A Review of Some of Racine’s Most Recent Property Tax Deadbeats Including Monte Osterman


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From Racine Community Media:

Monte Don't Pay Taxes

RACINE- Despite Monte Osterman being an elected official, and his wife being a city official, despite them together owning 4 different businesses and serving as chairmen and board members of two additional businesses

Despite Monte Osterman being the owner of Osterman Tile & Granite, who has received sizable contracts with The City Of Racine, one of which was the largely debated City Hall marble and granite bathroom remodels.

County-Board Supervisor and City Council hopeful Monte Osterman and his wife Mary Jerger-Osterman:


Monte Osterman is a current Racine County Board Supervisor and is also running for City Of Racine Common Council Alderman in the upcoming City Of Racine elections April 7th, 2015

Educate yourselves before you vote!


The county’s records show that Osterman and his wife Mary Jerger Osterman under whose name the property is listed—owe the county just over $4,986 on their North Wisconsin Street home, which includes about $814 in interest and penalties.

Explaining why the debt had not yet been paid in full, Osterman said the situation was “a matter of personal investment strategy.”

“That is what it amounts to. Beyond that it is kind of our personal business,” the local businessman said. “There are a lot people who have a situation where they have to wait, or are better off not taking money out of their investment, though there may be a penalty. I don’t find that terribly unusual.

”Interviewed by the Journal Times in March of last year about the tax debt—when he was running unopposed for his 3rd District seat on the County Board Osterman told a reporter the taxes would be paid soon by his wife if they hadn’t been already.Asked last week about what happened with that payment, Osterman said, “I think things changed.”

“That is what is happening all over the city,” he said. “I think that is important to note that we are people that understand the difficulties that the entire city is facing”


Click on images for largeMO Deq 1

Mary Jerger-Osterman++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The SOUP – 309 Main Street, owned by Susan Bukacek:

The Soup PictureFrom The Journal Times,  December 3, 2009:

Entrepreneur to open soup restaurant on Sixth Street

RACINE – Susan Bukacek’s brothers are known for building things. Soon, she will be known for making soups, when The Soup opens Downtown at 515 Sixth St.

Bukacek, 44, of Racine said she is buying the building and expects to close on it no later than Dec. 20. She hopes to open The Soup by mid-January.

As its name implies, The Soup will offer several fresh, homemade soups each day, with homemade bread, Bukacek said.

She was with Metavante Corp. in Brown Deer – and commuting 90 minutes one way – until October. Bukacek was displaced when FIS bought Metavante.

After that, “I was just about to pull the trigger on a job in downtown Milwaukee,” she said. But her three children asked mom not to do any more long commuting, and she listened.

“I thought, what do I do well? And what I’ve always done well is make soup.”

Also, entrepreneurial blood runs in Bukacek’s veins. Her brothers, builders Nick and Andrew Bukacek, each have their own construction companies, and her sister Cheryl has a marketing firm.

The Soup++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Mark Pocaro – who owns a Mansion, in Italian Villa style with a pool, in Kenosha County, and plans on opening an Indian Motorcycle  dealership in Downtown Racine, yet is delinquent on his property taxes for  1442 Douglas Avenue and 1711 N. Main Street.

9711 7th stPorcaro to open Indian Motorcycle dealership in Racine

The downtown Racine building that once housed the Historic Century Market started as an auto dealership. And this spring, it will again become something akin to that: an Indian Motorcycle dealership.

About a year ago, Mark Porcaro, president of Porcaro Ford and Porcaro Mitsubishi, bought the 17,000-square-foot building at 522 Sixth St. Porcaro, a classic car collector, wanted storage for his own four-wheeled darlings and also began rehabbing the building to use as rented winter storage for others’ vintage cars.

Mark PorcaroPorcaro 2++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The Flatiron Mall, 1661 Douglas Avenue, which is also listed as a BINGO Hall, owes over $60,000 in back taxes, and is being carried by Racine County Property taxpayers.

Flatiron Village MallFlatiron Mall++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

And finally, the Stacy’s, who own the Union Contractor, Absolute Construction and are a perennial fixture at Gateway, thanks to Roger Zacharias, who is the Head of the Kenosha/Racine Carpenters Union and is a member of Gateway’s Robber-Baron Board!

Gateway Board MembersSome of Gateway’s past borrowing history which was done WITHOUT voter approval, and funded the projects which Absolute Construction contracted for:

Gateway BorrowingGateway Robber BaronsStacy++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Mount Pleasant Village Administrator Kurt Whalen Speaks About the Highway V Sewer/Water Project


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The Belle City Reporter interviews Mount Pleasant Village Administrator Kurt Whalen about the Highway V Sewer/Water Project. A very interesting and revealing interview – Mr. Whalen clearly explains the Village’s position, presents a tremendous amount of information, and does a magnificent job.

Village Administrator Kurt WhalenMasterfully argued by Mount Pleasant Village Administrator Kurt Whalen!

From the Belle City Reporter:

Kurt Wahlen Village Administrator of Mount Pleasant has asked for the chance to come on this show to talk of the Village’s side of the issue.

He has also asked this reporter to ask him qustions on this subject. I hope we have the time to do so or be able to bring him back on. 


Listen to the interview by clicking HERE!


As always – there are two sides to every issue:

From Racine County Eye:

OPINION: Secret Sewer Deal Gets Worse For Mt. Pleasant

Garski-31A letter from Caledonia Village Administrator, Mark Janiuk to Mt. Pleasant Village Administrator, Kurt Whalen dated July 17, 2014 reveal further changes to the Caledonia sewer project which greatly advantage Caledonia development at the expense of Mt. Pleasant residents living on Highway V.

We know this because of a open records request filed by residents currently living on Highway V in the Village of Mt. Pleasant.

The letter, buried deep within nearly 250 documents, indicates a bargain struck between Mt. Pleasant and Caledonia which:

  • Caps the cost for Caledonia for the gravity sewer line at $2.1 million.
  • Assigns “special assessments” to Mt. Pleasant residents along the gravity sewer line.
  • Promises Mt. Pleasant will share the collection of assessments with Caledonia at the percent of which Caledonia is funding the project — which is 70%.

Seventy percent of the assessments collected from Mt. Pleasant residents will be given to the Village of Caledonia.

If the cost of the project is greater than anticipated, those costs will be absorbed by property owners on Hwy V — NOT Caledonia, because their costs have been capped through an agreement with current Mt. Pleasant Village President, Mark Gleason and the Village Board of Trustees.

Mt. Pleasant residents on Highway V are currently objecting to planned assessments for sewer and water service they did not ask for and was not part of the original contract. Many face assessments of tens of thousands of dollars — some may lose their homes.

Details of this shocking agreement appear nowhere in village or commission minutes. The people of Mt. Pleasant deserve answers on why the cost risk for Caledonia development has been completely mitigated and transferred to residents of Mt. Pleasant instead.

Why are residents being forced to refund Caledonia for Caledonia development?    

Mark Gleason and the Mt. Pleasant Village Board of Trustees have already agreed in secret to forgive over $1 million dollars in interest payments from the Village of Caledonia on capitol Mt. Pleasant residents are paying.

This new information is perhaps even more disturbing. It indicates a complete absence for the care and management of Mt. Pleasant by Mark Gleason for which residents should be outraged.

Jerry Garski is a candidate for Mt. Pleasant Village President in the April 7th election.


Not My Values, Not In My Community, Positively Mount Pleasant a======================================================


Republican Mount Pleasant Village President and Tax Deadbeat Mark Gleason Is Now Now 54 Days in Arrears!


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The Republican Village of Mount Pleasant President Mark Gleason, to whom Mount Pleasant’s  Republican State Representative Robin Vos was a major campaign contributor in the last election – continues to refuse to pay his Property Taxes and Sewer Assessments! Are these the Republican values of “Boss Vos” and the Racine County Republicans? As of Thursday, March 26, 2014, Mark Gleason is 54 days in arrears!

From: There is a better choice for Mt. Pleasant!

Gleason oneAnd he hired his unqualified neighbor and special friend, Stephanie Kohlhagen as Village Clerk/Treasurer!

G1Gleason twoIt’s time to end the corruption, cronyism and Insider Deals in Mount Pleasant that ripoff Residents for millions while selling out Residents to benefit a select few who are politically connected! What was Robin Vos thinking? OR – what is Robin Vos  hiding?

RVGleason four

Hwy V resident, Heather Kramer addresses Mark Gleason and the Mt. Pleasant Village Board of Trustees on March 23, 2015 regarding the Caledonia sewer & water development which cost Mt. Pleasant residents tens of thousands of dollars. These aren’t just campaign issues – these are people’s lives. Please share her brave words.


Gleason three




Not My Values, Not In My Community, Positively Mount Pleasant a++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Residents of Mount Pleasant – it’s time for a Cool Change!




For Those About To Vote For Positive Change – WE SALUTE YOU!


Gale Ives Speaks on The Perverse Values of Republican Mount Pleasant Village President Mark Gleason and His Band of Toadies


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ToadiesHighway V Resident Gale Ives speaks to the Belle City Reporter about the Highway V Sewer/Water project and how Village President Mark Gleason has silenced the voice of Residents and  delayed timely information, while  Village Administrator and RICO/Civil Rights Violations Defendant Kurt Whalen has demanded that Trustees refuse to talk with Residents!

G1Mount Pleasant Village President Mark Gleason Mark and his band of Republican and TEA Party Village Board members prefer CLOSED Sessions with no identifying information as to what was discussed or considered:

From the August 7, 2014 Mount Pleasant Village Board Meeting:

August 7, 2014 Village Board MeetingRacine CountyAnd then again, on August 18, 2014:

Aug 18, 2014And while Mount Pleasant Village President Mark Gleason and his Village Board of Toadies maintain their silence, The Village of Caledonia declares VICTORY! and thanks their Village Administrator Mark Janiuk for ripping off Mount Pleasant Residents with Mount Pleasant Village President Mark Gleason and his band of Village Trustee Toadies approval!

August 18 Caledonia=====================================================

Gale Ives speaks on Highway V! Click HERE to listen!


GIRacine PoliticsNot My Values, Not In My Community, Positively Mount Pleasant a

Mark Gleason and his Band of Toadies sing!

Another Civil Rights Violation Lawsuit Is Filed Against The City of Racine


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Click on Image for Large:Summons

From Racine Community Media:



The City Of Racine is again being sued in Federal Court for alleged civil rights violations, this time it is Northwest Funeral Home out of Milwaukee who is suing Racine City Officials, claiming unfair treatment in their attempt to purchase the old Women’s Club at 740 Lake Ave. across the street from Marsh Meredith Funeral Home.

The Federal Lawsuit alleges that Northwest Funeral Chapel had gained approval by the proper city commissions and had an accepted offer to purchase the building from the seller for $275K, only to be denied by the Racine Common Council.

Less than 2 months later, The Marsh Meredith Funeral Home was granted permission by the Racine Common Council to purchase the property at 740 Lake Ave. for $225K and allowed to operate it’s funeral home without the same restrictions applied to Northwest Funeral Home just 2 months prior.

Lie Alert

The Federal Lawsuit alleges The City Of Racine had an ongoing policy and practice of showing favoritism and or bias in administering city government.

Corrupt Kurt Whalen Some of the previous posts that cover the Pattern, or Practice of Racial Discrimination by White City of Racine Officials include:

Are High-Tech Financial Hate Crimes Ongoing in Racine, WI and Did City of Racine Mayor John Dickert Actually Say THAT? The Controversy Rages On!

The Lawless and Discriminatory Acts of The City of Racine EXPOSED!

The Words City of Racine Officials Fear

Meet the Meredith Family

Did Lying’ John Lie Again?

Real Racist Racine

And so many other posts! From the Lawsuit:

1-main-page-0011-main-page-0021-main-page-0031-main-page-004Below is the Property Card for 740 Lake Avenue, from The City of Racine:

740 Lake Avenue

Time and time again, City of Racine Officials have failed to apply the law fairly and equally to all. Their race based actions are most obvious, but they have also taken actions to silence and discriminate against those who have opposing views to the  monolithic and perverse culture that currently resides in Racine City Hall.

Will there be more lawsuits being brought against The City of Racine for their unequal and discriminatory practices? Only time will tell.




Meanwhile, new action in the Thomas Holmes V. City of Racine commences including:

Top DogTestify oneKWOstermans


Village of Mount Pleasant President Forum


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From Racine County Eye and Rees Roberts:

The Racine Taxpayers Association held a Mount Pleasant Presidential Candidate Forum tonight (March 19, 2015).  The Candidates were Jerry Garski and Mark Gleason.  This 45 minute forum was well attended with nearly 100 people in attendance.  A lot of short questions were asked.  Two questions from the Racine County Eye, two questions from The Racine Taxpayers Association and the rest edited from the audience.  Here is your chance to listen directly to the next President of the Village of Mount Pleasant prior to voting.  You are going to vote, right?



Not My Values, Not In My Community, Positively Mount Pleasant a

Special Showing of “Pattern or Practice”


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From “Pattern Or Practice – a Lie Cannot Live”

Click on Image for LARGE:lux-lounge-street-card+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Be sure to review the previous post:

Are High-Tech Financial Hate Crimes Ongoing in Racine, WI and Did City of Racine Mayor John Dickert Actually Say THAT? The Controversy Rages On!


Thomas Holmes speaks before the City of Racine Common Council – after the Wisconsin Court of Appeals AFFIRMED the decision in Holmes V Whalen – while The City of Racine has still not returned the property it unlawfully took (stole) from Thomas Holmes or compensate him for his losses.

Jan 15, 2013, Thomas Holmes addresses The City of Racine Common Council.

“Hello. My name is Thomas Holmes, the owner of Park 6. I’m here to request my licenses back. I want them back, because they were taken from me, where are my licenses?

On October 10, 2012, The Wisconsin State Court of Appeals ruled that The City of Racine had no jurisdiction to proceed or start an action of due process against my license or business. They also said my rights were violated when you hired a prosecutor to represent then Chief of Police Kurt Whalen, by using taxpayer dollars. The Court even deemed Mr. Whalen to be “untrustworthy”. Why? Because as a citizen he had access to City and Police in house records.

I want my license back because you are here today to vote on a recommendation by your License Committee to allow the most troublesome and nuisance bar in Racine to change its agent to regain a clean start, and that agent is the current Manager of this bar, called “All Sports”. I have here in my hand, Police and History reports on “All Sports” from 2011 to current. I advise everyone in TV land to go to City Hall and request “All Sports” history reports, Mine, and “The Place on Sixth”. There is no way that any Black or minority owned bar can have these many problems or complaints over this short a time , not to mention long period of time, and remain open. Not to mention the most current fight on January 7, whereby a man is currently in jail charged with attempted murder. Case still open, and pending. And your License Committee voted without pursing any side agreement or sanctions to allow “All Sports” to just change its name and agent and remain open?

That’s a slap in the face. Remember this, because I will. I don’t take slaps too well. And neither should our Community.

When you sent me a letter of complaint against my establishment you told me I couldn’t change agents or transfer my license. I smell double standard. Anyone who votes to uphold the License Committee recommendation is part of the problem and not the solution. This system is evil and corrupt. And we’re going to stand up against you. You’ll see.

From the words of Dr. King, how befitting, it’s his Birthday, Going to stand up until Justice roll in like a mighty rush of wind.

I want my licenses back.

Thank you.”


When does Thomas Holmes get Justice? – or is that simply not available to a Person of Color in South Eastern Wisconsin?


Racine WIIts no longer a matter of whether or not Thomas Holmes Civil Rights were violated – they were – and The Wisconsin Court of Appeals already confirmed that.

The real matter now is whether or not HATE CRIMES were committed by City of Racine Officials.


Rahm Emanuel, the Face of Democratic Fascism, Deserves to Lose


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Police-state challenge could nurture democracy and an American Spring

Chicago’s mayoral election may look like a local event, and the media mostly cover it as a local event, but the presence of a large, diverse, and energized opposition demanding change on basic issues of fairness and justice gives the city’s local result a potentially important, totemic meaning for the country.  The winner of the April 7 runoff election may signify whether peaceful change is possible, or whether the suffocating status quo will grow more stifling.

There is another way of gauging the April vote: is Chicago yet ready to reject the police state practices of its local government?  Is Chicago ready to reject a mayor who seems content to allow police state behavior to go unexamined and unpunished?  Will Chicago be where a majority of Americans finally confront the nationwide plague of police hate and violence that makes the term “American justice” an oxymoron?

The current mayor since 2011, the arrogant and ineffective Rahm Emanuel, has catered to his rich folks base (with “the actions of a mad king”). And he has treated the majority of Chicagoans with destructive disdain, whether he’s closing their schools, attacking teachers and other public employees, or ignoring police brutality and killing. (As a Congressman in 2002, Emanuel supported the Iraq War right out of the box.) He is endorsed by major Chicago media that laud his “significant accomplishments,” but they can’t seem to name any.  His record is mixed.

Given the preening self-satisfaction of the incumbent pugnacious bully, given the  elitist priorities and anti-populist destructiveness of this Clinton-Obama Democrat, the best result for the national Democratic Party – and for the country – would be the clear rejection of regressive, right wing Democrat Rahm Emanuel for a second term as mayor. Emanuel’s defeat could mean the end of almost 30 years of corporate Democrats (including Richard M. Daley, 1989-2011) running Chicago for the 1% and driving the city into heavy debt that the 99% will be expected to pay.

Chicagestapo story breaks, police lie, everyone else starts stonewalling

Chicago is already paying tens of millions of dollars in restitution to victims of the Chicago Police Department over the past four decades (over $50 million paid in 2014 alone). On election day, February 24, Chicago police state tactics became a clear and present issue in the current election, when the Guardian newspaper published a report about one of the city’s darker open secrets, the Homan Square holding facility that has functioned as a municipal black site for torture and interrogation for years.

In its essence, the story is simple and predictable: the Chicago police have a secure facility where they can take prisoners and hold them more or less indefinitely, keeping no official record of their whereabouts, while treating them with torture techniques made familiar by their application to prisoners at Guantanamo. The Guardian story by Spencer Ackerman, a reliable reporter who used to work for Wired, is based on public records and the personal accounts of both victims and attorneys, none of whom hide behind anonymity. The report provides ample detail that can be independently verified by any responsible public official or investigator or other news organization.

Despite the long Chicago police history of chronic brutality, the department promptly went into denial mode, issuing an unsigned,  so-called “fact sheet” that is free of much relevant fact. Beyond that dishonest document, police officials refused to comment.  Much of the police “defense” turns on the characterization by witnesses (not by Guardian reporters) of “what lawyers say is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site,” which it clearly is, based on current evidence.

Homan Square is a large, well-guarded warehouse secure from scrutiny

Homan Square used to be a Sears, Roebuck warehouse complex built in 1904, on a 40-plus acre site, providing 3.3 million square feet of floor space. In 1978, after Sears moved out, 16 acres of the site became a National Historic Landmark and the rest was re-developed in a variety of ways. In 1999, the police took over part of the Sears complex, one four-story warehouse covering most of a city block. In other words, even this smaller piece of the Sears complex is a big building, as the police acknowledge, without saying just how big the Homan Square Facility is:

It serves a number of functions, some of which are sensitive and some of which are not, however it is not a secret facility. In fact, Homan Square is home to CPD’s Evidence and Recovered Property Section, which is open to the public…. Portions of the facility are sensitive. Homan Square is the base of operations for officers working undercover assignments…. Other sensitive units housed at the facility include the Bureau of Organized Crime (including the narcotics unit), the SWAT Unit, Evidence Technicians, and the CPD ballistics lab…. Homan Square contains several standard interview rooms. Most individuals interviewed at Homan Square are lower-level arrests from the Narcotics unit….

This is an exercise in non-denial denial. The police acknowledge some of what Homan Square contains, but there is no claim that this is all it contains. Most of the facility is “sensitive” and inaccessible to the public. Lawyers and reporters have been barred in recent weeks from entering the grounds. Homan Square also reportedly houses a large number of military vehicles and has plenty of space for a secret section in which to hold and interrogate persons of interest.

The police “fact sheet” claims that there are “always records of anyone who is arrested,” which leaves all the room in the world for the truth of the allegation that people have been held and tortured at Homan Square without ever being arrested (as described by Victoria Suter). Similarly, the assertion that “it is not a secret facility” can be true, since it does not deny that this “sensitive” facility may hide one of more secret sections. Defending themselves against brutality claims, police admit that a prisoner in custody died of a heroin overdose. How does that happen with competent policing?

The second and third pages of the “fact sheet” are even less relevant or persuasive. The second page consists of mostly unattributed opinion from friendly local news media (Tribune, Sun-Times, WBEZ). At least one of the police quotes reinforces the possibility that an actual, unconstitutional detention facility exists: “it’s an exaggeration to call it a ‘black site,’” according to one law professor – only an exaggeration?

It’s so much easier to disappear someone you haven’t arrested

The Guardian report makes consistent allegations supported by testimony that can be independently verified:

  • that police take people into custody without arresting them;
  • that police hold prisoners incommunicado, sometimes for days;
  • that police deny prisoners their right to make a phone call;
  • that police deny prisoners any contact with their lawyers;
  • that police lie to lawyers about the whereabouts of their clients;
  • that police keep prisoners shackled hand and foot.

Additionally, there are allegations of further torture including threats and brutality. Most of this behavior is prohibited by the constitution.

The third page of the police “fact sheet” comprises a detailed outline of Chicago police “arrest and interview procedures.” In other words, it is no answer whatsoever to allegations about the treatment of people who have not been arrested.

Mayor Emanuel, police officials, and others choose not to address the specifics of the Guardian report. They have been hiding behind this “fact sheet” charade of a defense, referring questioners to it as if it actually meant something. The Chicago Sun-Times and MSNBC (perhaps others) ran portions of the police “fact sheet” verbatim,  as if the anonymous police assertions were an independent news story. As the Columbia Journalism Review noted a week after the Homan Square story broke, it “was huge on the internet – but not in Chicago media.”  The Review did not go on to note that the Homan Square story was all but invisible in national mainstream media (Democracy NOW covered the story early and in depth). The Review also made a rookie mistake, attributing the “CIA black site” characterization to reporter Ackerman even though he was careful to attribute it to others.

Police lawlessness in Chicago is an old story – therefore it doesn’t matter?

Remember the Chicago police riot of 1968: it was sanctioned by then Mayor Richard J. Daley who shouted anti-Semitic insults at the Connecticut Senator who spoke out against the violent rampage of city cops against unarmed anti-war protestors. Chicago policing was not good before that, and it hasn’t improved appreciably since. Government in Chicago, as in so many other places, remains tolerant of illegal, racist, brutal, and sometimes lethal police behavior.  That’s why it matters.

Rahm Emanuel has responded to the present “black site” report with denial and silence, mostly silence. Perhaps his only on-the-record comment on the Guardian report is: “That’s not true. We follow all the rules…. Everything’s done by the books.”

It’s not credible that he believes that. Emanuel knows full well that the Chicago police have sheltered its share of serial monsters, and may be sheltering others with its code of silence (that he has affirmed).

Emanuel is still dealing with the case of Chicago police detective Jon Burge who tortured suspects into false confessions for twenty years (1973-1993). Burge was dismissed in 1993. He was never charged criminally. Burge’s settlement with the city protected the mayor at the time from having to testify, perhaps embarrassingly, under oath. That mayor was Richard M. Daley (in office 1989-2011), the son of Richard J. Daley (in office 1955-1976). In 2010, Burge was convicted of perjury in civil suits and sentenced to 4-plus years in prison. He is now a free man, collecting his $3,000-a-month pension, thanks to a decision, apparently barred by statute, by Chicago’s Police Pension Board. Every other taxpayer gets to pay for his crimes through multi-million dollar settlements to his victims ($67 million to 18 victims, and counting) and legal fees. Emanuel has opposed establishing a fund to provide health care and job training to Chicago torture victims.

In 2013, when the city council approved $12.3 million in settlements to two victims, Mayor Emanuel’s comments were cold:

“This is a dark chapter on the history of the city of Chicago…. a stain on the city’s reputation…. I am sorry this happened…. Now let us now all move on.”

Or not, Emanuel is also dealing with the more recent case of Chicago police detective Richard Zuley whose possibly torture-induced convictions are also threatening to come back to haunt the city. Zuley was such a good Chicago torturer (1977-2007), that he went on loan as a Navy reserve lieutenant to Guantanamo where his torture techniques set the bar high for brutality. Zuley, his attorney, and the Chicago police have refused to answer questions from the Guardian.

Police brutality, torture, black sites still not election factor

Emanuel has never shown any inclination to take on the corrupt history of Chicago policing, even as its costs mount for a city in declining financial health. Other public figures, like the media, are also leaving the issue alone. There have been only a few, well-deserved calls for an investigation, especially one by the U.S. Justice Department (which so far has refused any comment).

Even Emanuel’s opponent in the April runoff, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, has only promised public comment. How hard can it be to condemn police torture in Chicago? The charges are many and easy to document and have a long history of turning out to be true. Last November, the United Nations Committee Against Torture issued a report on U.S. compliance with torture law that singled out Chicago police violence against young black and Latino people, as well as “excessive use of force” generally used by Chicago police.

Emanuel was expected to win the mayoral election in the first round, outspending his opponents roughly $15 million to $1.3 million. He also had President Obama’s endorsement. He won 45% of the low-turnout vote, with 55% preferring someone else (voting for three other candidates). Now the runoff is one-on-one and the polls (which overrated Emanuel in the first round) are showing him with a small lead or in a dead heat. He seems aware of his vulnerability, having released an apologetic ad saying he’s sorry he rubs people wrong and should maybe listen more and talk less.

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia is three years older than Emanuel (who is 56) and has a longer political career, all of it Illinois, most of it in Chicago. He is a current member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners. He is an established progressive. He was an ally of Chicago Mayor Harold Washington (1983-1987). Garcia’s silence on Chicago police torture is somewhat mystifying, and likely only temporary.

Police: better than mere citizens, above accountability?

In 2012, Mayor Emanuel attempted to expunge a jury verdict that concluded that the Chicago police “code of silence” was a reality. The mayor backed a court motion to vacate the jury verdict and won the support of a woman who had been beaten by a cop, promising to pay her the $850,000 jury award even after the verdict was vacated. Emanuel effectively reached for a code of silence about the “code of silence,” hoping to protect future cops against the consequences of their own brutality. A federal judge rejected the ploy.

The police torture issue is as universal as it is local. The issue cuts deeply. Emanuel is already on the wrong side of it. Even as mild a position as a call for an investigation by the Justice Department would be difficult for traditional Democrats like Emanuel, Obama, Hilary Clinton, and all the rest of the don’t-prosecute-torturers crowd that has become the dominant, anti-democratic wing of the Democratic Party. The defeat of Rahm Emanuel would be at least a momentary check on the smart and soulless drift of the Democratic Party.

Rahm Emanuel is a particularly nasty piece of work as a political being. Why would anyone think it a good idea to be governed by a nasty piece of work? Have American voters learned nothing since 2000, when five nasty pieces of work on the Supreme Court imposed on us a whole nasty piece of work presidency that gave us endless war and debt for which we still pay dearly? Have American voters learned nothing since 2008 when we elected a not-so-nasty piece of work who promptly hired a nasty piece of work as his chief of staff, encouraging the nasty pieces of work in Congress to keep any good from happening – even closing Guantanamo – by any means possible? This collusion of nasty pieces of work prolongs the war crime of Guantanamo, one of America’s nastier pieces of work, preserved in perpetuity as a monument to the depravity of the nasty.

Is that really so hard to say in Chicago, or anywhere the nastiness won’t end if its not confronted?

William M. Boardman has over 40 years experience in theatre, radio, TV, print journalism, and non-fiction, including 20 years in the Vermont judiciary. He has received honors from Writers Guild of America, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Vermont Life magazine, and an Emmy Award nomination from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. This article was first published in Reader Supported News. Read other articles by William.


Sounds Familiar? Doesn’t it?

Is that really so hard to say in Chicago, or anywhere the nastiness won’t end if its not confronted?


Question EverythingObama


NR 1



Mount Pleasant Village President “KING” Mark Gleason Publicly Denounces Concerned Residents and Violates His Own Ordinance


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Current Mount Pleasant Village President “KING” Mark Gleason has decided to play fast and loose with the rules of his own Ordinance and decide that he may freely violate them at will. He has persuaded the majority of the Village Board to side with and blindly support him – no matter what. It is a sad day in Mount Pleasant when concerned Residents are silenced while “KING” Mark Gleason uses his Position as a Bully Pulpit.

From the Village of Mount Pleasant Ordinances, section 2-43(5)

VO 1 VO 2 VO 3The above are the rules – and they are reasonable, so why then does “KING” Mark Gleason choose not to follow them, and feel that he can ignore, berate, and even use his Bully Pulpit as President to belittle Residents and silence their voices? And why is the Village Board – with the exception of Gary Feest – silent and complicit? What else is happening in closed sessions and informal gatherings which aren’t open to the public?

When it came to the issue of long lines at Racine Assembly of God in Mount Pleasant, “KING” Mark Gleason found the concerns of Residents to his dislike and demanded that their voices be silenced! He vigorously defended his inexperienced and unqualified Village Clerk/Treasurer  Stephanie Kohlhagen – who he hired at top position with top pay! Village Residents need to know that Stephanie Kohlhagen is Mark Gleason’s neighbor, friend, and that her ex-husband, Robert Kohlhagen  was a major donor to Mark Gleason’s campaign.

Below is Stephanie Kohlhagen’s resume from Linked In. Clearly, she is NOT qualified for the position or pay she receives from Mount Pleasant. However, she is Village President Mark Gleasons neighbor and special friend, and her ex-husband Robert Kohlhagen was a major donor to  the previous Gleason campaign.

SK Linked In

Click on image for LargeClerk-Treasurer 2015 Budget

Note that Stephanie and Mark are next door neighbors!Dora Lane


And an intimate  picture of Mount Pleasant Village President from Stephanie Kohlhagen:

G1November 4, 2014, From Racine County Eye:

Long Lines Will Mean Late Results in Mount Pleasant


An hour after the polls closed Tuesday, a double line of about 75 residents still waited to vote at Racine Assembly of God in Mount Pleasant. A number of new voters were also waiting to register before casting their ballot.

Village Clerk Stephanie Kohlhagen acknowledged residents’ frustration with the wait but said she wanted to focus on the high – and unexpected – turn out.

“Yes, people are having to wait, and I’m sorry about that,” she said. “But the plus side is that we have a huge turnout.”

Election observers at the church – some of whom are special registered deputies who can step in to help in situations where poll workers are overwhelmed – say they offered multiple times to help move the registration process along but were rebuffed.

Kohlhagen said she called both the Government Accountability Board and county election officials to be sure her operation was running appropriately.

“I have spoken with the GAB and the county and they say we’re not doing anything wrong,” she stated. “This is a big turnout, and everyone has the right to vote so we will make sure everyone in this line gets to vote.”

Still, that same group said they are looking into filing a complaint with the GAB, and possibly the Department of Justice as well, over the long wait times and the mismanagement of the election.

Jennifer, who didn’t want Racine County Eye using her last name, said she waited one hour, 58 minutes to cast her ballot.

“I just don’t understand why it took so long,” she said. “They just didn’t seem to have the staff necessary to handle the crowd and a lot of people waiting in line needed accommodation.”

Another couple had visited the church earlier in the day when the wait was 90 minutes, so they left and returned, hoping for a shorter wait. But, because they arrived well after 8 p.m., they were not allowed to take their place in line.

*************************************************************From Rees Roberts and Racine County Eye:

Opinion: Gleason Stomps on Citizen

Shortest recording of a meeting I have ever recorded of the Mt Pleasant Board.  Catch President Mark Gleason stomp on a comment of a citizen who talked about the election problems last week.  I was truly surprised at Mark’s attempt at intimidating people who were merely concerned that if future elections were to need voter ID the amount of time would only make lines longer.  I thought it was a valid point.  A more efficient system is obviously needed but Gleason appears to think he can just end the negative comments by commanding them NOW.  Listen to this, it’s amazing.  Catch me comment on the dumping of the Technology Committee.  Finally, listen to the board approve the 2015 budget with NO discussion.

The citizen’s comment comes at the 1:18 mark, and Gleason speaks at the 2:06 mark.


In this audio clip, concerned Village Resident Mike Devine speaks about the long lines and waiting times at the polling place located at 1325 Airline Road. Click on the Link Below to listen to the pertinent portion:


Long Lines November 10, 2014: Start: 1:05 Stop: 3:01

Mike Devine: I have worked in four different election polling places. When Clerk Kohlhagen (sp?) was a Poll Captain we always had our election reports in hours before hers. It is a Clerks responsibility to get experienced and properly trained workers. Leadership accusing others for their faults is unforgiveable. I believe the Clerk owes all election poll workers an apology for her problems and negative comments, insinuating poll workers errors and time strains (?) on older workers for the election. Wait until the next election when picture identification is needed. More time will be taken. Thank you.

Mark Gleason: Thank you. I’m going to comment on this, which is a little unusual for me. The simple fact of the matter is with a 72% voter turnout, everybody in the State waited over an hour to vote. I went to the vast majority of the polling places and everybody was orderly and willing to wait in line. Those that were offered assistance refused because they felt it was their responsibility not only to vote, but to wait in line like everybody else. This constant haranguing about this election needs to end tonight. Nothing went wrong in Mount Pleasant. They will address any issues that come up. It’s remarkable to me how People want to throw darts over this election. It’s coming to an end right now. The Clerk did nothing wrong. Thank you.

That is Village of Mount Pleasant President Mark Gleason violating his own Ordinances, speaking from his Bully Pulpit to defend the unqualified neighbor, special friend and ex-wife of major contributor Robert Kohlhagen he hired, while belittling and attacking concerned Resident Mike Devine -

Who does Mark Gleason think he is – but “KING” Mark Gleason of Mount Pleasant WI. That is WRONG! King Mark GleasonMake Mark Gleason and his Village Toadies answer to Concerned Residents on April 7th! Throw the Bullies and  Wanna – be KINGS out! Just say NO! to:

Not My Values, Not In My Community, Positively Mount Pleasant a *************************************************************



End the Corruption and Nepotism that is destroying Mount pleasant!

KG 3 KG 2 KG 1*************************************************************



Ferguson (Racine) WI Is Located Just 9.2 Miles Away From I-94 Exit 333


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The United States Department of Justice has  just released their Investigation Of The Ferguson Police Department, and it reads exactly like a report straight out of Racine, WI.

You can download a copy of the Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department by clicking HERE.

From the Index of the Report:

Ferguson Report 1Issue #1 – Ferguson Law Enforcement Efforts Are Focused On Generating Revenue. Well – so are Racine’s. To the expected tune of at least $1,897,100 for fiscal year 2015.  Every Cop has a quota – and a vested interest in issuing revenue generating tickets. They are NOT your friend – they are Revenue Agents with a Badge and a Gun. From the City of Racine 2015 Budget:

Fines Fees and Forfeitures

As for the Unduly Harsh penalties for People of Color and lower class Caucasians – one only need to look at the preferential treatment received by White Mount Pleasant Chief of Police Tim Zarzecki, White Racine County District Attorney  Rich Chiapete, White Johnson Wax Scion Curt Johnson, White Mount Pleasant Administrator Kurt Whalen, etc; all who escaped being involved in actions which would result in serious criminal charges being filed against them absent the protection of their position/color. See the Post:

Former Racine Police Chief Kurt Whalen – Just Following Orders?

Kurt Whalen RetiresAre the REAL problems in The City of Racine being caused by The Niggers People of Color – or White men who love power?

Gary Becker 1And what’s the difference between being an African American Racine Police Officer and a White Racine County District Attorney? WHY – it’s the charges one faces which are disproprionate to the crimes committed and the resulting record – or lack of – on CCAP! Just ask African American Keino Turner of The Racine police Department – and compare his actions and arrest against that of White Racine County District Attorney Rich Chiapete.  The difference is Black and White!

See the Post: The Story Missed By The Journal Times No.10 Pick – Why is Racine County District Attorney Rich Chiapete’s CCAP Record Missing?

Keino Turner 2Racine Exposed covered the story extensively, because it appears that Rich Chiapete , due to his status as a Privileged White Republican Male in a position of Government Power with ties to Governor Scott Walker, was given a “pass” for what should have been felony criminal behavior. It now appears that Rich Chiapete’s status has also allowed him to avoid having his arrest and conviction record on CCAP. Why? People of Color don’t receive the same special consideration – WHAT’S GOING ON? Its nothing less than high tech racial hate crimes being practiced by White Men in power.


More from the Report:

Ferguson Report 2And why shouldn’t the unlawful conduct of The City of Racine, it’s officials, and Village of Mount Pleasant Administrator Kurt Whalen  make People uncomfortable? If they can justify using their unlawful conduct against Niggers People of Color – what’s to stop them from coming after lower class White People, and eventually Higher class White People of means, who under the current regime are protected by the privilege of their skin color?  The fact that (now) Village of Mount Pleasant Village Administrator and former City of Racine Chief of Police Kurt Whalen conspired with City of Racine officials to deprive a man of due process and destroy his livelihood should be of concern to all! What’s worse is that the Village Board of Mount Pleasant rewarded the Former Chief with a position as it’s Administrator! What was the Mount Pleasant Village Board  thinking?

Not My Values, Not In My Community, Positively Mount Pleasant

See the post:

Is Retired RPD Police Chief Kurt Whalen Corrupt and Criminal?

Corrupt Kurt Whalen*************************************************************

And how about Racial Bias in Reporting? Note the difference between The Journal Times, Russia Today, and the strange obsession of James Rowen with a couple of racial jokes while ignoring the active situation in Racine, WI.

From The Racine Journal Times:

JT Reports FergusonFrom Russia Today:

RT FergusonThe strange obsessions and priorities of clueless Democratic Operative James Rowen:

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Racist Ferguson email also received by key, ex-Walker aide

[Updated]Hey, did you hear the one about the dogs?One of Walker’s trusted operatives did.Seems that a senior aide during her stint in the Milwaukee Courthouse office on then-County Executive Walker’s staff a few years ago was hanging out online with the same sort of bigot who had access to the official computers in racially-troubled Ferguson, Missouri.Oh, these people with time on their hands to play with public resources online are so funny.I’d noted the presence of a couple of racist emails found received by then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s #2 staffer on a computer in his office suite, including this one, with a photo, to which which the staffer responded, “Hilarious:”

“This morning I went to sign my Dogs up for welfare. At first the lady said, ‘Dogs are not eligible to draw welfare’,” the email, first reported by Buzzfeed, read. “So I expla ned [sic] to her that my Dogs are mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who the r [sic] Daddys are. They expect me to feed them, provide them with housing and medical care, and feel guilty because they are dogs.”

The Walker staffer, former Deputy Chief of Staff Kathy Rindfleisch, has been found guilty of misconduct in office for doing political work on public time for Walker and other GOP candidates and campaigns.

Rindfleisch, a long-time GOP operative in Wisconsin, traveled with Walker to a fund-raiser out-of-state after her arrest and resignation from Walker’s staff.

Turns out this is one of the very emails which US Justice Department investigators found in official City of Ferguson, MO email accounts and cited as proof that the city discriminated illegally against its African-American citizens, The Washington Post reports:

An e-mail described a man seeking to obtain “welfare” for his dogs because they are “mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who their Daddies are.”


What else can I say? Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It!



Racine WI*************************************************************


WHY? Racine?


When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller (14 January 18926 March 1984) was a Protestant pastor and social activist.


Exit 333*************************************************************

Don’t let The White Trash with Cash that currently rules Racine fool you – It ain’t the Niggers People Of Color fault that Racine is economically failing!


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