly received benefits at the expense of the company.

The Henry County lawsuit states Blackwell Motors authorized American Express to issue a credit card on its account to Mr. Blackwell for business purposes only.

“Blackwell has frequently and continuously utilized the company’s American Express card for personal use,” the suit contends. “Blackwell Motors has requested on numerous occasions that Blackwell repay to Blackwell Motors the personal expenses charged to his American Express card for personal use and Blackwell has refused.”

In a Tuesday email, Mr. Blackwell said he has loaned more than $4 million to the partnerships and is in “the process of settling $50 to $60 million in assets.

Mr. Blackwell also faces two other Scott County lawsuits filed in the past six weeks:

– On Oct. 28, an aviation company in which he was a partner filed suit seeking $1 million from Mr. Blackwell, alleging he misappropriated funds.

– On Nov. 25, Roy J. Carver Jr., of Muscatine, filed suit claiming Mr. Blackwell was delinquent in unpaid Rock Island County property taxes and interest totaling $323,375.

In turn, Mr. Blackwell and his company, Financial District Properties Management, LLC, on Nov. 19 filed suit in Scott County against Bryce T. Henderson, his former chief financial officer and chief operating officer, claiming Mr. Henderson diverted funds from FDPM and Mr. Blackwell. The suit also alleges Mr. Henderson changed and manipulated capital contributions made by Mr. Blackwell and FDPM for the benefit of himself and others.

But WAIT!  There is another lawsuit involving Rodney Blackwell and City of Davenport officials -

June 20,2013, from the Dispatch Argus:

DAVENPORT — A lawsuit filed Thursday claims the city of Davenport had no legal authority to sign a contract for $387,500 worth of due diligence work on a possible casino bill, and asks that the deal be declared null and void.

The suit was filed in Scott County District court by Attorney Michael Meloy on behalf of Dr. Allen Diercks, a Davenport chiropractor and Scott County resident who owns property in Davenport; and Patricia Lane, a Davenport resident employed by the city’s public works department.

Named as defendants are Davenport City Administrator Craig Malin, the city of Davenport, and Jackie Holecek, deputy Davenport city clerk. Mr. Diercks and Ms. Lane are seeking disclosure of public records arising out of a Dec. 12, 2012 contract signed by Mr. Malin with DeLoitte and Touche, L.L.P., a national accounting firm. The contract resulted in a bill from DeLoitte to the city for $387,500 for approximately three months of work.

The work was being done by the city for due diligence in its efforts to purchase Rhythm City Casino from Isle of Capri for $46 million to $51 million and eventually build a land-based, city-owned casino.

“The contract itself, we’re asking the court to declare it void, and we’re asking the court to turn over all of the public records that the city has refused to turn over arising out of this contract,” Mr. Meloy said.

“We contend there must be something that the city paid almost $400,000 for. The city is agreeing to pay up to almost $700 an hour for services, for an unitemized bill submitted by DeLoitte that does not even state what specific work was done.

“My clients contend that this contract is a rip off of the Davenport taxpayer by paying for services that were never authorized by the Davenport City Council for Malin to sign the contract with Deloitte.”

Mr. Meloy said Ms. Lane’s contention is the city of Davenport is, “wasting money here on this alleged contract with Deloitte, while at the same time, the city claims it has no money to fix streets and sewers.

“But, it has money to spend on buying a casino building.”

The lawsuit states the city responded to the plaintiffs’ May 23 request for public records by failing to provide any of the documents received by DeLoitte. Meanwhile, the lawsuit contends the city offered to sell those DeLoitte documents to Davenport Casino Group (DCG), headed by local developer Rodney Blackwell.

City officials recommended Mr. Blackwell and his revised proposal to build a privately-owned casino and hotel near Interstate 80 with the city investing $33 million for land, infrastructure and buildings for the project.

But, the Riverboat Development Authority, the nonprofit holding the Davenport casino license, selected Kehl Development Corporation to build a $110 million casino and hotel complex. Mr. Kehl plans to build out near Interstate 80.

Mr. Diercks said the lawsuit is about government accountability and access to public records.

“I want an itemized bill,” Mr. Diercks said. “This is our money, and it’s kind of a shame. Look at the sewer problems and the city says it doesn’t have the money. Well, they’ve got all kinds of money the way it looks to me.”

City attorney Tom Warner and Mr. Malin could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Now Rodney Blackwell seeks more taxpayer money! $4.5M to be exact!

December 11,2014, from the Milwaukee Business Journal:

A project billed as Racine’s biggest in decades isn’t proceeding entirely smoothly, the latest snag being the need for a city loan on top of what already promises to be a hefty dose of state tax credits.

The $65 million riverfront Machinery Row redevelopment project is asking the city of Racine for a $4.5 million loan for up to two years, while the developer, Davenport, Iowa.-based Financial District Properties, seeks more permanent financing.

The city would withdraw the money from the intergovernmental sewer revenue-sharing agreement.

Ripping off County and City of Racine taxpayers yet again!

Jim and John 2

And what about Milwaukee Business Journal Reporter Denise Lockwood’s claim that: “Financial District Properties, a development group based in Davenport, Iowa, purchased the 20-acre parcel in June” ;

Echoed by Journal Times Publisher Mark Lewis:

RACINE — A Davenport, Iowa, developer plans to transform a Downtown riverfront area called Machinery Row with a commercial-residential project that will start at $65 million.

Financial District Properties has options to buy a 20-acre swath of riverfront land and undertake a redevelopment it is calling Machinery Row, company executives and City and County officials said Tuesday.

Mayor John Dickert called it the largest redevelopment project in Racine’s history.

The area, north of Water Street and east of Marquette Street, encompasses all of Azarian Marina, 726 Water St., and two large former industrial buildings constructed by J.I. Case Co. between 1908 and 1915. They were later sold to Western Printing and now have two different owners.

FDP was only going to redevelop Machinery Row if it had all three parcels.

There is NO TRUTH to the rumor of the Azarian Water Street property being purchased. NONE AT ALL.

From the City of Racine Property Records – Water Street property records screenshot taken on December 12, 2014:

Water Street Properties 2

While Corrupt County of Racine Executive Racine  Jim Ladwig loots County Taxpayers, Corrupt City of Racine Mayor John Dickert loots City of Racine Taxpayers. BOHICA* Racine!

BOHICA = Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.

Racine Racketeers

It’s exactly like this for the long suffering and beleaguered taxpayers of Racine County and The City of Racine. No wonder private businesses that are not dependent upon taxpayer money are fleeing Racine and Racine County, #1 in Corruption, #1 in Unemployment, #1 in Taxes!

Racine Politics


From the Belle City Reporter:



Meet Lee Enterprises CEO “Fake Mary Junck”

From the Riverfront Times:


Bang A Gong! Racine! Robert Palmer. R.I.P. and the Power Station!

Meet Racine Native Paul F. Little – aka Max Hardcore and Catholic Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan


, , , , , , , ,

Strait OUTTA The City Of Racine, WI! Paul F. Little – aka Max Hardcore.


Click on IMAGE to enlarge:Max Hardcore

And from the Rotten Archives:

Max Hardcore 2

“I do try to get the most out of my girls with braces and retainers, including piss, puke, and throat fucking. I like silly young sluts with braces. I know how to make them feel good. Most people criticize their looks with braces, but I tell them how cute they are in them. I mean, have you ever seen a 24 year old with braces?”

Max’s female performers address him only as “Mister,” and they’re really dolled up to the nines. Imbecilic bubblegum-flavored Wet ‘n’ Wild lipstick smeared haphazardly across taut, shiny faces. High heels, tennis socks, tightly-fitting baby clothes (not to be confused with crop-top “baby tees” intended for adults) in flowery pastel palettes of pink and yellow. Bobble-headed barrettes, scrunchies, ponytails ‘n’ pigtails, braces, and retainers all adorn the ninety pound itty-bitty-titty wirehanger frames of his intended prey. To say these girls look kinda young is a dangerous understatement. They look about eleven. He finds that lipstick brands marketed to teens stand up to tremendous punishment. “Repeated reamings, piss and puke, and it’s still there. Really amazing stuff. I had tried the brush-on high price crap and that’s just useless. The eye shadow and cheek makeup I use is the low-cost stuff used by teens. Those are the only ones who have the bright pinks and blues that really pop on camera.”

Indeed, his girls are quickly soaked with vomit and drenched in urine. “If you’re going to do peeing,” Max said during a panel interview with Tera Patrick, “you have to be well-hydrated.” Tears spill from the cartoonish eyes of his female performers, eye makeup smears artfully along protruding, youthful cheekbones, mingling with the unavoidable presence of stringy mucus until their faces look like sloppy, painted-up rodeo clowns. Forced smiles inevitably contort into grimacing, shaky half-sobs as Max instructs them to look in the camera and address their mothers in squeaky I’ve Been Molestered voices. H-how do you like me n-now, mom? I’m a r-real live m-m-model! Are you proud of me? Max answers one girl by grabbing her throat and yanking her ass off his dick. He hoses her face down with piss, stuffing his dong down her throat so hard she Ipecac-pukes buckets of clumpy beige liquid with spluttery fanfare across his balls and down the front of her Apple Kitty tube-top. She blows bubbles. He hands her a cigarette, slaps her face and tells her to get with the program.

Continuing, from the Rotten Library:

There is only one male performer in Max Hardcore videos, and that’s Max Hardcore himself. He brings to the table no modest lexicon of terms of endearment for his female victims. He refers to them (somewhat alphabetically) as cock sockets, cum gargles, fuck holes, and jizz guzzlers. During extended sequences, he concatenates enumerated descriptors into a battery of demeaning expletive chains, a-la “piss-soaked, cum-splattered, soil-soaked, puke-stained, slime-covered, ass-blasted, fender-flapping, sponge-stupid shitfucks”.

On Sofia Ferrari: “A total fuck pig that puked on my cock several times and kept on going.”

On Kitty Yung: “In the early scenes I could have talked this whore into sucking my dog’s dick. But she learned the fateful word ‘no’ later on.”

On J.R. Carrington: “Total fuck slut who would do anything for money.”

On Autumn Day: “Anything, and I mean anything was the way I had this slut processed. Not a typical porn girl. Just a total slut.”

On Tiffany Mynx: “At the beginning, anything would be possible. But she got to be an uppity fat fuck shortly afterwards.”

On China Lee: “Any thing is possible with this whore, including licking donkey balls.”

On Channone: “The only problem I had with this whore is she spoke very little English. Nowadays I just would just start pissing down her throat and I’m sure she would take it.”

On Alexandra Silk: “She would pretty much do whatever I wanted at the time, including fisting. But then let a little success go to her head and wouldn’t speak to me for years.”

On Penelope: “She guzzles piss with the best of them and I even taught her how to fist herself.”

Warning signs adorn his southern California studio. There will be no drinking on the set. No drugs. Nobody under age eighteen is allowed anywhere near the property. And yet, there are moments in Max Hardcore vignettes where you absolutely, positively can’t believe what he’s convinced someone to do while stone cold sober. Does he hate women? He claims not to, citing a wonderful childhood and a loving home.

Repeated insults and name calling, choke-fucking, and ass-to-mouth stuffing are part and parcel of Max’s ongoing legacy. But practices like projectile anal squirting — his words, not ours — are not always enough for his diehard fans, who regularly contribute constructive feedback on his private, members-only message boards about what they’d like to see. “Can you do some milkshake enemas?” one user pleads. “Pour it into a whore’s asshole, then plunge your cock in and have it spill out down the whore’s thighs and cunt (nice and messy), then get another slut to suck and lick the rest of the milkshake out of the slut’s asspipe and do some spit swapping between the two fucktoys. Hope these suggestions are of some use.”

Then meet Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan:

Timothy Dolan

The same Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan who assisted the Catholic Church in hiding pedophile Priests, denying  JUSTICE to the victims of pedophile Priests, and hiding the assets of the Catholic Church to deny payments to victims of pedophile Priests:

July 1, 2013, from The New York Times:

Dolan Sought to Protect Church Assets, Files Show

Files released by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee on Monday reveal that in 2007, Cardinal Timothy F. Dolan, then the archbishop there, requested permission from the Vatican to move nearly $57 million into a cemetery trust fund to protect the assets from victims of clergy sexual abuse who were demanding compensation.

The release of more than 6,000 pages of documents on Monday was hailed by victims and their advocates as a vindication and a historic step toward transparency and accountability. They were well aware that the archives would bring unusually intense scrutiny to the country’s most high-profile prelate, Cardinal Dolan, who as president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the archbishop of New York has sought to help the church turn the corner on the era of scandal.

“As victims organize and become more public, the potential for true scandal is very real,” he wrote in such a request in 2003 to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the head of the Vatican office charged with handling abuse cases until he became Pope Benedict XVI in 2005.

Victims on Monday called for a federal investigation into the actions of Cardinal Dolan and his predecessors, but the cardinal sought to deflect criticism by saying in a statement Monday that he welcomed the release of the documents.

Milwaukee harbored some of the nation’s most notorious priest pedophiles, including the Rev. Lawrence Murphy, whom a church therapist assessed as having molested as many as 200 boys during his two and a half decades teaching and leading St. John’s School for the Deaf in St. Francis, Wis., and Sigfried Widera, who faced 42 counts of child abuse in Wisconsin and California. Father Murphy died in 1998, and Father Widera committed suicide in Mexico in 2003.

So what’s the difference between Max Hardcore and Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan?

What Max Hardcore does is legal, done with members of the opposite sex, who are of legal age, albeit in questionable taste; while Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan denies the culpability of Catholic Priests who engaged in homosexual sexual acts between underage boys and Catholic Priests. Then Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan hides the assets to (marginally) compensate the victims. Max Hardcore goes to prison – while Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan absolves Catholic Priests of their crimes and the Catholic Church of it’s liability!

Come along with Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan and his Priests to the Gay Bar!~


Priests Rape Boys! Click on the ink below to watch the video.


How SICK is that?

Priests Rape Boys 1 Priests Rape Boys 2

Rob Halford  and Judas Priest – Victim of Changes:


Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan makes Max Hardcore look like an amateur. PERIOD.


Sick, Sick Racine!

*BONUS* From Forbes:

Profligate Son: A Billionaire Scion’s Sex Crime Allegations Rock A Company Town



Profligate Son

 And from, The Daily Mail:


One in 50

Damning reports by the UN this year have accused the Vatican of ‘systematically’ adopting policies that allowed priests to rape and molest thousands of children over decades, failing to report allegations to the authorities and transferring offenders to new dioceses where they could abuse again.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica yesterday, Francis denounced the corruption of children as ‘the most terrible and unclean thing imaginable’ and vowed to ‘confront it with the seriousness it demands’.

The Pope’s comments come as Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby warned that fresh child abuse would be uncovered in the Church of England.



Members of the Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka Kansas demonstrate against homosexuality Westboro Baptist church

So who’s telling the TRUTH?


Lika Pika

Who’s enabling Child Pedophiles and those who would molest their own children and commit incest with underage children?

Men who can handle  female adult sexuality – of legal age!

A Look At Racine Unified and Other Local School District Salaries and Benefits


, , , , , , , , , , , , ,

While The Journal Times has been recently publishing articles about Racine Unified School District and it’s endless list of problems, they have failed to provide specific information about the grossly inflated salary and benefit packages that are enjoyed by Teachers and Administration Staff. Remember that The Journal Times Publisher, Mark Lewis, is a Board Member and Director of the government funded Racine County Economic Development Corporation and the Mission of The Journal Times is to “celebrate and improve the quality of life in Racine”even if it means taxing every private business and family out of existence so that no public official is left behind! So, while the Philosophy sounds nice and harmless – it is undefined and wide open to interpretation.

JT Mission Statement

SO what do Teachers and Administrators make in local School Districts and why are property taxes so high that private business and families are being impoverished and driven out of local Communities? It’s the outrageous salary and tax-free benefit packages that are being paid to Teachers and Administrators which are funded by Property and Income Taxes and that are way out of proportion for what local Communities can subsidize. Truth be told – the only benefit to school vouchers, which transfers only PART of the money per student from one District to Another – is to the District which loses the Student – because the taxpayers in the accepting District are forced to make up the difference! It is time to end the failed experiment called Public Education, let the People keep their money and decide what is right for their children. Government Skools are a complete failure!

Read the spin from The Journal Times HERE.

The Data from The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction:

Click on images for large:Local School District Salaries

What's on RUSDs Mind

Note that Union Grove J1 School District is #1 in pay and tax-free benefits, and RUSD is #2. Have you ever wondered why Main Street Union Grove is looking so deserted and empty? It’s because Businesses there are being taxed out of existence to pay those generous salaries and benefits.

Here is the Big-Shots pay, the District Administrators and Business Managers. Lolli Haws at RUSD is #1. Remember that in Racine County – one overpaid public official justifies overpaying another. If you don’t believe Racine Exposed – just ask Mount Pleasant Village Idiot and Tea- Tard Dave Degroot!

2014 District Administrators Pay And Benefits



Now the Principals:

NOTE! Some people hold more than one position and as these are total salaries and benefits – those numbers will hold in all positions. They are separate and NOT cumulative.

Principal Salaries 1Principal Salaries 2


Now Assistant Principals:

NOTE! Some people hold more than one position and as these are total salaries and benefits – those numbers will hold in all positions. They are separate and NOT cumulative.

2014 Assistant Principals2014 Assistant Principals 2


All Others:

2014 All Others

So Be True To Your School – even if it’s taxing you out of your Business, Employment and Home!

OR -

In Racine, Perception Is Everything And What Do those Eggheads at UW Madison Know Anyways?


, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Launch Box in Downtown Racine. This is The Gamechanger that will turn Racine around. Ignore the outrageous property taxes which fund local government salaries and tax-free benefit packages which are out of control – with the overpaid salary and benefit package of one public official justifying the  raising of another’s – and back and forth until the People are taxed out of their Homes, Employment, and Businesses.

Launch Box

From Gateway Technical College:

Launch Box – Helping Your Business Take Off…

Ten partnering community organizations developed this resource for City of Racine entrepreneurs, inventors and business owners. 

Launch Box is a business development resource that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses reach the next stage of their professional journey.  We believe supporting small business is the best way to help Racine sustain a robust business environment and a vigorous economy.

This website provides business planning resources for entrepreneurs who want to start a business within the City of Racine and ongoing assistance for emerging and established businesses.

Launch Box has numerous resources for business plan assistance, licenses and permits, financing your business, business education, business training, workforce development and staffing, and more to start and grow a business within the city limits of Racine, Wisconsin. 

What they fail to announce is that most Racine Businesses are taxed out of existence to support the lifestyle of local elected and public officials who expect salaries of $100,000+ and Tax-Free Benefit Packages of $20,000 – $40,000+.

From the City of Racine 2015 Proposed Budget for the City Administrators Office. Try not to laugh out loud as those in the know read the City Administrators and City Attorney’s Office Duties and Responsibilities – in a City which has faced lawsuit after lawsuit brought on by the incompetence and malfeasance of Mayor John Dickert and CO.

Click on images for large:City Administration 2015 Budget

2015 City Administration Budget

John Dickert’s employment at Heartland Solutions Group pays him enough of a salary that he has to declare it on his Economic Interest Statement Form! Yet – NOT one peep from the City of Racine Common Council!

John Dickert, HSG

And TrendPo, which must not be paying more than the $5,000 per year which would otherwise trigger the reporting requirements on his Economic Interests Statement:

John Dickert TrendPo

And while City Of Racine Aldermen remain quiet and complacent and the majority just unquestioningly rubber-stamp the City of Racine 2015 Budget…

November 24, 2014, from the Wisconsin Daily Independent:

Alderman Bob Donovan questions Milwaukee Police Chief of Staff Plant’s “moonlighting”

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan released a statement on November 21, after he was contacted by a reporter with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for an article about the hiring of Milwaukee Police Department Chief of Staff Joel Plant as a crime statistics consultant for the Pittsburgh Police Department.

According to Donovan, “Mr. Plant makes more than $98,000 per year for the MPD, and the Pittsburgh consulting gig could net him more than $30,000.”

“Again, I must say I was quite surprised to learn about this, especially when you consider all of our police department’s “needs” and issues of late – not to mention our continuing challenges with deadly gun violence, crime and disorder. I sure hope Mr. Plant isn’t skirting any of his duties for the MPD, or using any MPD/city resources in his consulting endeavor,” continued Donovan.

Donovan suggested that in light of the fact that “Plant can spend all of that time in Pittsburgh while still doing his job here, I believe it’s time we take another look at his job description, because in my mind this smells strongly of double-dipping at the expense of Milwaukee taxpayers.
The bottom line for me as an elected official and resident is that I want the top brass of the MPD 100% focused on solving Milwaukee’s crime and public safety problems 100% of the time – not 60 or 70% of the time.”

Donovan concluded, “How about we take care of our problems first, and let Pittsburgh hire someone else for their issues!”

Meanwhile John Dickert continues to cavort and gallivant about on the taxpayers dime – claiming to be full time while holding down at least two other positions…. Unquestioned by the City of Racine Aldermen who fill a seat at Racine City Hall…. and continue to pay his legal bills in a RICO and Civil Rights Action against him in Federal Court.

But I digress, so back to Kristin Niemiec’s Launchbox:

Kristin Niemiec

SO where is the “fruit” of all this self-proclaimed activity – and the revenues it will generate to relieve beleaguered City of Racine Taxpayers? Is it ever enough to satisfy the inflation and real estate bubbles demanded by John Dickert and Co.?


November 29, 2014, from The Journal Times:

Launch Box becoming business hub

RACINE — More than a year after a work and meeting space for area entrepreneurs and companies opened, there are signs that Launch Box has been a good move.

Launch Box, which was announced in November 2011 by the City of Racine and its partners, is designed to connect entrepreneurs and small companies with various business resources.

The effort took physical shape on Oct. 22, 2013, when Launch Box opened a “co-working” space — meaning a place used by people who are not from the same company — at 141 Main St. With the City of Racine and Gateway Technical College as the two main funders of what is now a Gateway program, Launch Box allows free memberships and provides members with electronic key fobs for around-the-clock access.

Although there was no set usage goal, another yardstick for measuring Launch Box’s effectiveness is how often the Downtown space is used. Niemiec can measure that by tallying the number of key swipes at the door, and she said the average in the first 12 months was 4.3 per day.

“I’m pleased with it,” Niemiec said. “That’s (averaged over) seven days a week. We had someone in on New Year’s Eve. … So there’s always people here.

“We have people come in who have an idea, and they’re still trying to figure out if there’s a market. Can they make money?”

So far, Niemiec and Kate Walker, Gateway’s director of business development, said they have provided about 100 “technical assists” to Racine County residents. A technical assist can range from a simple referral to helping an existing business with self-analysis and growth strategies.

  • Launch Box has hosted professional-development workshops, such as TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talks, at least once a month since it began, Walker said.
  • Home-based businesses do job interviewing or work there to provide a professional setting and avoid distractions.
  • Local companies have used the conference room as an off-site location for board meetings.
  • Companies have held training events there.
  • Launch Box hosts business training sessions such as a four-session marketing workshop which starts in January.
  • A 12-week growth accelerator boot camp will be held there starting in March, a program the Small Business Administration will fund and which Launch Box won in a competitive application process.

So where are all the *NEW* Small Businesses in Racine – and why is Mayor John Dickert continuing to whine about being broke and not having enough revenue? Is is because the REALITY doesn’t fit the CLAIMED EXPECTATIONS?

Once again, ignoring Reality – Politician John Dickert and “For Entertainment Only” The Journal Times present the desired perception; contrary to the University of Madison Professors at Econbrowser.

Wages in the private sector continue to decline to support the outrageously high taxes required by the likes of The State of Wisconsin, County of Racine, City of Racine, Racine Unified School District, and Gateway Technical School District to fund the $100,000+ salaries and $20,000 – $40,000 Tax-Free Benefit packages!

Downgraded: The Macro Outlook in Wisconsin

Econbrowser Wage Outlook

The Department of Revenue’s Wisconsin Economic Outlook, released last week, details a noticeable deterioration in forecasted economic performance, in just the past eight months.

Read the Complete Econbrowser post HERE.

And from the Wisconsin Budget Project Blog:

Wisconsin Spending Needs Far Exceed the New Revenue Projections

Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 8:19 PM by

State Faces Gap of More than $2.4 Billion between Now and June 2017

State officials confirmed today what we have feared for many months – that Wisconsin’s spending needs in the next biennium far exceed the projected revenue, and the state must also close a very substantial budget hole in the current fiscal year.  As a result, lawmakers are likely to make cuts that have harmful consequences for Wisconsin children and families and for the investments needed to keep Wisconsin economically competitive. 

Despite the assurances of Walker administration officials over the last couple of months that the state is in strong fiscal shape, the figures contained in a report released by the Department of Administration (DOA) today confirm that balancing the state budget in 2015-17 will require very deep spending cuts or significant tax increases. Specifically, the DOA document reveals the following:

  • Tax revenue for the current fiscal year is now expected to be $82 million below the amount estimated in May (on top of a $281 million tax shortfall in the first half of the biennium), and net appropriations are estimated to be $43 million less.
  • The state is on track to have a “net balance” of -$197 million at the end of this biennium, which means that significant cuts or transfers will have to be made to get the budget back into balance by June 2015 (and to preserve a required $65 million budget balance).
  • The agency budget requests, which generally followed the Governor’s instructions for just maintaining existing programs, exceed the anticipated General Purpose Revenue (GPR) by $2.2 billion during the 2015-15 biennium (assuming the state does carry over a $65 million balance).
  • The total gap between requested GPR spending and anticipated revenue is about $2.4 billion between now and June 2017, and that doesn’t account for various spending needs that are calculated later in the process (e.g., increases for debt service, state employee compensation and benefits, UW faculty pay adjustments, and a potential gap in funding for the Earned Income Tax Credit). 

The large shortfall between projected revenue and spending can be attributed to a number of factors, including the following:

  • Overly optimistic revenue estimates early this year, which were used to justify the most recent round of tax cuts.
  • The decision by the Governor and state legislators to use all of this year’s projected revenue increase (associated with the overly optimistic estimates) for cutting taxes, which necessitated suspending the statute that requires half of such increases to be put into the rainy day fund.
  • Substantially increasing state spending for BadgerCare to cover childless adults, rather than financing that coverage expansion by taking the federal funding that would pay the full costs for the next couple of years (and could save more than $300 million in the next biennium).
  • The proposal to transfer $548 million in the next biennium from the General Fund to the Transportation Fund (which would be an increase of almost $275 million). 

- See more at: http://www.wisconsinbudgetproject.org/wisconsin-spending-needs-far-exceed-the-new-revenue-projections#sthash.lqWBEZ5Y.dpuf

City of Racine Mayor John Dickert’s perception is leading Racine straight to Bankruptcy! You better hang on tight – because the ride is about to become rougher!


Taking a closer look at The Journal Times, which is clearly NOT an unbiased news organization, but actually for entertainment (local government propaganda) only:

JT Mission Statement

And how can Publisher Mark Lewis be UNBIASED when he sits on the Board of the Quasi-Governmental and Government Funded RCEDC? From RCEDC’s 2012 Form 990.


And The Incest Fest of the Board of Directors – A list of who’s who on local government boards along with The Journal Times Publisher Mark Lewis. Is it any wonder why The Journal Times is usually nothing more than the voice of local Public Officials and fails as an unbiased news organization? And why the economy of Racine County is so screwed up and failing?.


For those interested in more information concerning the Inbred Relationships and Fascist melding of Government and Non-Profit Corporations in Racine’s dysfunctional economy – you are strongly encouraged to get a free membership at Guidestar to download and examine the 990 forms for Racine County Economic Development Corporation (RCEDC), Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce (RAMAC), and the Racine County Convention and Visitors Bureau. All three are largely funded with taxpayers money and are there to re-enforce the perception versus the reality – while Board Members are all interconnected in an incestuous self re-enforcing group. This is what a Fascist Centrally Planned Economy looks like!  Is it any wonder why the economy of Racine County is moribund and failing?

From Guidestar - you can download these form 990’s by clicking on the link:

RCEDC 2012 Form 990: HERE

RAMAC 2013 Form 990: HERE

Racine County Convention & Visitors Bureau 2013 Form 990: HERE



How an Economy Grows and Why It Doesn’t (by Irwin Schiff)


Which is why Racine County is dying. The inbred Leadership is only LOOTING the local economy while one overpaid Public Official justifies overpaying another! City and County of Racine Taxpayers are headed towards bankruptcy!

A Happy Racine WI Thanksgiving To All!


, , , , , ,

Big Bird


Sesame Street Turns 45: Ernie’s First Colonoscopy



Gangster Bert and Ernie Not For Kids



Sesame Street Gangsta – Grover – Everyday I’m Hustlin’



Kermit The Frog – Piggy Got Back



The Muppets – Devil Went Down to Jamaica




Flintstones Goodfellas


Holiday cooking with Jerry Miculek.





The Biggest RacineTurkey of all:

lying john 2



Street Racing in Racine – Back in the Good Old Days:

1972 340 4 speed Duster

Cruising and Boozing! With Sammy Hager!



Or in the case of Wisconsinites – Mas J. Bavet Brandy!




RACER X Godzilla:



For DOC. It’s not Food – It’s Violence!


The Competitions View:

Blown Toy340 4 Speed Competition View

WI State Representative Robin “BOSS” Vos’s Game Of Tax-Shifting and Game Playing


, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

October 24, 2014, from The Journal Times:

                                                 Gateway taxes cut in half

Click on images for LARGEJT Article Gateway

However, what The Journal Times and local Republican Robin “BOSS” Vos  failed to mention was that Gateway Technical College would use that tax-shifting to:

1. Increase spending by 3% in their 2015 Budget.

2013-2014 Spending = $86,664,000

2014-2015 Spending = $88,466,000

2. Have their unelected Board borrow $10,000,000 without a referendum by issuing General Obligation Bonds, thus adding to their debt service and taxpayer expenses.

Since Act 145 was signed into law on March 24, 2014 by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Gateway Technical College’s unelected board has issued 3 General Obligation Bonds for a total of $10,000,000 without a referendum.

3. By lowering Gateway’s debt, Robin Vos enabled them to pull an end-around Wisconsin State Statute 67.03(9) , for Bryan Albrecht’s future planned expansion because property values have continued to decline in the District:

WI Stat 67.03 (9): For any technical college district, the bonded indebtedness for the purpose of purchasing school sites and the construction and equipping of school buildings may not exceed 2% of the value of its taxable property as equalized for state purposes.

Tax-shifting Boss Vos

 Item 1: Straight from Gateway Technical College Budget:

2013- 2014 Gateway Budget:

2013-2014 Gateway Budget

2014-2015 Gateway Budget:

2014-2015 Gateway Budget

Item 2: Straight from Moody’s:

Gateway Borrowing Moody's 1

The Unelected Robber-Barons of Gateway Technical College thank District Taxpayers for accepting their role as Mushrooms – being kept in the dark,  being fed Bullshit, and passively accepting it.


Gateway’s unelected Robber-Baron Board Borrowing from 2014 to 2011, prior to Act 145, from Moody’s:

Moodys 2

Moodys 3

That’s $46,1000,000 since 2/17/2011, (3 years!)  being borrowed by Gateway Technical College’s unelected Robber-Baron Board. Why did State Representative Robin  Vos just enable Gateway to borrow more, increase spending, and further burden Wisconsin Businesses and Taxpayers? And where were the referendums? That’s right! There were none!

Except for the failed April 1, 2014 Gateway referendum which asked for $49M.

Gateway Vote April  2, 2013

Item 3: From the Wisconsin State Statutes:

WI Stat 67.03(9)

Which brings into play the Ratchet Effect – from Charles Hughes Smith Of Two Minds:


And now that the 2014 election is over, and Republican Governor Scott Walker and State Representative Robin  Vos were reelected,  the truth was finally revealed! WHOOPS!

Walker's Budget Deficit

*Cognitive Dissonance:

Cognitive Dissonance

Now that the Wisconsin 2014 election is safely over….

From The Cap Times, November 21, 2014:

Projected state revenues will fall $2.2 billion short of what state agencies have requested for the 2015-17 budget, Gov. Scott Walker’s administration reported Thursday.

Where Democrats see a “staggering” deficit in the Department of Administration’s budget memo, Republicans see “positive indicators” of Wisconsin’s economy recovery.

Agencies will not receive all the funding they ask for, which means the shortfall won’t be exactly what’s shown in the November report. But the current estimate also does not account for income and property tax cuts promised by Walker for the next budget.

And from Econbrowser:


And While Governor Scott Walker, prior to his re-election, bragged about cutting taxes and opening Wisconsin for Business, now that he is safely re-elected, it’s another WHOOPS!

November 15,2014, from The Wisconsin State Journal:

New taxes, higher fees proposed by state transportation department

Drivers in Wisconsin would have to pay an additional $751 million in taxes and fees over the next two years if a new transportation budget request is approved.

Faced with a looming budget shortfall, the state Department of Transportation wants to create a fee for new cars, increase fees on electric and hybrid vehicles, raise taxes on diesel fuel and add a new variable gas tax.

The transportation department’s 2015-17 budget request submitted late Friday also calls for an increase in the use of the state’s general fund revenue. It came just over a week after Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who touted tax cuts on the campaign trail, won re-election.

While State Representative Robin Vos threatened to not fund a new Bucks Arena with public money because the owner met with Barack Obama. However “BOSS” Vos did add that funding to the tune of $150,000,000 in G.O. Bonds may be possible since the taxes that the Players currently pay $10.7M in jock taxes which  would cover the bond expenses. But what Robin Vos failed to mention is that moving that $10.7M to debt service would leave a $10.7M hole in the general fund and those  taxes would be placed on the backs of Wisconsin working families (many who can’t even dream of affording to attend a Bucks game – much less want to attend a Bucks game) and Businesses.



November 14, 2014, from The Journal Times:

                    ‘Viable option’ seen for arena funding

ROCHESTER — After making headlines this week in the debate over a new Milwaukee Bucks arena, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos on Friday released a report showing a possible path forward for state support.

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau report showed that NBA players paid $10.7 million in income taxes to the state in 2012. That money, also called a “jock tax,” could support $150 million in state general obligation bonds for the new arena, the agency said in its report to Vos.

“This is one viable option that the Legislature could consider,” said Vos, R-Rochester, in a statement.

Controversial comments

Vos found himself in the middle of the arena debate this week after comments he made about Lasry.

Lasry, a longtime Democratic donor, greeted President Barack Obama in Milwaukee last month, which Vos said “probably wasn’t the wisest decision” with the Bucks seeking public money and Republicans in control of state government.

“It makes it harder for me to sell to our caucus,” Vos said on WISN’s “Up Front with Mike Gousha.” “They’ve got to be a lot smarter with their technique.”

 So with Wisconsin on the path to a “coming soon to you” $2.2 Billion + economic disaster under Governor “Wrong Way” Walker,  in the ironies of irony, State Representative Robin “BOSS” Vos attacks political opportunist and Democrat Racine Mayor John Dickert for engaging in the same political deception, tricks, and treachery:

October 29, 2014, from The Journal Times:

Vos questions city plan

RACINE — State Rep. Robin Vos is asking for details about a city plan to use borrowed funds to pay for $550,000 in engineering department wages next year, and raising concerns that the proposal might violate the state’s property tax cap law.

In a letter sent to Mayor John Dickert on Wednesday, Vos, a Republican from Rochester and the Assembly Speaker, wrote that the proposal appears to “skirt levy limit regulations.”

“As you know, state statutes authorize bonding for capital projects, including associated design costs,” the letter states. “Based on your proposed budget, it is not readily apparent to me how the city plans to make this transfer and remain in compliance with state law.”

The letter from WI State Representative (R) Robin “BOSS” Vos to Racine Mayor (D) John Dickert is below:

Click on Image and use your Browser Buttons to EnlargeVos to Dickert-Letter

And Racine Mayor (D) John Dickert’s Reply, which basically states that; Who cares if it hurts Wisconsin Working Families and Businesses or that it may be against the law – Wisconsin Republicans and Wisconsin Democrats are both doing it and Wisconsin taxpayers are only dumb Cows to be milked and bilked.

Click on Image and use your Browser Buttons to EnlargeDickert to Vos-1

Dickert to Vos-Letter

And so the Cognitive Dissonance rages in Wisconsin as the (R) Fascists argue with the (D) Socialists and Wisconsin continues to slide towards economic ruin. Have you had enough of the lies, cheating, stealing by the Wisconsin Republicans and Democrats yet? There is not an ounce of difference between them – except for how they plan to economically destroy Wisconsin! It’s killing Wisconsin’s Working Families and Businesses.




From Against Crony Capitalism:

Most people who read this website probably know where we land on this question. The two ideologies have the same father and are not really that different from one another. Both are collectivist dreams. Both venerate the state over the individual. Both are obsessed with works projects and managing the economy. Both see the ends as justifying the means.

And yet by some bizarre accident (actually it’s not really that much of an accident) of history fascism has somehow become associated with the “Right” and socialism with the “Left.” Part of the problem is that the terms “Right” and “Left” don’t really make much sense. There are those who are for more statism and there are those who are for less statism. Both Nazis and Communists are for ever more power to the state. Those with a classically liberal drift are on the other end of the political spectrum (assuming we want to be intellectually honest).

Triangle of Politics

Steely Dan – Chain Lightning: Watch the video images as you listen to the audio.


“Chain Lightning” by Steely Dan off “Katy Lied” featuring Wilhelm Reich’s “The Mass Psychology of Fascism” in poster form as preformed by The extraordinary New York Surveillance Camera Players a combination theater and protest performance group that performs to the surveillance cameras. Photos of include Stalin*, Nixon, Bush and Clintons.

According to a group member, a liberal estimate of the number of surveillance cameras in operation in Manhattan is now more than 10,000. This pales in comparison to London, the city with the highest concentration of surveillance cameras, where it is estimated there are 10,000 cameras in operation in London’s financial district alone.

The location of surveillance cameras is noticeably peculiar considering their perceived purpose of crime prevention. Cameras are installed in predominantly rich zones of the city and markedly not in zones where there is high crime (the predominantly poorer zones). Cameras are also installed predominantly in crowded thoroughfares rather than in back alleys. Cameras are frequently installed within private property (though technically legal) but are obviously directed at monitoring public space.

*Josef Stalin, once said, “If I could control the medium of the American motion picture, I would need nothing else to convert the entire world to communism.”

Further Reading:
Most people know that jazz and swing were immediately banned upon Hitler’s ascension to power in 1933. Swing represented the decadent society of America, while jazz threatened the racial purity of the Aryan race. A deep-rooted anti-Semitism underlay these attitudes: Swing was one component of modernism (“the refuse of a rotting society”); and jazz was being used by the Jews to corrupt the Aryan race through “musical race defilement.” Music at the home front had to conform to the traditionalist tastes of Hitler and the Nazi elite, but when it came to propaganda aimed at foreign countries, swing and jazz seemed the perfect bait. Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels was always sensitive to the enormous influence of the radio, which he viewed as second only to the press as the “most effective weapon in our struggle for existence.”

- Krikus review of “Hitler’s Airwaves: The Inside Story of Nazi Radio Broadcasting and Propaganda Swing” by Horst J. P. Bergmeier (Author), Rainer E. Lotz (Author)

Democrat (Socialist) Jim Doyle was bad - Republican (FASCIST) Scott Walker is worse! Democrat (SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST) Mary Burke would have been complete disaster!  It’s time for a CHANGE that matters.


Does The City of Racine Have a “Secret Coffin Fund”?


, , , , , , , ,

Allegations recently surfaced that The City of Racine has a secret “coffin fund” to finance the Defendants in the RICO lawsuit who were not covered by The City of Racine’s Insurance.

The story broke at Racine In Ruins – However when Racine Exposed pressed for a source – the only source provided was “Jim Spodick’s Belief”

Jim Spodick’s Belief.

That was it.  No more to the story. At which point Racine Exposed advised Racine In Ruins to PULL THE POST – which no longer appears at Racine In Ruins.

Of course. Jim Spodick has been at odds with the City of Racine before:

January 11, 2014, from The journal Times:

Click on Image to enlargeJim Spodick

While the post at Racine In Ruins has been pulled, Racine Community Media still has this post:

RCM Broke






Still waiting for the details. Where are they and who is the source? Outside of Jim Spodick’s head?

Meanwhile – the RICO Lawsuit Litigants have agreed to a Gag Order! How does that help City of Racine Taxpayers who are funding their defense? City of Racine Taxpayers work hard long hours to pay Mayor John Dickert for all his words of Wisdom! Just take a look at a recent brain scan of John Dickert!

Recent Brain Scan of John Dickert: (actual)Brain Scan of John Dickert

And will City of Racine Taxpayers or their insurance pay any settlement agreed to with a confidentiality clause? If they do…

That’s just plain WRONG!

From The League of Wisconsin Municipalities:

Click on image to enlarge:LWM

As for Jim Spodick’s  Racine Equality Project – when will the remaining members, many who are investors into the RICO lawsuit – which does have merit –  call for an injunction to end  the City of Racine Taxpayers from paying the costs of the Defendants AND potentially paying out on an Out of Court settlement whose costs will be picked up by City of Racine taxpayers?

It’s time to end the Gag Order, demand criminal charges against the Defendants, and release the City of Racine Taxpayers from any liability in this suit! Why is the Racine Equality Project silent on this issue?  Is it because Jim Spodick and other investors plan to profit from this action?

Perhaps The Racine Equality Project should change it’s LOGO:

REP Header

 The Beat Goes ON!


 C’mon Jim – The City of Racine Taxpayers need a true, well funded Watchdog Organization – not someone who it looting them from behind – while Dickert loots them upfront!



Steely Dan – Your Gold Teeth II – Life is unreal.


For those who are unaware of what a Steely Dan is, and thus miss the irony:

Steely Dan








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