Did Racine Mayor John Dickert and Former County Executive Jim Ladwig Accept Illegal Campaign Contributions? Read The E-Mails and Decide For Yourself


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Ho-Hum. From The JT – All The Drivel That’s Fit To Print  -with Cara Spoto providing cover and chinless Publisher Mark Lewis asleep at the helm…..


Illegal contributions alleged, but former Dickert treasurer blames bad accounting

RACINE — A recent filing in the city bars lawsuit claims to contain emails showing campaign workers for Mayor John Dickert tried to hide illegal contributions, but those involved say the allegations are false and the exchanges have been taken out of context.


What The JT is too cowardly to tell you is that the people involved ADMIT that the contributions are illegal – and that some of the contributions involve Fisk Johnson! Of Johnson Wax fame.

HFJFrom the same dysfunctional Johnson Family that gave Racine Profligate Son Curt Johnson! The JT certainly can’t afford to bite the hand of the dysfunctional family that feeds it!

Curt JohnsonNo disappointment here – RE brings you the real deal! The actual E-mails JPthat were presented to the Court of the Honorable Judge J.P. Stadtmueller, who is presiding over Case 2:14-cv-00208-JPS in the United States Eastern District Court of Wisconsin.  Read the actual E-mails presented to the Court and decide for yourself.

Presented without comment.



The E-Mails presented are from file 118.

Click on images to enlargeLatest Action in RICO andCivil RIghts Action - Kurt WhalenAND… The E-Mails:

BP 1 BP 2BP 3BP 4BP 5

As always – click on images to enlargeBP 6



City Of Racine Officials Use Racially Offensive Terms In Official E-Mails – Profusely


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Directly from the Civil Lawsuit:

Click on images for large:Lawsuit 1Overview:

OVERVIEWThe Plaintiffs request DISCOVERY –

DISCOVERYThe Defendants Shocking and Offensive Answer!


Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 8.22.43 PM

From FOX 6:

RACINE (WITI) — Racist words, so offensive we cannot say them or show them on television have supposedly been found on city of Racine computers. It’s the latest to come out of a federal lawsuit that claims white City of Racine officials discriminated against minority business owners.

They are some of the worst words you can think of — words so inflammatory and offensive we cannot say or show them on television. The ones we can say include: monkey, ghetto, bribe, kickback and “those people.” Words like those, including the “n-word” were found hundreds of times on computers owned by the city of Racine since 2009.

“None of that surprises me. I told them that’s what they would find,” Vince Bobot said.

Bobot was one of the first lawyers to get involved in this case. His clients are African-American men who came to him for help. They claimed the city of Racine was going after their business licenses illegally.

“I know a lot of people don’t believe it happened — but it did,” Bobot said.

In a federal lawsuit filed last year, six minority business owners joined forces to sue the city of Racine and Racine’s Mayor John Dickert — claiming they were the victims of an elaborate plot to drive minority-owned businesses out of Racine.

“To this day I can’t figure out why this litigation hasn’t been resolved because what they did was wrong,” Bobot said.

See the FOX 6 video by clicking HERE. (screenshot is below)

RW ScreenshotWhile this speaks very poorly about the Ethics, Values and Activities of City of Racine Public Officials – how about those of Mount Pleasant Wisconsin Elected Officials – who hired retired City of Racine Police Chief Kurt Whalen as their Village Administrator IN SPITE of having FULL KNOWLEDGE that Kurt Whalen was actively involved in a RICO/Civil Rights Lawsuit as a Defendant and that his previous actions in Holmes V Whalen were condemned by The Wisconsin Court Of Appeals?

May 8, 2013, from The Journal Times:

Former Racine police chief is new Mount Pleasant village administrator

MOUNT PLEASANT — Despite some trustees’ concerns over transparency, Mount Pleasant’s Village Board selected former Racine Police Chief Kurt Wahlen as village administrator Wednesday.

Newly elected President Mark Gleason stuck to his campaign promise to get a full-time village administrator in place as soon as possible.

The village hasn’t had someone fill that position full time for more than two years, and trustees point to a lack of consistent leadership as the source of many issues inside Village Hall.

Gleason “resurrected” Wahlen’s application for the position and scheduled an interview for a closed-session meeting of the board Wednesday, but did not disclose Wahlen’s name to fellow trustees until that closed session.

Trustees Gary Feest and Don Schulz objected, saying Gleason “subverted the process” by not noticing the name under consideration.

“Even though you have full authority to call a meeting, and you have full authority to set the agenda, it’s up to this village board to decide whether … we just blindly go into closed session with the title ‘administrative interviews,’ ” Feest said. “And if that’s the truth, I have no knowledge of any candidates; none have been announced.”

Additionally, Feest said, Gleason did not respond to emails or a call from him with questions.

Gleason said “there is nothing being withheld from any board members,” adding that applicants’ names are often not disclosed for confidentiality reasons.

Feest, Schulz and Trustee Jerry Garski voted against going into closed session, with Feest declining to join the closed session interview process. He abstained from the final vote as well.

Schulz took part in the interview but disputed the process as well, voting against Wahlen on those grounds, and seriously questioning Gleason’s openness and transparency.

“There’s always a difference of opinion about these things, but it was lawfully done with full board consideration,” Gleason said. “We needed an administrator; we have an administrator — a well-qualified administrator — and we’re looking forward to him working with the board.”

Another candidate also was considered, but they withdrew, Gleason said.

Garski also voted against Wahlen, saying after the meeting that he, too, objected to Gleason’s process. He added that when the previous village board first considered administrator candidates, they voted to reject Wahlen’s application.

President Gleason and Trustees Dave DeGroot, Sonny Havn and John Hewitt voted to hire Wahlen, on a final vote of 4-2, with Feest abstaining.

SO – Mount Pleasant Village President Mark Gleason, Trustee Dave DeGroot,  Trustee Sonny Havn and Trustee John Hewitt STILL  hired Civil Rights and RICO Defendant Kurt Whalen as Mount Pleasant Village Administrator. UGH! What does that say about THEIR values?

Does Racism, Bigotry and Hate represent Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin values? It is repulsive and repugnant to the majority of progressive and enlightened residents who inhabit Mount Pleasant! Enlightened, Educated and Intelligent Mount Pleasant Residents  Just say NO! to Gleason, DeGroot, Havn and Hewitt.

Not My Values, Not In My Community, Positively Mount Pleasant



Further information on Mount  Pleasant Wisconsin Village Administrator Kurt Whalen. From his defense:

At best, the allegations against Wahlen indicate that Wahlen engaged in
racially motivated actions

Not my Values.

And, even if these were predicate acts, there is no plausible scenario in which these actions, which occurred, at most, over six months, allege a “pattern of racketeering” against Whalen.

Not in my Community.

Not a Positive Image.

No Tolerance for Ignorant Intolerance.

Positively Mt. Pleasant!

 “At best, the allegations against Wahlen indicate that Wahlen engaged in racially motivated actions.”

Not my Values.

“And, even if these were predicate acts, there is no plausible scenario in which these actions, which occurred, at most, over six months, allege a “pattern of racketeering” against Whalen.”

Not in my Community.

Not a Positive Image.

No Tolerance for Ignorant Intolerance

” At best, the allegations against Wahlen indicate that Wahlen engaged in racially motivated actions (though that, too, is tenuous). And, even if these were predicate acts, there is no plausible scenario in which these actions, which occurred, at most, over six months, allege a “pattern of racketeering” against Whalen. (See supra, at Section II.B.1, collecting caselaw indicating that the commission of a few predicate acts committed within a short period of time is not a “pattern of racketeering”).

Fortunately for Mount Pleasant Wisconsin Residents, Kurt Whalen denies being a Racketeer - but what about a Racist and Hater who acted unlawfully and knowingly against a Black Man?

Corrupt Kurt Whalen




For a more complete list of WORDS – Click HERE

A Musical Tribute To Dissent!


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Here is some fun on a cold and Wintery Sunday afternoon in Racine, WI.


A personal favorite of mine. The music is awesome – and Billy Joel really shows his skills on the Piano! All the musicians are #1 class! An outstanding effort! Great camera angles and seamless editing! *WOW*


Ice Cube ft Lil Jon & Snoop Dogg – Go To Church – for all you scared White People who think that People of Color are nothing more than mindless criminals. Go to Church. God will save you. LOL. 


Do you like the Machine? That which takes your money – via taxes – and murders People 24/7 Worldwyde? HOW PRODUCTIVE IS THAT?





 *BONUS* I’m a King Bee.

Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush.




Mount Pleasant Village President Mark Gleason Doesn’t Like To Pay His Taxes or Sewer Bills


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Mount Pleasant Village President Mark Gleason is a tax deadbeat – who is out of touch with the Residents of Mount Pleasant, and abuses his position of Authority to reward friends and family with big $$$$ taxpayer funded jobs and transfers of taxpayer dollars $$$.

I paid my Taxes !  Too Bad my Village President hasn’t paid his!

MG TaxesFrom Racine County Property Tax Records:

DG 1DG 2D2D1JFC* Then Mark Gleason hires his inexperienced Neighbor, Stephanie Kohlhagen to be Village Clerk/Treasurer! With a salary of over $60,000!

SK Linked In

Skank II

And how did Stephanie get ahead? She probably used her head.

So just who does Mark Gleason think he is? King Gleason?

4 TFrom Mount Pleasant Clerk/Treasurer – Stephanie Kohlagen, an intimate image of Mark Gleason.

SKPSO how does it feel – Mt. Pleasant?

The Dickert Disaster Continues With Racine’s Mayor – Lying’ John Dickert


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Meet Racine Wisconsin’s Mayor – Lying’ John Dickert = The Prognosticator of the Dickert Disaster! Yeah, John, you’ll have to look that word up. Don’t worry though…. click on the word, and it takes you to the definition!


Re-Blogged from Racine Community Media:


Dickert lies to the community and aldermen about Alderwoman Sandy Weidner. Ald. Weidner wants open records and requests a copy of some “recording” Dickert says he has. Dickert never produces the tape, and is forced to apologize for publicly lying about an elected official.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 8.22.43 PM

Dickert lies to elected officials and community members in regards to the details and procedures used to secure funds for the failed Machinery Row project, sinking the city into massive debt for what some believe will amount to nothing more than subsidized Government housing down in the hole next to the stinky Root River.

Root Works Ripping Off The Taxpayer Again

Dickert lies to Aldermen and the community about the city’s Community Access Channel and CAR25. Dickert lies to everyone in regards to the contract and how business will be handled, all total lies to award the contract to his friends. The deal backfired when Skies Fall Media resigned due to the political climate and being lied to. Dickert also made the claim that both he and Skies Fall, at his direction, had been selling off city assets on EBAY with no accountability or oversight.


Dickert lies to the community and aldermen about former city employee Bill Bielfeldt. Dickert went on WRJN Radio and lied about Mr. Bielfeldt calling him an embezzler. Bielfeldt files a lawsuit for slander causing Dickert to sue the Racine residents to pay for his over $100K dollar lawsuit.

lying john 2

Dickert has currently involved the City Of Racine in a massive Federal Lawsuit that is alleging both he and his pal County Board Supervisor Monte Osterman have been extorting local businesses for money and accepting illegal campaign contributions. The case is currently ongoing and Racine residents are believed to have paid well over $250K in legal fees thus far.


Dickert lies to Aldermen and the Racine community in regards to city taxpayer money spent on the failed Delta Hawk Company, and their promise to create over 100 jobs. Dickert promised to recoup the over $200K taxpayer funds if the venture failed, it failed and Dickert failed to recoup the money.


Dickert lies to Aldermen and the Racine community in regards to the money spent and received for the failed Porter’s Project. To this day, no one seems to have the answers as to how or what was exactly given and spent on this failed project.

john hostage

Dickert lies to the aldermen and community claiming The City of Racine is broke and begins removing city streetlights and begging for money from non-profits as the city continues to spend millions on city hall marble bathrooms and huge million dollar apartment developments and quarter of a million dollar roundabouts. So what’s the truth?

JD 2jd11

Dickert lies to Aldermen and the community in regards to the Indian burial mounds at the City cemetery Mound Cemetery. Cemetery Director Steve Bedard claims that Dickert had some “Backroom Chicago Style Politics” deal put together without any formal approval process having taken place and that Bedard was asked to accept $16K for the purchase of the historic Indian burial mounds.



Assist Racine Mayor John Dickert In Selecting A New Outfit to Wear

Take A Peek At The Lease For 420 Sixth Street


, ,

In the ironies of all ironies – 420 Sixth Street is the home of Racine’s Wisconsin State Public Defender Office. Get your Bag O’ Weed!


It is also a very valuable property – due to it’s Lease Agreement with The State of Wisconsin. Taking a look at the Property Card reveals that it has undergone wide swings in assessed value. The sudden $150,000 drop in assessed value from 2011’s $348,000 to 2012’s $198,000 can only be partially explained by the sale of the building in 2011 for $195,000 – after being sold for $350,000 in 2006. Then on December 12, 2012, it was sold to SW Income Properties for $696,727 and re-assessed at $543,000. It is indeed a Million Dollar Property  surrounded by scrubs.

420 Sixth WPDFrom The City Of Racine Property Records:

420 Sixth 1420 Sixth 2And just who did 420 SIXTH ST LLC belong to? Why its former Milwaukee Brewer and the inventor of the Forceout Glove, Lee Jaramillo!

From the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions:

420 Sixth LLCFrom the Forceout Site:

forceout420 SIXTH STREET, LLC sold the property to SW INCOME PROPERTIES LLC for $696,727 on 12/31/2012.

420 Sixth 6The Registered Agent for SW INCOME PROPERTIES is: ROBERT R HENZL, 840 LAKE AVENUE, SUITE 300, RACINE , WI 53403, an attorney at Hostak, Henzl & Bichler.

SW Income PropertiesWhich leads to the George W. Miller Company.

George W. MillerGMSO did the George W, Miller Management Company  get a good buy? Its time to take a look at the lease!

420 Water St. Lease 001While it is  apparent that The State of Wisconsin has grossly overpaid for the lease and is a poor steward of State Taxpayer money – at least the City of Racine is taking almost $18,000 annually in property taxes.

420 Sixth Property Taxes*************************************************************


Former City Of Racine Alderman Eric Marcus Is Foreclosed On


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From The Journal Times:

Click on images for largeEric Marcus Arrested

On November 11, 2014,  Former City of Racine Alderman Eric Marcus’ house at 1520 Collage Avenue was foreclosed on.  It then took over three months for the foreclosure to be recorded at Racine County; from the Sheriff’s Sale on 11/11/2014 to the recording date of 01/22/2015.

From Wisconsin’s DOR IPAS site:

Click on image for large1520 College 11520 College 2And once again – there is noted yet another anomaly in Racine County records.  County of Racine property records still indicates that 1520 College Avenue is owned by Eric and Theresa Marcus – who are behind in property taxes and currently owe $13,251.45 in back taxes…

1520 College Taxes

From The City of Racine

City of Racine 1520 College AveMeanwhile City of Racine records indicate that the property was transferred on 11/18/2014. How is this large of a discrepancy possible, and why are City of Racine records properly updated – but County records aren’t? Just what is Former County Executive Jim Ladwig’s legacy – Corruption, Incompetence, and Cover Ups?  GOOD GRIEF! It seems to be so.

james-ladwig-buttonFrom City of Racine records:

1520 College Property Card1520 College SalesAnd a most Beautiful Victorian Style Painted Lady she is! An outstanding example in The City of Racine!

This image contains a large amount of data. Click on the image and you can magnify it – and enjoy the rich details. 1520 college ave painted lady



It does still appear that Theresa Marcus still owns and operates the much acclaimed Woofdorf- Astoria! Although, once again – – there is a discrepancy between City and County records.

WDAwoofdorf astoriaAccording to outdated County of Racine property records, 1308 Eighteenth Street is owned by Allied Commercial Holdings INC., while the updated IPAS site and The City of Racine indicates that Theresa Marcus owns the property since 04/14/2014.  RE hopes Theresa Marcus secured the proper permits and inspections to live at that address, and that the Creditors don’t come a knocking!  Is this truly the embodiment of “Living In The Doghouse”?

1308 COR 1 1308 COR 2

From IPAS:1308 WTFFrom County of Racine Property Records:

1308 Racine CountyLove can make you blind! Just ask Eric Marcus!


Did RUSD Get a Good Deal On Computer Equipment? Surprisingly – RE Says YES!


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January 26,2015 from The Journal Times:

RACINE — More than 5,000 new laptop computers will likely start making their way to most schools in the Racine Unified School District beginning in March.

The Unified School Board voted unanimously Monday night to approve a purchase of 5,250 Chromebooks and other accessories for a price of about $2.26 million.

“This will be the first purchase with referendum funds to address the dire and critical need in our schools to provide our students with technology,” said Unified Superintendent Lolli Haws.

The purchase would be one the first major uses of funds collected through the district’s latest referendum approved by voters in November allowing Unified to collect $8.5 million above its revenue limit per year for 15 years.

While The JT reported the story – they were light on the facts – and here are the facts – straight out of the January 26 RUSD School Board Meeting.

Chromebook Purchase 1Computers 1 Computers 2The two costliest items are the Chromebooks at  $325 each and the Chromebook Carts at $1,300 each. Looking around the web – it does appear that RUSD did get a very good price on those two items. They received a volume/government discount and nobody’s relative got rich on this contract.

The Chromebook specs are: Acer Chromebook CB5-311-T677 – Tegra K1 CD570M-A1 / 2.1 GHz – Chrome OS – 4 GB RAM – 32 GB SSD – 13.3″ 1920 x 1080 ( Full HD ) – NVIDIA Kepler – 802.11ac – white

The Chromebooks RUSD chose to purchase are NOT the basic entry level units, which always leads later to buyers regret, as they always need expensive upgrades to make them work without frustrating waits and delays or the screen is too small.  On line retailer MacMall sells them for $348.99. One sold on E-Bay for $356.72. RUSD paid $325 each. They got a good buy.

Click on images for largeMacMallE-BayYes, Yes, RE knows, Best Buy has ‘em for $199. But they are the entry level version with only 2GB of RAM, a smaller screen, and less disc space. The person who purchases these entry level products almost always experiences buyers regret later, and finds that upgrading it is more expensive than buying the better unit the first time. It must also be noted that RUSD didn’t purchase top of the line models either – they bought just right – a rare KUDOS to RUSD. Why can’t they behave intelligently like this more often?

Best Buy RUSD also received a massive discount on the Chromebook Carts, paying only $1,3000 each against a MSRP of $2,598! Hertz Furniture sells them for around $1,800 each.

Hertz FurnitureHere they are at around $1,500 each, from various places.

CartsWhen the REAL Lolli Haws stands up – she gets a *GOLD STAR* from RE.

Lolli Hawes Please Stand UP!depositphotos_7931516-Holding-A-Gold-Star*************************************************************



US Supported Ukrainian Fascists Get Their Asses Kicked *GRAPHIC PICTURES WARNING**


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There is no doubt that Americans love violence, war, death and destruction, as American Sniper becomes a #1 Box Office draw.

American SniperAmerican Sniper has set its sights on another record: Within a matter of days, it will overtake Steven Spielberg‘s WWII classic Saving Private Ryan to become the top-grossing war-themed film of all time in North America, not accounting for inflation.

Clint Eastwood‘s history-making movie jumped the $200 million mark on Sunday, putting it ahead of Michael Bay‘s Pearl Harbor, another WWII title, which topped out at $198.5 million domestically in 2001. American Sniper is distinct from those two film in being set during a modern-day conflict.

Don’t waste your time watching Hollywood fantasies. RE brings you the GOOD STUFF – actual war, death and destruction brought about by US supported Ukrainian Fascists who are being conscripted into military service and then sent East to murder their fellow citizens. The current Fascist Ukrainian government overthrew the duly elected and legitimate government with US support. The US continues to send money and military aid so that the Fascists can continue to wage war and murder Men, Women and Children, while destroying their homes, Businesses and Infrastructure.

The featured video presents Ukrainian Patriots who are defending their Families, Homes and Businesses from the US supported invaders and terrorists. Yes indeed, Washington DC, with bi-partisan support, is sending money and lethal military aid to a Fascist Government that overthrew a legitimate and duly elected government.

Don’t content yourself with made up Hollywood violence. Experience the REAL Thing.


From Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis:

Conscription of People, Cars, Businesses in Ukraine for Mindless Slaughter; Entire Villages Leave to Avoid Servitude; Hop on the Bus Gus

Ukrainians Fighting Ukrainians

Forced military conscription (slavery is a better word) imposed on citizens of Ukraine has reached new heights recently.

The government in Kiev now demands those forced into slavery to hand over their cars for military use. As one might expect, avoidance of needless military slaughter has also reached new heights.

Before we get to those stories, I have a video to share. It is in Russian, but with English subtitles. I am told by reader Jacob Dreizin the translation is essentially correct, but a couple things were translated too literally.

I do offer this warning. The video is graphic and it does contain a lot of harsh language. The video is about captured Ukrainian POWs on a fool’s mission to retake the Donetsk airport. After about 12 minutes or so it gets gruesome, the beginning is not so bad.

Warning aside, I recommend watching the video, entirely. Watch the scenes where locals confront the Ukrainian POWs. The video accurately portrays Ukrainians fighting Ukrainians, not Ukrainians fighting Russians.

Ukrainian POW’s Face NAF Commander Givi and the Fury of Donetsk Residents

The Vietnam war ended when public support turned against it, even though fighting continued long after.

The same applies here. The war is over. Hearts and minds have been lost along with the will to fight. Ukraine is split in two, barring a major military intervention by the US.

Even though the war is over, the fighting can continue. How much longer the battles go on now depends on the US and IMF.

  1. The US can fund the bloodshed for a while longer and so can the IMF. US war-mongers may decide no price is too high to pay, even to the absurd point of engaging Russia directly.
  2. The US and IMF can force true peace negotiations on Kiev with a partition or federation of the country. But, what may have been acceptable to the separatists and Russia six months ago may no longer be so.

Either way, Ukraine is never going to be a single country again. Such is the madness of arbitrarily drawing borders with no regard to cultural, political, or religious beliefs.

The war is over. Kiev lost, even with the backing of the US. Let the peace process begin before more lives are lost and more needless destruction occurs.

I authorize translation and republication of this individual article, to any language, on any site, as long as it contains a link back to this article.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock


Read more at http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/2015/01/conscription-of-people-cars-businesses.html#HoPEIIXUYXbTQJMm.99

Click on Images for large Dead Uk's 1Dead Uk's 2Dead Uk's 3Dead Uk's 4Dead Uk's 5Dead Uk's 6Dead Uk's 7Dead Uk's 8Dead Uk's 9Dead Uk's 10Dead Uk's 11UK 1UK 2UK 3UK 4Uk 5Uk 6UK 7Uk 8Uk 9UK 12Uk 10Uk 11Uk 13Uk 14Uk 15Uk 16UK 17




Get on The Bus Gus! and refuse to murder your fellow man!


Racine Unified School Board Bumps Teachers Salaries


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At the January 26, 2015 Racine Unified School District Board Meeting, the *NEW* and *IMPROVED* 2014-2015 teacher salaries were revealed. The lowest salary for a full time teacher is now $40,544, which does NOT include the Tax-Free Benefit package, which in 2014 was worth  an average of $30,062.

From RUSD:

Click on images for large:2015 Salaries 12015 Salaries 2The 2014 salaries and the Average 2014 Teacher tax-free fringe benefits, BEFORE the referendum passed, from Wisconsin DPI:

RUSD 2013 Salaries

What's on RUSDs Mind

Dennis Wiser

Wasn’t the Referendum money supposed to replace old worn out boilers and perform deferred maintenance?

Racine Unified School Board President Dennis Wiser is just a little Weasel who refuses to control costs! Is he the missing link? Is this proof of Evolution – OR De-Evolution?  Abandon hope – all ye who enter here! Detroit West – here we come! OOPS! I did it again!



Referendum PassesWho’s the real DUNCES? The RUSD voters, or Dr. Haws and Dr. Hazen? Who pulled a classic bait and switch – as previously foretold in the post:

Will The Real RUSD Superintendent Lolli Haws Please Stand Up – And What Is She Helping The School Board Hide?

If it was truly for the children RUSD would control costs and stop taxing families out of their homes and businesses. The high rates of taxation which are imposed so no taxpayer dependent public official or employee is left behind is the leading cause of job losses and homelessness in South East Wisconsin.



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