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As was pointed out in the the previous post, Did Lying John Lie Again,  the Meredith Family is being granted special favors from the City of Racine, such as  tax-exempt status on their purchase of the former Woman’s Club, and Mayor John Dickert (D) is also giving them preferential treatment in purchasing an ancient Native American Burial Mound.

NOW it is revealed that they are also being allowed to purchase the property at a price that is FAR BELOW ACTUAL MARKET VALUE!

A MUST SEE Video from Racine Community Media where it is explained to Mayor John Dickert (D) why the Cemetery Commission denied the Meredith family request  to purchase the property.  To visit Racine Community Media click HERE.

Featured Speakers:

Sharon Baldukas        –  Racine Cemetery Commission

Kristine Reisdorf         –  Racine Cemetery Commission

Sandy Weidner           –  City of Racine District 6 Alderman

Steve Bedard               – Director Mound Cemetery

What is most revealing is watching the PRICELESS EXPRESSIONS of the Meredith family as the Director of Mound Cemetery, Steve Bedard, reveals that IF the land in question wasn’t  an unsaleable Native American Burial Mound, it’s actual market value is $300,000! Not the $30,000  16,000 that Mayor John Dickert (D) is giving it away for. Note also that the speakers state that the layout of the Meredith gravesite is: Unusual, not allowed at other facilities, and would create 20 spaces in an area that would normally create 40.

*UPDATE* I’ve been told that the actual sale price is $16,000!

No wonder the Meredith family is blind with rage.

*UPDATED* 20 reasons, taken from the Speakers on the video, about why the Meredith family request was denied by The Racine Cemetery Commission:

1.       The Meredith proposal was outside the guidelines specified for Mound Cemetery.

2.       Those areas not platted were known Indian burial grounds

3.       The sale of the property from a Potawatomi family to the City of Racine was contingent upon the City of Racine promising to honor and respect the burial sites of their people.

4.       The Meredith request for an unplatted area and unusual layout would be setting a dangerous precedent, opening the doors for others to make similar requests.

5.        The Meredith request for this area to contain 20 graves is unusual because if this area was platted in the traditional manner – it would have produced 40 graves.

6.       Other cemeteries were contacted by the Racine Cemetery Commission – none of the cemeteries contacted would allow the Meredith family design.

7.       Potential lawsuits from families that have been denied space in Mound Cemetery.

8.       Mound Cemetery is a 163 year old cemetery of great National historical significance.

9.       The Meredith family design is inconsistent with the plan created in 1850 by Dr. Hoy.

10.   There are still traditional blocks of graves available in Mound Cemetery.

11.   Individuals, such as the Meredith family, must not be allowed to redesign the cemetery to fit their personal preferences.

12.   This issue sets a precedent

13.   The Racine Cemetery Commission believes that the unplatted area IS an Indian burial ground – especially due to the circular design

14.   Maps from the 1850’s show many more mounds were originally located in the Cemetery than are currently registered.

15.   If the Meredith family is allowed to build on an unplatted area that is an Indian burial mound – what will stop other families from requesting other Mound areas?

16.   Dr. Hoy identified 138 Indian burial mounds in Racine – most have been lost – those that remain must be preserved.

17.   Members of the Cemetery Commission were denied the opportunity to speak by Mayor John Dickert when the motion was made to approve the sale.

18.   To preserve, for future generations the sanctity of the Cemetery.

19.   Mayor John Dickert (D) wants to sell the unplatted  Indian burial ground to the Merediths for $30,000  $16,000  with 20 gravesites – the actual values of the land is $300,000 and would yield 40 gravesites.

20.   The Potawatomi have a say in the matter – as it is recognized as their ancient burial mounds – Mayor John Dickert (D) has disrespected their Nation and has tried to silence their voice

WATCH THE ANGRY EXPRESSIONS OF THE MEREDITH FAMILY AS THE TRUTH IS REVEALED! Looks like Mayor John Dickert (D) forgot to send Steve Bedard “The Memo!” On the video – Steve Bedard ‘s remarks begin at the 7:00min mark.

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Truth and honesty is not welcome at Mayor John Dickert’s (D) City Hall!

In this newly released video at Racine Community Media – watch the reaction of the Merediths in response to Mound Cemetery Director Steve Bedard’s assertion that the “Citizens of Racine deserve a fair shake”. Click HERE to go to Racine Community Media

A Fair Shake

How about the ancient burial grounds of the Potawatomi? Does “Cowboy” John Dickert (D) allow their voice in the decision – or does he just shoot them down? 


City Parks Director Tom Molbeck – what a shameless BUFFOON and TOOL of Lying’ John! Get on your knees TOM!


Every single day the corruption grows in Racine! Should this come as a  surprise to residents who are concerned  and honest? NO! 

John Dickerts (D) accomplishments:

– Poverty level has increased to make Racine one of the most impoverished cities in America while the mayor assumes no responsibility
– Substantial increase in local burglaries in both residential and commercial areas
– Creating new ordinances to specifically deter public comments and feedback
– Allowing friends to get another backdoor deal for half price grave sites on sacred Indian Burial Grounds (despite the cemetery commission saying no)
– Giving those same friends a real estate deal on a building downtown when a minority-owned business was discriminated against when they tried to buy it
– Competing as a city, connected to mayor’s best friend’s business no doubt, in headstone sales against long-standing local businesses
– Highest unemployment in the state for years running with no change in sight
– Bid rigging, discrimination and unfair business practices
– Unfair property taxes and assessments (and resulting lawsuits)
– Removing streetlights (still going through despite all the opposition)
– Cutting bus schedules and services to an absolute minimum
– Increased recycling and service fees (still going up despite promising it would not)
– Unnecessary cuts to essential services like Police & Fire (despite all the opposition)
– Porters $1.2 Million Giveaway (nothing to show for it)
– Giving more money to Porters without informing the community
– Delta Hawk Giveaway (nothing to show for it)
– CAR25 Giveaway and increased spending (see bid rigging)
– Giving friends that run CAR25 even more money than promised (another 30k)
– Uptown demolition and wasteful spending (more bid rigging)
– Unnecessary City Hall Bathrooms & Renovation (paying friends)
– Excessive Zoo subsidies while still increasing fees (paying more friends)
– Unnecessary City Hall roundabout (paying friends yet again)
– Excessive charges to residents for streets, sidewalks, and landscaping
– Failing school system (and failing school board)
– Suing local nonprofit organization Project New Life for issues created by the city
– Changing the rules for zoning and blight to rig real estate deals
– Unnecessary cuts to public transportation (where are bus ad revenues going?)
– Mass exodus of residents and businesses (with outdated population signs)
– Elitism and special rules to favor Aldermen (including guns in Council Chambers)
– Censorship, slander and libel against community members
– Suing our own city to cover personal legal expenses for the mayor
– Begging local churches and nonprofits to donate money to the city
– Excessive cronyism, favoritism, and back room deals
– No real plan for recovery (see bond rating downgrade)
– Hiring consultants for jobs that should be done by staff
– Incompetent City Administrator and Finance Director
– Pushed through union contracts (plus legal fees) without waiting for Act 10
– Lost potential contracts for water service due to arrogance
– Unnecessary hurdles for local businesses
– Violation of open meeting laws
– Violation of city ordinances and state statutes
– Complete lack of ethics, even by the Ethics Board itself
– Overpaid positions and benefits for City Staff, Mayor & Aldermen
– Continuous and excessive debt service (over 25 cents of every dollar)
– Excessive tax rates to deter any new residents and businesses
– No new development (besides liquor stores and discount shops)
– Massive amounts of foreclosures and pending foreclosures
– Free fall of home and property values toward ZERO for those that remain
– Rampant corruption and disregard for the community
– Lies

                              GOT ETHICS?

*UPDATE* Lying John’s Fix is In!

Discussion regarding the location of possible Indian Burial Mounds at the suggested site commenced. The Wisconsin Historical Society suggests contracting a local archaeologist to ascertain whether the parcel contains Native American graves. This item will appear on the Council Agenda for final approval on September 17, 2013 meeting, and Director Molbeck will request a survey be conducted by a qualified archaeologist chosen by the City.

Does anyone think that the answer is in doubt?


Democrat Cowboy/Indian Killer Mayor Dickert Rides Again! For link click HERE:

For those who want to investigate more about Wisconsin’s Mounds – here is a great site!

Wisconsin Mounds

Wisconsin Mounds click HERE for link.

*UPDATE* The historic maps of Mound Cemetery are now available for viewing at Racine Community Media. Click HERE for link.


From the misconduct of Mayor John Dickert in rigging the vote to the contempt and anger shown by the Meredith family when Cemetery Commission members spoke against the purchase, to the disrespect shown by Mayor John Dickert and Parks and Rec Director Tom Molbeck directed against Native Americans:

Please don’t patronize MARESH-MEREDITH & ACKLAM Funeral Home. Since they see no problem in ripping off the taxpayers of Racine and using the dirty and underhanded tactics of Lying John DIckert (D) to get their way — it’s likely that they treat their customers with contempt and disrespect.

This is also a social conscience issue — and people of good character who believe in the Golden Rule — One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself, should refuse to do business with them. Be sociable — as that is civilized — but don’t spend one penny with them — there are other fine funeral homes available that do not behave as the Meredith’s have.

The Meredith disrespect and contempt for the members of the Cemetery Board needs not be answered with disrespect and contempt in return — just a polite refusal to do business with them.

TO: People with a social conscience – Please DO NOT PATRONIZE MARESH-MEREDITH & ACKLAM Funeral Home.